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Photo gallery: Emmy's biggest snubs

April 5, 2010 |  3:31 pm
Emmy biggest losers tv news

Ah, well. If the TV academy won't honor some television greats, then we will here at The Envelope. Check out the shocking photo gallery compiled by our editor Patrick Kevin Day. It spotlights Emmy's biggest losers like Bill Maher (all-time Emmy champ among snubees), Angela Lansbury (top bridesmaid among performers) and "Newhart" (most skunked among TV series).

Patrick also hails TV classics that probably never, alas, had a chance. "Emmy voters never seemed to get" "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," he notes. "The series was nominated for a boat-load of technical awards (and even won a couple) but Joss Whedon's writing received just one nomination and never won."

The TV academy was so embarrassed about the "Buffy" snub that it staged a special tribute evening during the series' final season, inviting the show's cast and behind-the-camera team to dish with academy members at its headquarters' auditorium in North Hollywood. Sarah Michelle Gellar was so furious about how voters shunned "Buffy" through the years that she drove a stake through the chumminess of the occasion: She refused to attend.

Photos: Bill Maher (HBO), Angela Lansbury (CBS), "Newhart" (Fox Home Entertainment)


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Programs like Buffy and Veronica Mars should have had their own categories like Best Series For Young Adults or Best Teen/Young Adult Program. Plus the ATAS should follow in the footsteps of the Daytime Emmys and award younger actors in their own categories. Having youngster go up against the old pros is very likely the old pros will win every time. The only time of recent memory a youngster under 20 had won an Emmy was Roxanne Zal for Best Supporting Actress in Mini-Series or TV Special for Something About Amelia. Truly Buffy, VMars, Smallville, etc., great young adult programs and their actors were always terribly snubbed by the Academy. Such a crime indeed!

I get why Angela Lansbury never won an Emmy for Murder, She Wrote (to me she should have), but the fact that she lost her 18 nomination for "Law & Order" to Amanda Plummer (who won twice before) is just insulting.



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