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Can Taylor Swift make it three in a row at CMT Awards?

April 7, 2010 | 10:22 am

Taylor Swift CMT Awards No surprise that reigning country queen Taylor Swift is among the leading contenders in Tuesday's announcement of first-round nominees for the ninth annual CMT Music Awards. Swift landed three nominations, including bids for video of the year and female video for "You Belong to Me." Swift took home both of these awards last year for "Love Story" and in 2008 for "Our Song."

Taylor Swift is the only woman to win video of the year twice and is tied with Keith Urban ("Better Life," 2006; "Days Go By," 2005) and Toby Keith ("American Soldier," 2004; "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," 2003), both of whom are back in that race this year. Urban contends with "Til Summer Comes Around" while Keith vies with "American Ride."

Taylor Swift is also contending for collaborative video for her duet with Kellie Pickler on "Best Days of Your Life." Pickler picked up a female video nom as did Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood. Underwood's video for "Cowboy Casanova" is also up for the top award, and her rendition of "Temporary Home" on the CMT show "Invitation Only" is nominated for the performance prize.

A trio of acts scored four nominations apiece -- Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum and Sugarland. Aldean and Lady Antebellum both contend for video of the year for "The Truth" and "Need You Now," respectively. Sugarland was shut out of the top race, landing competing bids for duo video of the year ("Keep You," "Nightswimming/Joey") as well as two noms for their collaboration with the B-52s on "Love Shack," a highlight of last year's CMT Awards.

Brad Paisley is back in the hunt for his first video of the year win with a bid for "Welcome to the Future." Last year, Paisley was the big winner at the CMT Awards, taking home his first male video award ("Waiting on a Woman") plus laurels in two other categories: collaborative video ("Start a Band" with Keith Urban) and performance of the year ("Country Boy" with Alan Jackson, George Strait and Dierks Bentley).

Eight of the nine categories have eight contenders apiece. Online voting that runs till May 3 will winnow these to four finalists in each category, which will be announced May 11. Then another round of online voting through June 8 will determine the winners.

Voting for video of the year is different. There are 10 semifinalists, which will be cut down to a final five that will be revealed at the start of the awards ceremony airing live on CMT June 9 from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. The winner of the top prize will be determined by votes cast online and via text message during the kudocast.


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 Photo: Taylor Swift performing on the 8th annual CMT Awards. Credit: CMT

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Taylor Swift certainly isn't "the reigning country Queen". She is the most well known current country poser. And, she better go hit Carrie Underwood in the knees if she wants to win a fan vote. It looks like her fans have started failing her.

taylor swift rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have a facebook account join the taylor swift sucks club, because they make fun of hr in the worst ways posible!!1 p.s leave mean comments on their wall and joun me!!!!!!!!

I don't agree with most of you about Taylor especially Chelsea. Because she is country, I have seen a few that are more like pop than Taylor and incase y'all forgot she is an artist no just writing but also playing and singing and performing. In my book she is a singer and a damn good one at that. Tweens don't just vote for taylor because I am 25 and I love her. As do ALOT of others my age as well, moms love her because they are secure in the fact that they know what thier kids listen to with her and what sort of role model she is.. A GOOD ONE! She is conservative in her apperance and takes what she loves very seriousely. She isn't like Miley who runs around half naked and shaking her ass all over the place. Thats what you do when you can't sing a note. She don't have to do that and still wins everything so haters be gone. I like Keith Urban and Carrie etc. But if they want to win maybe they should step up their game. And isn't everything in life a champaign? I have found that to be so even down to PTA.

I'm sorry this girl is not worth it.
She IS SOOOO not all that , and she's like not even real country.
Her songs are pop just with a bango and a fiddle , and I'm not a big country fan nor of Carrie Underwood , but Carrie has TALENT!

Taylor is pretty , and sweet , but those traits shouldn't get you , MUSIC awards!

Will Kanye crash this party?...let's hope so...

You guys really sound desperate talking about Kanye West. Considering Taylor SWEPT these awards in both 2008 and 2009 BEFORE the Kanye incident. If Kanye was responsible THIS would be her first year winning anything. Taylor had already won CMA's, ACM's, CMT's and VMA's and was the biggest digital seller in history, had the best selling album of 2008 before Kanye did anything (Kanye knew what was coming and was just a bit jealous, he has apologized for his ignorance and all is forgiven). The article informs you of her past sweeps at the CMT's, so your insults prove that you don't read, are misinformed, and are only posting to throw ignorant insults. Grow up and get ready because she has a great chance of sweeping for a THIRD year in a row. "You Belong With Me" was just HUGE. The video already won VMA for best female video (beating beyonce BEFORE kanye...LOL). CMT female will be a cakewalk win for her, no beyonce's in the lineup.

Time for Keith Urban to get the awards he deserves! Calling Taylor Swift a country music queen is a travesty.

She will probably win all these CMT awards she's nominated for because it's fan voted and I heard she had been begging for votes for this and the ACMs at her concerts. So she will have all these young tweens voting like crazy for her. What a shame that this girl has turned all these prestigous award shows into a huge joke. I agree with GalPal's post! She is no more of a singer than I am. She might can write cute little pop songs, but she is definitely no singer. I can't understand all these industry people going gaga....well maybe I's the cha---ching that she managed to get out of all these youngsters.

If it wasn't for Kanye West, she would only have that one worthless award that he interrupted her over. It's time to stop feeling sorry for this twit and quit giving her awards. She sings like a cow. Horrible.

Taylor owes her fame to Kanye and hopefully that is now all in the past. The girl cannot sing to save her life! Her performance at the Grammy's should have shown America that she has no talent in that department. I am hoping that CMT will see that-it's time to move on from her-

no carrie underwood is better



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