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Is 'Glee' doomed to lose best comedy series at the Emmys?

April 21, 2010 |  6:40 pm

Beware, fans of "Glee." Don't assume that the Fox TV mega-hit series is destined to win best comedy series at the Emmys just because it recently bagged the equivalent trophies from the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.

Glee Fox TV news

"Glee" may be doomed to lose just because it skews too young for Emmy voters, reaping an impressive 5.8 rating this week in the 18-34 demo. Typical TV academy members tend to be — ahem — of mature age and a bit conservative. Consider, for example, "Party of Five," the critically hailed Fox TV series about a family of orphans that won the Golden Globe as best drama series of 1995. It was only nominated for one Emmy – for sound editing, which it lost.

Or consider some other hipster TV shows like "Felicity," whose star Keri Russell won the Globe for best actress. It was also nominated for best drama series, but it got virtually skunked at the Emmys.

However, some young stars that won Globes at least got nominated at the Emmys: Claire Danes ("My So-Called Life") and Jennifer Garner ("Alias"). Others, like Sarah Jessica Parker, won both awards, as did her series, "Sex and the City." So maybe there is some hope.

But "Glee" faces tough competition at the Emmys. If voters are finally tired of "30 Rock," which has won three years in a row, and wish to pick a cool newcomer, they may opt for "Modern Family," which skews older.

Nonetheless, the Emmys will surely nominate "Glee" for best comedy series, and various stars like Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison have a good shot at scoring noms too.

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Chris 'effin Colfer people, he deserves an Emmy like, yesterday!

I think Glee will be nominated for best comedy.I also believe Lea Michelle,Matthew Morrison,Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer to be nominated for Best Actress, Best Actor,Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.Plus directing noms for Ryan Murphy and company..and look for 2 guest actors to grab nominations as well Kristen Chenowith as the boozy April Rhodes and Mike O Malley as Kurt's supporting father.I also think Murphy will be nominated for writing

RE - Ryan
Glee is definitely going to get nominated. It's the most buzzed about show & has won precursors. The likelihood of it being shut out of nominations altogether is zero.

RE- Charles
The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Family Guy will never prevail. Family Guy probably won't even get nominated with the inclusion of Glee and Modern Family this year. Family Guy is too offensive, The Big Bang Theory doesn't have enough to it & Curb Your Enthusiasm (while great) just isn't going to trump a universally loved show like Modern Family.

I think it is definitely Modern Family's to lose. It's the best sitcom in a long time and it appeals to viewers of every age. I think that if Glee is to win, the remaining episodes will have to be stellar. 'Cause The Power of Madonna was just one big gimmick and Hell-O wasn't really up to the standard of the first thirteen episodes. 30 Rock has had a wildly inconsistent season and frankly, doesn't deserve a win in this category or writing.

In regards to acting awards, we should remember that even in the comedy series, "comedy" doesn't have to be a factor in the performance for it to only needs to be the "best" performance in a show that is considered a comedy series. It could be a completely dramatic role in a comedy series and it could win because voters thought it was the best.

It's like if "DAMAGES" were competing in the comedy category and Glenn Close won Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy Series...she wouldn't have had to be funny in the scenes she submits...she just had to be good!

Felicity was not a "hipster" show! You're definition of hipster must be very broad...

Of course you're right, Patrick. TX. I made the cx

ATAS has a terrible habit of awarding repeat winners. Look at its history and see how many times MASH, MTM Show, Cheers, Frasier, etc. have won. Usually, ATAS does not like to award new shows or shows that are so 'in' in the top category (unless the nominees are a weak bunch). Glee has a chance to win the top honor if the Blue Ribbon Panel of voters are mostly young & hip...but unfortunately, it's usually made up of the old & stodgy...go figure!

Don't be surprised if it's not even nominated. "Glee" may have a large set of lungs but in all other departments it's pretty flimsy.

"Doomed?" Who pre-ordained this show the winner? The ballots have not been printed. There are several other great comedies that should qualify: 'Modern Family', 'The Middle', 'Nurse Jackie', 'The United States of Tara' to name a few. So, while you are earning your fee for free PR/marketing of your personal favorite, readers of this blog should remember voting will take place when all the nominees are announced. Let's see a few blogs about these other great ground breaking shows.

One point I'm surprised wasn't raised was the Emmy Awards obvious bias towards show that have a big camp element. The last two shows that had huge camp elements that were big at the Emmys were "Desperate Housewives" in 2005 and "Ugly Betty" in 2007. While both took home trophies for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Directing in a Comedy Series, neither pulled off the award for Comedy Series, which was not expected of "Ugly Betty" but widely predicted for "Housewives".

The camp level of "Glee" is beyond what those two shows ever were and while it is an aspect of the show that I adore, I do not think it bodes well for it in September. Tom's right that "Modern Family" would stand a better chance for something other than "30 Rock" but the field is going to be a very wide one this year. Show's like "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "The Big Bang Theory" and "Family Guy" could end up prevailing should they receive a nomination.

I think the Emmy for Comedy Series is Modern Family's to lose.

It's one that is genuinely funny, real and you laugh at loud at least once a minute...Also, the episodes can stand alone and that will ultimately help it win when it has to send out 6 episodes for voters to judge.

Anna Paquin has not, as yet, been nominated for an Emmy for "True Blood." Her only Emmy nomination was for "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee."

"However, some young stars that won Globes at least got nominated at the Emmys"

And then you cite Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker who were both in their thirties when their series aired. Not to mention that Alias, Sex and the City and True Blood were/are not exactly considered youth series. All three "skew older".

30 Rock FTW!

Don't forget Jane Lynch. She's a lock for a Supporting Actress nomination.

While I don't know if the show can pull if a win, a nomination is almost certain. I also expect Lea Michele and Jane Lynch to clinch nominations in their respective categories since they completely deserve them for sharing the weight of such a large show. While Mr. Morrison is good in his role, I just don't see enough of a comedic element in his character, so I don't expect a nomination. Plus, not only does Ms. Michele portray the role of an overambitious teenage girl with a Type-A personality wonderfully, she also sings most of the songs- the same cannot be said of Mr. Morrison who only sings a handful of songs.



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