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Poll: Does Miley Cyrus deserve a Razzie for 'The Last Song'?

April 1, 2010 |  2:27 pm

"Please, give the girl some time to grow!" fumed one of Gold Derby's readers when we dished the possibility of Miley Cyrus winning a Razzie Award as worst actress for The Last Song Miley Cyrus news "The Last Song." The poster identified as "Ashley" saw the film and claims "Miley Cyrus portrayed the role of an angsty teenager very well.… People are too harsh on her because she's 'Disney.'"

Do you agree? Pipe in at our poll below.

Over at Metacritc, the movie's score keeps tumbling lower – now it's only 35. The site's readers give it a score of 4.7.

Over at, Stephanie Zacharek roars, "It's time to admit she cannot act …. This is a performance with all the elegance of a bitten fingernail." The New York Times says that acting "seems almost entirely beyond her."

However, over at Entertainment Weekly, Lisa Schwarzbaum calls the young star "a revelation," adding, "Miley Cyrus is a really interesting movie star in the making, with an intriguing echo-of-foghorn speaking voice, and a scuffed-up tomboyish physicality (in the Kristen Stewart mode) that sets her apart from daintier girls in her celebrity class."


Hey, Miley Cyrus: Get your Razzie acceptance speech ready for 'The Last Song'

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"Might I remind you that any one can vote on Metacritic and there are a lot of Miley haters with a lot of spare time" quote
Oh please shut up. Pot meet kettle you stupid moron. I guess you are SOOOOOOOO busy yourself huh, YOU have no spare time either? But yet YOU can post something, which takes longer than clicking, and that is somehow different? Shut the hell up Lele!! You know the whole people who live in glass houses thing...just sayin'.
PS Miley CAN'T act in dramas at all,---BUT she was GREAT on HM and the little tweenies love her, so she is doing something right for all those people out there that put her down constantly. But i do look for her to get a Razzie nod next year for The Last Song.

I think it is nice that people are sticking up for her, she is really young after all but we need to be realistic. Showbuisness is cruel, responsible parents know this which is why they do not enter children into it at such a young age. Adult performers need to develop a thick skin to survive in the buisness so Miley has to do this to, why not encourage her to do this now? Critics cannot say she was good when she clearly was not they would lose credability. Miley has to accept the nature of her job and that is that. As for people saying she is talented, you are right I suppose, she is more talented than the average child, but there are hundreds even thousands of 17 year old girls with a greater acting ability who could have delivered a more convincing performance in this film. Suggestions about lessons? The truth about acting is you either have it or you dont. Simple as that. Lessons can enhance ability but it cannot create it. The truth is miley success has been created by media and her show telling people she is great and talented and oppertunities have come her way because of family connections. I watched this film and concluded that Miley has no natural acting talent to enhance and would not have had any success if not for unfair advantages. I feel she is lucky to have had some success using what little talent she has and can therefore live of the money becuase her acting days are numbered. I am not saying I hate her I just do not enjoy her acting or singing for that matter and would pefer to see more talented performers have a chance. I think voting her for a razzie would be cruel but that is just how the buisness is. She keeps saying she is all grown up well welcome to the consequences of the bad acting in the adult world Miley.

If our Miley were to play the role of some young adult who was found living in a forest and raised since infancy by a pack of wolves somewhere in France, any actor would have to deliberately behave in a manner inconsistent with what would be expected or wanted from the director. Spark's script didn't require Miley to portray her character in any specific manner. However Miley acted would be as good as anything contrived, … and who's would want to believe the contrived behavior to the character would be "better?"

To imagine the way Ronnie acted in the movie isn't the manner in which any young American who's parents have separated would act is way off the wall?! Some young adults may be sullen, or hyper, who knows how any on person handles such a situation? Miley had to behave with some preconceived notion for how an acting coach would want her to act in any situation of this sort, and then after acting like some hyper or sullen teen our Miley would now be seen as talented. Miley portrayed how I would expect: a stereotypical teen with family problems. Perhaps Ronnie should have been seen as medicated for her lack of emotions?

The comments supporting Miley's performance are way off the wall. I just saw the movie yesterday with my kids and even my 7 year old stated that Miley's acting was horrible. Kids who love Miley on her tv show are the most honest judges of her performance because they truly love her. The problem with her acting is that she just isn't a good dramatic actress. The role was way too big for her. Miley is clearly not a trained actress and although she has reached icon status due to Hannah Montana, the roles she has played up to this point are comedy and non serious. The Last Song role of Ronnie should have gone to an actress who has perfected her craft and who could play the myriad of emotions that a wayward child who felt her father abandoned her family would feel. Ronnie's alienation was a direct result of her parents' divorce. All of Miley's emotions were the same, regardless of whether she was mourning a loss or acting out in rebellion. Miley does deserve the Razzie award because the performance was pitiful. She was shown up by Liam her co star who was quite natural and a good actor. Also, the kid who played the younger brother was amazing, as was Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston. The mark of a good actress is one who can act seamlessly with a stellar cast. Miley failed miserably. She really should either seriously take acting classes or quit acting altogether. This was stunt casting by the author Sparks. He wrote the book with Miley in mind and clearly was hoping to cash in on her fame. He should share the award with her as should her mother, who was inexplicably the producer of the film. What experience does her mother have in this field? The Cyrus family needs to knock off the nepotism and get Miley some acting classes.

