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Emmy predix: Best supporting actor in a drama series

April 15, 2010 |  2:15 pm

Our Emmy prophets Robert "Rob L" Licuria ( and Chris "Boomer" Beachum agree on the six nominees for best supporting actor, but they picked different "Lost" stars to win. Also check out their predix in these races: lead drama actor, best drama actressbest drama series, and best comedy series.

Terry oquinn michael emerson lost news

1. Terry O'Quinn ("Lost")
2. Michael Emerson ("Lost")
3. Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad")
4. Martin Short ("Damages")
5. John Slattery ("Mad Men")
6. John Goodman ("Treme")

Alternates: Campbell Scott ("Damages"), Chris Noth ("The Good Wife").

ROB'S COMMENTARY: Now that we know O'Quinn is submitting his name, I think it is safe to say that only he and Emerson will be representing from the "Lost" cast. It would be great to also see Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews and especially Josh Holloway, but I think two actors will fulfill the "Lost" quota (unfortunately).  Paul will return as will Slattery, and Short will fill that "Damages" slot (with Scott a real threat for a second "Damages" nod here too). I am going out on a limb, not having seen HBO's "Treme" yet, thinking that  Goodman might surprise here. This is a killer category, with lots of choices for voters to mull over. Let's hope they get creative.

1. Michael Emerson ("Lost")
2. Terry O'Quinn ("Lost")
3. Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad")
4. John Slattery ("Mad Men")
5. John Goodman ("Treme")
6. Martin Short ("Damages")

Alternates -- Campbell Scott ("Damages"), Robert Morse ("Mad Men")

BOOMER'S COMMENTARY: Wow! Now that O'Quinn returns to the category, it will be a fierce battle between him and Emerson for the win. Two more of last year's nominees, Paul and Slattery, should be expected back in the race again. I imagine Goodman will be chewing the scenery on "Treme", and as a previous winner and many-times nominee, he should earn a slot. Short has been very impressive playing against type on "Damages," so I think he will also make the category as well.

Photo: Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson in "Lost." Credit: ABC

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What about Nestor Carbonell for his Ab Aeterno stint? Best acting on Lost all season.

Matt Ross deserves a nomination for his outstanding work on Big Love this past season.

Terry O'Quinn definitely deserves to win the EMMY. While his dual character role is brilliant, it's his amazing portrayal of the tormented, frustrated, broken Locke in the sideways timeline.

I also think John Noble deserves an Emmy nomination as the disturbed and volatile Walter Bishop.

what about Matthew Rhys?
He was phenomenal in the two hour brothers and sisters episode

I really need Josh Holloway to get a nom too. This is a special year for Lost - its the Last Chance Saloon - so I think the Emmys could go big here.

I doubt they'd give the Emmy to Emerson two years in a row. If a Lost guy is going to win, it'll be O'Quinn, because he's essentially playing two different characters this season. Martin Short is fantastic on Damages this season, and might upset (remember Zeljko Ivanek?). Aaron Paul is terrific on Breaking Bad, but this season is clearly all about Walter and Skylar, so he might not be given enough to merit a win this season (he should have won last year). I've obviously only seen on episode of Treme, but John Goodman is the standout; every time he's on screen, the show just lights up, you know? I think he's a definite threat to win, especially if Treme is as popular with the voters as some are predicting it will be. For now, I'm gonna go with O'Quinn, because it's the last season of Lost and the voters love multiple-character playing actors, but any of them could win in such a strong year.

I'm curious about John Lithgow too. He is a shoo-in to win Guest Actor and/or Supporting if he's nominated.

I also think the Mad Men nominees should be switched up more... I think Vincent Kartheiser is always doing stellar work on the show, but is undervalued.

John Lithgow is being entered into the guest acting category.

Would John Lithgow be nominated in this category or Guest star?
He did win the Supporting Actor Golden Globe, and he appeared in all of the season four episodes of Dexter.

I know that Emmy voters tend to be repetitive, but I really don't think that Terry O'Quinn or Michael Emerson merit nominations this year (at least so far). I second that Nestor Carbonell had a terrific submission episode with Ab Aeterno. I also think that that fan favorite Henry Ian Cusick should finally be nominated for his terrific work as Desmond, and I would also like to see Jorge Garcia who showed impressive work on last week's episode Everybody Loves Hugo.

I am really happy to see Martin Short being mentioned. He is terrific on Damages and might even merit a win! Aaron Paul is terrific on Breaking Bad. Still waiting for a great submission for him this season, but I'm sure it's coming.

So John Noble ("Fringe") has no chance? Sci-fi bias or not enough name recognition? If he submits the recent flashback episode about his dying son ("Peter"), I would think he could have a shot. But the show isn't really watercooler material.

After seeing "Mad Men" season three, I'm going 100% with Slattery.

I agree with all predictions, except John Slattery who little to do this past season on Mad Men. Considering the growing intensity of scenes between Campbell Scott and Martin Short, it would be nice to see them both get nominations for their roles.

I am a UK Lost fan and don't quite know the policy for Emmy nominations...but what about Nestor Carbonell? He was fantastic in Ab Aeterno. O'Quinn definately though-who else has played two different characters in one season and played them both AMAZINGLY. I hope he has a succesful post-Lost career.



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