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Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood vie for ACM entertainer of the year award

March 2, 2010 | 10:10 am

Taylor Swift and reigning champ Carrie Underwood face off against six male artists for the top prize at the 45th annual Academy of Country Music awards on April 18. Three of the men in the race are former winners of entertainer of the year -- Kenny Chesney (2004-2007), Toby Keith (2002, 2003) and George Strait (1989). Another two are multiple male vocalist of the year champs -- Brad Paisley (2006-2008) and Keith Urban (2004, 2005) -- while the final entry -- the Zac Brown Band -- are relative rookies. The ACM entertainer of the year will be determined by online voting as will the four newcomer awards.

Reba McEntire Blake Shelton Academy of Country Music Awards Nominations Perennial ACM host Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton announced the nominations Tuesday morning on CBS' "The Early Show." McEntire -- the 1994 entertainer of the year -- contends this year for female vocalist, an award she has won seven times already. Shelton is vying for vocal event of the year for "Hillbilly Bone."

While Lady Antebellum did not earn an entertainer of the year bid, the group lead with seven other nominations including vocal group, album, single and song. Both Underwood and Miranda Lambert have six nominations while Swift has five.

Expect Swift -- who swept the CMAs last fall with four wins including the coveted entertainer of the year title -- to do just as well at the ACMs. In addition to her entertainer of the year bid, Swift contends for female vocalist and is up for three awards for "You Belong With Me" -- video of the year, song of the year performer and song of the year co-writer.

At last fall's CMAs, Swift ended the three-year reign of Kenny Chesney as the top entertainer. His loss there had been foretold by his defeat for the same award -- after four wins in a row -- at last spring's ACMs to Carrie Underwood. Underwood -- who co-hosted the CMA Awards -- had won female vocalist there for the previous three years but was bested by Swift.

Underwood has won that same award at the ACMs for the last three years and contends again this year. Her CMA co-host, Brad Paisley, won his third consecutive CMA male vocalist prize last fall and is defending his three-year winning streak at the ACMs.

Even the most die-hard country music fans have a tough time explaining the difference between the Country Music Assn. (CMA), which handed out awards last fall, and the Academy of Country Music (ACM), which passes out honors every spring. The only differences besides the dates are network affiliation and geography -- the CMA Awards air on ABC from Nashville; the ACM Awards are doled out on CBS from Las Vegas. Both awards are bestowed by industry organizations with many of the same voters and -- no surprise -- many of the same winners.

In the 45-year history of the ACM Awards, just 23 men and 24 women have won the vocalist prizes. And only 21 different acts have been named entertainer of the year. The CMAs are no different, with many of the champs there having won first at the ACM Awards or vice versa. Over 43 years, the CMA Awards has seen 23 men and 24 women take top vocal honors while 29 different acts have ranked as entertainer of the year.

For the full list of nominees, visit the ACM website.


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Photo: Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton. Credit: CBS

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I, for one, am really intrigued by the comments regarding the Female Vocalist category. I feel there are five TREMENDOUS talents listed here. I honestly have no doubts that Taylor will win, regardless of my personal judgment of her music(or my belief that Reba and Miranda are the most original and deserving of these ladies).

And, if she does? Then, nothing more of it...she simply wins, and life will go on. Yes, the girl has won more throphies in the past year than many think she deserves. And, yes, she's flashed that "oh-my-god-did-i-just-win" look TOO many times. However, I don't think this dis-credits her as an artist. As mentioned in the article, these two organizations have consistently rewarded the same contenders multiple times.

The one thing that stands out in my mind, though, is that there is only one name on that list who has consistently rewarded country music fans with quality material--Reba. In a time when most people who win these awards are "flavors-of-the-month", Reba has proven her staying-power through an ever-evolving career, battled teeny-bopper/overnight sensations, and stayed true to her roots. It's good to see someone who has worked so hard, for so long still be recognized.

