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Why was Taylor Swift skunked at the ACM Awards?

April 19, 2010 | 10:20 am

Considering her recent award romps at the Grammys (album of the year) and Country Music Assn. (entertainer of the year and best female vocalist), it's shocking that Taylor Swift lost all four nominations at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Taylor Swift lost entertainer of the year to Carrie Underwood, female vocalist of the year and video of the year to Miranda Lambert and song of the year to Lady Antebellum.

Taylor Swift ACM Awards Academy of Country Music news

It's not as if the ACM Award voters hate her. Swift's "Fearless" CD won best album last year and she was voted best new female vocalist two years ago. Maybe they just grew tired of her due to media overplay? The answer is difficult to discern considering the complex voting method used to determine the winners of some categories. While most ACM Awards were determined exclusively by members' votes, other categories, like entertainer of the year (which was widely expected to go to Taylor Swift), was decided by a combo of academy members and Internet votes.

Below are some views of our forum posters. See more here.

Awardshq: Taylor should have won Entertainer of the Year. No other country star was bigger than her this year. Even if you don't like her, you can't deny that.

Longoria: Did Taylor not win a single award? Praise Jesus there is a God!

N Lester: Yes! You speak the truth. I'm glad the public awarded actual talent instead of popularity.

Hollywood Star: Plain and simple, if the ACM's weren't fan-voted, I think Taylor would have had the edge. I think it being fan-voted helped Carrie out because people were tired of seeing Taylor win everything. Anyways, good for Carrie. She took some triple-crown award as well, so good for her.

DruidWL: I would've thought this would hands down be Taylor Swift's award. Her legions of fans are overwhelming. Having said that, entertainer of the year, as I interpret it is the person who sold the most concert tickets and reached out to the most audience. Look at Underwood's concert schedule - it's as good as a presidential campaign! Whereas Taylor Swift has started to branch out overseas ...


Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood vie for ACM entertainer of the year award

What's the difference between the CMA Awards and ACM Awards?

Photo: Big Machine Records

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Taylor seems to be a sweet girl and her talent is ok if you are 13 or 14 years old but to win over Carrie Underwood, Beyonce and all the best of the best entertainers is absolutely unbelievable! SOMEONE WAS PAID OFF OR THE VOTERS WERE DRUNK, come on people, romeo & juliett and all the other teeny bopper lyrics to her songs. Adult country music fans don't get it!!

why are taylor's fans always have to use bad words, like - hater f.u.,etc. sounds like talk you would read on a rap and hip-hop blog. i no longer like taylor anymore.

ok u say Carrie won EOTY because she is an enertainer but yet they had to expand the field to 8 so they could put carrie in as a nomanie but yet she was not nominated for the cma EOTY the acms where just out the screw taylor why else in there 50 years of history did they choose this year to expand to 8 when its been 4 for the past 50 years and they say it was fan voted which is BS becasue it was not they just said so they had the final say who won and they wanted carrie to win and make history because only way she was going to win it was if they gave it to her if they ever made the total on how many fan votes where casted it would be a land slid in taylor favor and if she was an enertainer then more people would go see her but who wants to see someone stand in the same spot and sing hell i can pop in a cd and sit at home and get the same effect.

she is the best so i think that it is so stupid that lady Antebellum won it ans she didnt. Lady Antebellum is not that good anyway so boo ya

im a fan of taylor, but honestly, im glad they started recognizing that she's not the only one that exists. i dont think its fair that extremely talented singers lost last year and the year before because of taylors popularity.

Look at the reasons why someone is nominated for EOTY. Taylor might be selling out all these concerts, but so is Carrie. Yes, not neccessarily to the extent of Taylor, but look at how well she has done within the pop industry as well. She remixes her music so it can be played on pop radio. Carrie doesn't, and that's why her songs aren't played on pop radio. Look at how much of a difference there is in pop sales compared to country. By tapping into the pop industry, and not staying within country, Taylor's sales incorporate people going to her concerts who listen to ZERO country, except for Taylor, if you're one of those people who still consider her country. Carrie also took most of last year off of touring, so obviously Taylor would have had more sales. But EOTY also goes off of criteria that extends past concert and album sales. Carrie had her own TV special, guest starred on How I Met Your Mother, and filmed a movie. So you have to think of other factors. And everyone who is trying to say Carrie shouldn't have won it because of her performances, she sang a ballad people. She's not supposed to run around the stage and flip her hair around like a maniac. But her uptempo songs she really shines as an entertainer, and her vocals are always on. I would be totally fine if Carrie sat down her entire concert and just sang, she has the vocals to do that. Taylor doesn't, she has to have the other effects with her, and that's fine, that's her. But don't say Carrie's not deserving of that award; it's bs and you're just lying to yourself because you're angry.

glad a well informed person read this article :) I think pmackey33 just won this debate lol

The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.


