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Michael Bublé wins big at Junos while Justin Bieber is shut out

April 19, 2010 | 12:07 pm

Michael Buble Juno Awards At this weekend's Juno Awards -- the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys -- singer-songwriter Michael Bublé dominated, winning four of his six nominations, including single of the year for "Haven't Met You Yet" and the coveted June for album of the year for "Crazy Love." Among those Buble bested for that top honor was teen singing sensation Justin Bieber, who contended for his debut disc, "My World." Bublé also beat Bieber for the pop-album prize, and the veteran crooner was the fan choice for the second time in two years, having won that title in 2008 on his third try.

Although Bieber was not contending for that Juno, he was expected to win the new artist award. However, Drake, a TV star turned rapper with whom he had dueted earlier in the evening on his hit "Baby," edged out Bieber for that Juno. Drake also won best rap recording for "So Far Gone." Another rapper, K'Naan, took home artist of the year and songwriter.

The non-telecast portion of the Junos on Saturday night saw the wealth spread around as each of the 32 awards handed out went to a different winner. As with the Grammys, the emphasis on the two-hour CTV telecast Sunday was performances rather than plaudits. Only seven of the key awards were handed out during the kudocast.

The Junos returned to St. John's, the capital of Canada's youngest province, Newfoundland, for the first time since 2002. In the intervening years, this celebration of English-language Canadian music has been held in six of the other nine provinces. The awards are slated to return to their traditional home of Toronto next year.

For the full list of winners, visit the Juno Awards website.

Photo: Michael Bublé at the 39th annual Juno Awards. Credit: CTV


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I love people saying "Michael who? Bieber should have won." It just proves their ignorance and stupidity. Michael Buble has true gift for music, he is not some flash in the pan like Bieber, whose music, in summation, boils down to "Baby baby baby, oh, baby baby baby." Yeah, thats true romantic lyricism...

drake music sock i don't care but for me justin is the win stupid drake what he think his self he is ugle justin is cute

Since Justin was nominated for my world, it's okay. But it's ok because next year i think he'll win big for my world 2.0. He still couldve won best new artist but oh well, he'll get an award someday :/

Justice is served! Michael Bublé is in a completely higher league than Beaver. Michael is an ARTIST and a real singer while the beaver boy is just another dumb fad.

Michael.....who!?! Justin should have won all thoes awards stupid stupid award show Justin your AMAZING I LOVE you:)!!!!!!!

not fair!!! justin should have won!! :( but we all still love ya!! :) 4ever!!!!

i love you justin

I think Justin should have won one he is a good singer and he can dance. I dont think it is fair but keep going JB we love ya and we will be there for you all the way xx

I think Justin should of at least won one but it was fair and sqaure i love you Justin !!!!!!!

thats bull! justin deserved that award!! Drake's music sucks

Justin has only done three duets so far that have been published. None were with Drake! 'Baby' was done with Ludacris, 'Eenie Meenie' was done with Sean Kingston, and 'Overboard' was done with Jessica Jarrel.

OMFG Micheal Bubbleyy or howevr you say his name shouldnt have got ANY awards Justin Bieber diserves it all baby
micheal bubleyyakjhdbka sucks ass !
Justin bieber sickest hottest singer everr
justin us beliebers will stand by you forever
your our reward and were yours :)

justin bieber should of won.!:(

I love Justin Bieber I think he is a hot handsome man and when am 16 he will be 32 and i will him the same

Generally the Juno's are ignored by the American media. But I guess the snub to Justin Bieber was enough to garner a mention.



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