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Calling Charlie's angels: Why didn't John Forsythe win an Emmy?

April 2, 2010 |  2:06 pm
John forsythe golden Globe

It's a mystery worthy of investigation by Charlie's angels: Why didn't John Forsythe – one of TV's most popular, respected and enduring stars – ever win TV's top award?

Prior to his death today at age 92, John Forsythe had been nominated for — and lost — four Emmys. Three of those bids were for starring as Blake Carrington, a debonair oil tycoon pursued by dueling divas (Joan Collins, Linda Evans) on "Dynasty." He lost best drama actor to Daniel J. Travanti of "Hill Street Blues" in 1982, Ed Flanders of "St. Elsewhere" in 1983 and Tom Selleck of "Mangum, P.I." in 1984.

When John Forsythe was nominated back in 1953 it was for a more general category – best TV actor of the year – in recognition of his diverse starring roles in drama anthologies like "Studio One," "The Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" and "The Philco Television Playhouse." He lost to Thomas Mitchell.

However, John Forsythe did claim two chunks of trophy gold during his career. He won two Golden Globe Awards (1983, 1984) for best TV drama actor for "Dynasty."He was never nominated at either the Globes or Emmys for performing the disembodied voice of Charlie on "Charlie's Angels."

Photo: ABC

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As much as I respect John Forsythe as an all around great guy and gentleman, in my opinion he was just a competent actor. Not really anything to write home about! He even said it himself when he referenced Brando and George C. Scott. He said they were on the first level and he was someplace lower. Let's face it, Dynasty was just not Emmy worthy level acting. To have this hue and cry about why John Forsythe never won an Emmy is just silly. I think if he had ever actually won the award it would have embarrassed him. Golden Globes are different, they really aren't to be taken all that seriously as a meaningful critical organization. Sure, they get a lot of press and fanfare and it is an important award, but the HFPA is really not known as the most important critical bellwether.



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