Might I remind you that any one can vote on Metacritic and there are a lot of Miley haters with a lot of spare time

I have not seen the movie yet, but have seen a number of trailers and scenes from it. I think she is doing a marvelous job; she feels very natural, not like rote reciting or anything.

For the record, I am a 45-year-old married woman, so I'm not just some 'tween who doesn't know Miley from Hannah. I've also been a local performer, so I do have SOME knowledge on the performing arts. I thoroughly enjoy the comedy she puts into HM - so unselfconscious and brave. I plan on seeing "The Last Song".

Our Miley played the character of the stereotypical American young woman. The events of the movie didn't require her to portray her character in any eay out of the ordinary and the need for extravagant emotional portrayal of feelings or sentiments wasn't necessary. Miley portrayed what I or anyone could imagine the real-life events of the movie called for. Had a script called for our Miley to portray herself exasperated or afraid and in fear such as what Judy Garland portrayed while playing the character of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz I'm confident our lovely Miley would have performed as Dorothy just as admirably as Judy had done. Miley and Liam and everyone gave a performamce such that I'm glad I bought a ticket to see the movie. I thought at times I was watching how Miley behaves and conducts herself in real life. Great!

Someone seriously needs to tell Miley Cyrus that she can't act to save her life. Her singing isn't much better either. Let's face it, once Hannah Montana is canceled she'll be washed up and no one will even remember who she is in 5 years. She just doesn't have the talent, no matter what her little 12 year old immature fans say, SHE HAS NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. Stop being in denial people...

omg me and my friend namd yaritza miley is my roll madel she is doing so good at acting singing she has the best clothing line i wear her clothes she is asome

I assume some people deliberately look for a mess up in her performance simply because they dislike Miley Cyrus.

A lot of critics are heavily ageist and they think that they know best. The last time I checked, the movie was for the audience entertainment, and the mass majority of people I know, enjoyed the movie as well as the novel. Please allow us to make our OWN decisions on the movie instead of trying to ram your nonsense down our throats.

- Christian.

Miley's a great actress and deserves so much more than people give her credit for. Though I'm anxious to see The Last Song, I don't believe she deserves a Razzie for worst actress. People are just lame, and don't recognize talent when they see it. Yeah, she may need a little work here and there, but keep in mind she's only 17. Meaning she's still young, with time to grow and get better.

STOP messin with miley, let her live her dream, yall are sooo jealous of her. miley is a very talented person she can make choicest on her on. And she did an awesome job in THE LAST SONG. i love that movie and the book----Miley ROCKS

lets face it, it wasnt her best performance, and i dont care what shes been on before, but i loved the last song and i wasnt really paying attention to her acting so it couldnt have been that bad some people just look for the bad, i think hannah is easier for her to act on cuz it isnt soo different from her, i wish her luck on her future journey with movies and i will continue to support her GO MILEY!

stop trying to bring miley cyrus down! she is a very talented girl, who works really hard on every aspect of the entertainment industry, and she's only 17. she did great in the last song, and made us all sympathize with the story (even if critics HATE nicholas parks, WE LOVE HIM) so u go girl!

people love to hate her. i find it funny, she is extremely talented and that's why she is where she is. super successful on music, tv, and films, most people fail to achieve even one of them. but no matter what America loves to take down their idols. she is just 17, she is a not a perfect actress, and she knows that and wants to improve so give her a break for once!
the last song doesn't deserve the reviews its getting, it is a really good movie, everyone i've talked to has cried their heart out watching it, including myself, and i think she does a good job in it. at the end of the day, the fans are the ones that matter, not critics. thank God.

Cut the girl a break! She is 17 & doing a good job acting in both the hannah montana series & movie as well as The Last Song.She has great comedy timing & a lot of talent as well as devotion to whatever job she takes. Most people just don't like the "Disney" brand, They assume you must not have the talent but I beg to differ - Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Emily Osment, Hillary Duff & Mitchel Musso are just some of the younger names & there are more.
Keep up the good work, Miley!!

the sad thing i think the movie would have done a lot better without miley cyrus because the storyline was good. but good lord that poor girl cant act to save her life.

No matter what --- Miley Cyrus is not a good actress. Watch any episode of Hannah Montana and viewers can see for themselves. She needs an enormous amount of work to even be remotely adequate, Scrunching up your face repeatedly is not the path to award glory ---- ah, except for the Razzie. The award should be re-shapened into her image. Miley, please, just sing! Oh, can't do that either.

Look at her face in the poster: she's trying to emote something...sadly she looks constipated with a side of confusion. She's not an actress. She's a pop singer who was given a Disney show and still never learned how to act.

She needs acting lessons before she screws up yet another role given to her merely because she has these rabid Hannah Montanna fans screeching their brainwashed support and spending their parents' hard earned money on all the vapid merchandising.

She is just as good of an actor as Screech from Saved by the Bell, Donkeylips from Salute your Shorts, and Gargamel's Car from the Smurfs. But she is worst than pretty much all other actors.

Miley, dont let this people bring you down. the reason why everyone is saying all of this is because they are jealous. who cares if your not the best actress look who had the most viewers opening day. people have nothing else to do with their lives so they try to bring people down. you did well

Miley, dont let this people bring you down. the reason why everyone is saying all of this is because they are jealous. who cares if your not the best actress look who had the most viewers opening day. people have nothing else to do with their lives so they try to bring people down. you did well

Can't wait 2 c the last song





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