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Are 'Damages,' Glenn Close now doomed at the Emmys?

April 6, 2010 |  9:54 am

"Damages" has been nominated for 14 Emmys, including two as best drama series, a breakthrough for FX network. Two of its four wins went to Glenn Close as best drama actress (her role is undefeated in the category) plus best supporting (Zeljko Ivanek) actor and casting.

Glenn close emmys damages fx news

But how will news that the series has been axed by FX affect its upcoming Emmy prospects? There's some hope that the critically hailed series will be rescued by DirecTV, but it's slight. If "Damages" is truly doomed, will Emmy voters rally behind it — or flee? Below are some views of our forum posters. See more here.

Peckypecka: "Julianna Marguiles can kiss her Emmy goodbye then. Emmy voters will give it to Glenn Close because it will be their last opportunity."

Atypical: "It's sad to see this happen to such a quality show. FX can go back to the Emmy doldrums now. The cast and characters deserved a proper send-off and now they won't get it."

G.Penn: "Bummer. I hope this doesn't hurt its chances as an emmy contender this year."

Billiance inmorbid: "Its relentless intrigue never translated into real quality. For me, the show's first season worked because it seemed like a really subtle satire of crime-thiller pulp fiction …. The show has since been a dawdling, cold, convoluted mess. This cancellation needed the happen. The ratings and the quality just wasn't there."

thedemonhog: "Next year's drama races are going to be fun to predict with 'Lost' and 'Damages' out of series, directing and supporting actor, the former out of writing, the latter out of lead and supporting actress and '24' gone as well likely from lead actor, supporting actress and directing. Can you imagine predicting this year's supporting actor race without the four heavy contenders from 'Lost' and 'Damages'? Also, this year's Emmys just got a lot more interesting. It was thinking that Julianna Margulies would win, but this is suddenly Glenn Close's last chance for this show, so that race is more interesting."

Photo: Glenn Close accepting her Emmy last year. Credit: Associated Press


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