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Why was Taylor Swift skunked at the ACM Awards?

April 19, 2010 | 10:20 am

Considering her recent award romps at the Grammys (album of the year) and Country Music Assn. (entertainer of the year and best female vocalist), it's shocking that Taylor Swift lost all four nominations at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Taylor Swift lost entertainer of the year to Carrie Underwood, female vocalist of the year and video of the year to Miranda Lambert and song of the year to Lady Antebellum.

Taylor Swift ACM Awards Academy of Country Music news

It's not as if the ACM Award voters hate her. Swift's "Fearless" CD won best album last year and she was voted best new female vocalist two years ago. Maybe they just grew tired of her due to media overplay? The answer is difficult to discern considering the complex voting method used to determine the winners of some categories. While most ACM Awards were determined exclusively by members' votes, other categories, like entertainer of the year (which was widely expected to go to Taylor Swift), was decided by a combo of academy members and Internet votes.

Below are some views of our forum posters. See more here.

Awardshq: Taylor should have won Entertainer of the Year. No other country star was bigger than her this year. Even if you don't like her, you can't deny that.

Longoria: Did Taylor not win a single award? Praise Jesus there is a God!

N Lester: Yes! You speak the truth. I'm glad the public awarded actual talent instead of popularity.

Hollywood Star: Plain and simple, if the ACM's weren't fan-voted, I think Taylor would have had the edge. I think it being fan-voted helped Carrie out because people were tired of seeing Taylor win everything. Anyways, good for Carrie. She took some triple-crown award as well, so good for her.

DruidWL: I would've thought this would hands down be Taylor Swift's award. Her legions of fans are overwhelming. Having said that, entertainer of the year, as I interpret it is the person who sold the most concert tickets and reached out to the most audience. Look at Underwood's concert schedule - it's as good as a presidential campaign! Whereas Taylor Swift has started to branch out overseas ...


Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood vie for ACM entertainer of the year award

What's the difference between the CMA Awards and ACM Awards?

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