Not really sure why people are arguing with Taylor's EOTY nomination. That girl has busted her butt to ENTERTAIN, and she has done exactly that, more so than any other country artist out there this year. A complete sold out tour, SNL, and all of those little does she not deserve that? Obviously she has a large fanbase of people who find her entertaining. Not really sure what makes those fans less worthy of having an opinion as to who or what they like than any other group. Just as Brad Paisley stated during the CMAs for this award- he knew it wasn't his year. Like her or not, weaker vocals or not, she's entertained in larger capacity than any other. And like her or not, the reviews for that Fearless show are always outstanding. For a girl at age 20, Taylor has more of a say in her career than many contenders double her age. Does she deserve best vocalist? No. Not by a long shot. Entertainer of the Year? I can't think of anyone else more deserving.

Carrie Underwood is a singer and entertainer, Taylor Swift is a zit.

I really hope carrie underwood wins entertainer of the year. She really deserves it. I also hope I can see miranda lambert win a few awards. She is sooo good and talented but she doesnt get acknowledged like she should. She should win album of the year. GO CARRIE AND MIRANDA!

there is a wide margin between who SHOULD win and who WILL win! i think the country music community has learned from the past, and i think the ACMs are wise enough to know who are deserving and who the "real country fans" want to win!

here's the issue here, TS is good BUT SHE'S NOT THE BEST! once you put her in a category with the ranks of the country greats (REAL country greats, by the way) she's swiped on the floor. maybe she deserved all the album of the year awards but you gotta ask the album even country??! i don't think so.

Then who's buying her albums,how did she become the top selling artist in 2009 should that not not be rewarded?Who bought the tickets to her completely sold out concerts and again she is only 20. Obviously she has more fans than critics is that criminal? What burns me up is you people come on these sites and trash talk her it's your opionion and your entitled to that, but every good artist has their moment in the spot light and it's hers right now!!I live in Pittsburgh and the fans booed Sidney Crosby when he came on the ice because of what happened during the Olympic Games IT WAS DISGRACEFUL and to me this is the same thing, but then again maybe I look at things a little differant than the average person.TEAM SWIFT!!

Just because she's won all sorts of awards really does not reflect the true fact that most critics and music fans dismiss her music as just mediocre and bland even if it is country. Everyone has their own taste in music. Some will like Ms. Swift's music and others won't. I for one am not all that crazy about her music. I just don't find it all that appealing or interesting just like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears (gag!). I'm not being a hater...It's simply the mere fact there are far more better recordings that should have won over Ms. Swift's. It's a downright shame when mediocre, subpar work is awarded over far superior one's and Ms. Swift's wins are no's criminal and shameful!

Ms. Swift's music is really just mediocre, bland and disposable stuff. What are you talking about to date she has won 24 awards!! Voted by US her FANS and other Associations.Her videos are outstanding!Taylor's album sales speaks for her period.She takes the time at every award show to get up and give a perfomance from her heart maybe she should start being like other artist who excepts their award and sits back down instead of giving us a lip sung song!!TEAM SWIFT!!

Taylor will probably win because there are so many retards that "sing a long" with Taylor that don't hear what a horrible singer she is. It's a disgrace to the ACM's that Taylor is nominated for a vocal award. The girl CAN'T SING!!!!!!

It isn't merely the fact that Taylor cannot sing well's the mere fact that mediocre, bland, uninteresting drivel, passed as popular music, is awarded over far superior works by much talented artists that irks some of this case Ms. Swift's music is really just mediocre, bland and disposable stuff. I love country music as well as other genres, but I prefer country music by the likes of Johnny Cash, Roseanne Cash, Clint Black, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dwight Yoakum, Garth Brooks, Loretta Lynn, k.d. lang (when she was country), Brad Paisley and many more.
Organizations like NARAS, CMA, etc. are many times guilty of such travesties of awarding least deserving works/artists over superior/more deserving ones. It's shameful!

I hate people who keep bashing talented artists. We all have different talents and weaknesses. I don’t understand why country fans don’t give a warm welcome to Taylor Swift who’s a rare talent of her age in music industry. Maybe, she can’t sing, but why are you all mean to her instead of kindly criticizing or suggestions. Maybe, you all are mad at her cos’ she won many major awards over artists you love (eg Carrie Underwood). I really can’t stand mean people who always wasting their time to bash talented artists. You all need to get a life!!!