4.(4) Taylor Swift; $975,309; $59.08

14.(14) Carrie Underwood; $370,500; $49.36

ok now tell me that carrie is bigger better what ever u can think of because you would be wrong so u can hate Taylor all u want but the truth is she is just better so u can hate all u want but Carrie is not even in the same ball park as taylor music wise. so all the awards Taylor got is because she is just better then the rest. that is why she wins all the awards not because kayne is an asshole but hay if i could make 1 million dollars per city per event he can screw my acceptance speech all the time maybe Carrie should hire me to fuck her over so people can see that Taylor wins no matter what.

Tenley, Way to go! Stick to that negative, cynical, uninformed point of view! Don't let facts or reason get in your way! :) I honestly think people who arnt fans just say the kanye thing to try and prove other people should have won. NO ONE TO PITY ON TAYLOR. shes great, so she won awards (a lot). GET OVER IT. I dont like plenty of artists that get awards but i dont go around to articles about them and post about how stupid i think they are.







I'm really sick of all the Kayne comments and the assumtions that Taylor won awards because Kayne behaved like an ass. Please take your hate elsewhere. Not everyone has to be a fan, but I have said it before and I will say is again - People DO NOT buy millions and millions of records for anyone out of sympathy. Taylor's previous cd "Taylor Swift" is still on the Billboard 200 after 3 years and the current album "Fearless" has never left the top 30 on Billboard 200 charts for more than 1 1/2 years. Taylor deserves EVERY award she has won, and yes she will win more awards beacuse she is good.

There's no mystery here, it's a Backlash, baby. Sure she had won awards before Kanye, but then she was waaaaay overcompensated with awards as a result of Kanye, and then, well, you know, there was that little duet at the Grammys that made everyone sit up and say WTF are we doing just showering her with awards she hasn't earned? She'll win again. But no more handouts.

EDIT: Reba was kinda an ass. I *can't* believe she put taylor down like that. I agree with you completely carol

I remember when Carrie won every award she was nominated for one year and no one seemed to complain. Too bad people feel the need to knock down a great girl like Taylor because they are sick of her winning awards. I did not get sick of seeing Lady Antebellum win all their awards. Point is if Taylor is good, and she is, why should the AMC shut her out. I was disappoionted in Reba's monologue about Taylor because she actually put Taylor down and I knew from her comments that it would be a shut out for Taylor. I am disappointed that Reba would stoop to that, I thought much higher of her and country music; they always seem to pull for each other and that made them a better class than some of the other award shows.

I think thats stupid if its fan voted, it should be solely up to the fans. theres no point in voting if someone else decides anyway.

EOTY was not sololy a fan voted award the acm's had votes on who won too so that is why taylor did not win she could of had more fan votes but if the acm''s did not want her to win they she did not as they have final say on winner if u read the fine print on the website.

I really thought ts was going to take eoty, with all of her fans at her concerts and all those people buying her music...what happen did they forget to vote especially since her concerts were so much bigger and sold out! again what happen! dont get me wrong i am so happy cu won, but i really thought ts had in the bag so thats what i kept reading in all the predictions.

I think Taylor is awesome. Her songs are fun and not boring and about drunks. You can turn her songs up on the radio and the entire family can sing to them. Keep it coming Taylor you are special. Fearless was the greatest CD ever.
LOVE YOUR MUSIC.............

key thing is wether you haters like it or not taylor has a legion of fans ready to buy her next album and vote for her billions of times. Taylors not going anywhere no matter how much you hate on her. Congrats to Taylor Swift for all your sucess