I just wanna tell you my own experience. I’m not so bright at my study and my friend is bright. Every time we study together, I never learn before him cos’ he learn faster than me. But you know, that doesn’t make me given up and that doesn’t mean I’ll never learn everything!! If he learn a thing in 10 minutes, I have to take more minutes to be same level with him.

We all were born with different talents and blesses. If we lack talent in a field, we have to work harder (that just doesn’t mean you can’t shine in that field). You all need to see the difference between Natural pure bless and Hard-working. What I’m trying to say is that Taylor Swift was born with thin vocal, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good singer. Plus, the problem she has is not about thin vocal, just NOT ABLE TO SING IN RIGHT NOTES AND she SINGS OFF-KEY which she need to improve and work harder.

To continue about me, I and my best friend get same high marks almost always which explain the fact that Hard-working may not be as good as Natural pure bless but at least it doesn’t suck!!! One more thing, my best friend sucks at sports but I best at sports. People who bash weakness of someone is like insulting disable people. Shame on you, people!!!

i really hope carrie and miranda win...if taylor wins i am never watching another show again because then i will no it's fixed.!!!

i love miranda album it's amazing

and carrie vocals are stunning

omg! u guys r mean! she's trying to live her dream! she's still young. and obviously some ppl think she has talent since she has already won so many things. besides bet most of you suck at singing/song writing! so shut up!

You Swift haters crack me up!!Taylor is a genuine person and what we all forget is she is only 20 years old and has more class than all of you people!! TEAM SWIFT!!

Carrie Underwood should win EOTY and FVOTY because she can entertain JUST by singing. She doesn't need fake waterfalls, dress changes in the middle of the song, or Kanye West to distract the audience since she can actually SING. And I'm glad Miranda Lambert is finally getting the recognition she deserves. "Revolution" for Album of the Year!

Carrie Underwood should win EOTY and FVOTY because she can entertain JUST by singing. She doesn't need fake waterfalls, dress changes in the middle of the song, or Kanye West to distract the audience since she can actually SING. And I'm glad Miranda Lambert is finally getting the recognition she deserves. "Revolution" for Album of the Year!

CARRIE is definitely my entertainer and my vocalist...there really is no competition here! carrie can deliver a FANTASTIC LIVE performance without drama, hair swinging or any technical editing. she's on the cover of almost every magazine, she was featured as a guest in HIMYM, she started taping for her first movie role in "Soul Surfer", her engagement was a buzz!, her album is continously selling, etc. PLAY ON, CARRIE!:->

*i think the ACM is credible and the ACM community has earned my trust since for the past years, they've been giving the awards to deserving artists. I HOPE THEY WOULD DO THE SAME THIS YEAR, not like the CMA and the GRAMMYS or else they broke my trust and i think also some of the country fans!

Taylor cannot sing her way out of a paper bag. No one is jealous of her because there is nothing to be jealous of! If she wins Female Vocalist at the ACMS too, I give up. The voters are clearly smoking something good, especially after that horrendous Grammy performance. Taylor. Cannot.Sing.Period. Deal with it!

taylor swift is so bad. i wish she does not win any of these awards. they should go to professionals like Carrie Underwood or Zac Brown Band(i <3 them)

Yeah, more awards for Taylor. I love her, mostly because her haters are just so jealous so it just gives me goose bumps of joy when she continues to prove them WRONG by winning music awards. BTW, the ACM awards are nothing compared to the Grammy for Album of the year that she already won. She's so sweeping these little awards. LOL!!!!!

Another Taylor love-fest...yyyaawwwnnn...I guess I'll be watching something else that night...

Taylor swift can not sing.....LMAO Taylor hang it up and move on your out of your league....No Lie

If Taylor Swift wins again, then that will be another joke! She can't sing and I saw her in concert and it was like a Disney production...nothing country about it! I have lost all faith in country music now. With the crowning of Swift, real country music is no longer. If she can win, well anybody can!!



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