she is country, country-pop. there are many sub-genres of music. To be honest I think you haters havnt even heard her more country songs because of the pop-crossover. plenty of people have heard the pop versions of her songs (remixed for pop radio) and have decided she is not country. and again i say she does have vocal talent, she has plenty of good performances. people tend to concentrate on the bad because noone apparently can resist taking down a 20 year old musician. "she can't keep abusing the little girl singing about boys card any longer"? to me this sounds like nother misinformed person, so i'll say it again. she released fearless in 2008, her graduating year from high school, and wrote it in the tw years before that. the reason why all of her songs seem to be about boys is because she was in high school when she wrote the songs. she has won plenty of awards on the cmas and acms. in fact last year she took home album of the year, so i guess the acms judges are just as stupid as everyone else. And yes vocal talent counts, but so does everything that goes with it. Taylor is an ENTERTAINER, carrie is a singer. carrie stands still and just makes faces in every performance ive ever seen her in. Taylor on the other hand has high energy spectacular performances, taylor entertains. Taylor should have brought home Entertainer of the Year. Plus taylor is working on her vocals, some stupid people cant admit it, but her acm performance was awesome, way better than any performance carrie has done. GET OVER IT PEOPLE LIKE TAYLOR AND SHE GOING TO BE MAKING MUSIC FOR A LONG TIME!!! the only people who are hating on taylor are the ones that dont listen to her music and didnt like her in the first place SO BACK OFF HATERS! She will ALWAYS BE COUNTRY and will CONTINUE to PROVE shes an excelent performer, song writer, AND SINGER!

if u guys want proof Taylor owns all just look at the concert this weekend Taylor is there the 30th Carrie 1st and martin the 2nd then u look at the sitting chart Taylor opens up the hole arena Carrie only opens up half the arena and martin about 30% of the arena here it is and Carrie cant even sell out half the arena where Taylor has sold out 99% of the arena so for all u who think Carrie is queen explain why no one wants to see her in concert but a few thousand and 10's of thousands want to see Taylor

damnnnn straight hating, you people are weird. Taylor is better than all of youuu and carrie!

Looks like the petals are finally falling off of the Taylor Swift flower.

Well thank the Lord, it's about time. People are finally seeing Taylor for who she really is: and overrated pop star (she was NEVER country) who has zero vocal talent or ability whatsoever. For 3 years she has PROVED that she cannot sing live: I cannot name one televised live performance where she was even halfway decent. There are no more free passes for her. After that nightmare of a Grammy performance, this was Taylor's chance to prove on TV that she is/was worthy of all the accolades and overexposure: one word, FAIL. Her performance was a vocal trainwreck, AS USUAL. Finally people realize that she is not a cute little girl anymore; she's 20 years old, she can't keep abusing the little girl singing about boys card any longer.
The CMAs are political. They handed her the awards because she brought in the $$$$$ for the industry when the economy was down, don't kid yourself.
The ACM voters made a CLEAR statement: VOCAL TALENT DOES COUNT.

I think you people are very misinformed (or ignorant). Taylor won plenty of awards way before the kanye thing happened. the kanye thing just brought her in to the eyes of the people would werent even paying attention before. therefore she suddenly got a lot more criticism. and you cant honestly say that every judge for all the awards shows felt sorry for her and just gave her the awards. thats just rediculus. Taylors "FEARLESS" is an awsome album so she naturally got awards for it. It had nothing to do with kanye (that jackass). plus taylor didnt even drag on the kanye thing, people raved about it so attention was drawn, but taylor didnt even want to discuss it. The media always blows everything out of proportion. Also people say she "industry made" which is completely untrue. She actually turned down sony for a recording contract because they wanted to wait for her to develope and went with big machine records (small label at the time) because they let her write her own songs. Shes gotten where she is purely out of her own work. plus her album was already like 5X platinum before the kanye thing. I will agree that taylor swift dosnt sing as well as others, but she does sing well. Her performance was excelent at the acms, and on cossroads, and her stipped performances as well. She does well but shes kinda a hit and miss. Sometimes shes great, sometimes not. But i like wtching every performance just because im a fan. And whats this "her voice can be imitated easily"? hate to say it but a lot of artists sounds similar (especially in country). Thats just not even a fair criticism. I respect the fact that some people will not like taylor but she has talent even if some people think otherwise. Taylor has been sucessful for a long time so get over it. She has been winning award since her first album in 2006 and she'll keep winning awards. I think she didnt win because shes been winning awards off the same album for two years straight. once her 3rd album comes around I bet you'll see her in the winners circle again. If you dont like her just stay off the articles about her, it just makes all the fans mad anyway. If you dont like her and your not voting for her/buying her album then thats all you need to do to show how much you hate her, stop ruining it for the rest of the people who actually are fans and are reading this article for the article, not just posting comments about how horrible she is

The industry is about vocals. The performer needs to be able to sing...Taylor doesn't have that talent. I honestly have to put "mute" on every time she performs. Sorry, but that's the truth. She has done well for herself and there must be a lot of fans that don't mind that she can't carry a tune, but I am not one of them. Carrie deserved the award and I want to congratulate her for it.




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