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Ricky Gervais returns to host Golden Globes even though he flopped last time

April 28, 2010 | 11:50 am

"Not a great night for Ricky Gervais fans," sighed Mary McNamara in the L.A. Times after the British gadfly hosted the Golden Globes in January. In fact, he performed so poorly that she predicted "Gervais will probably not be hosting the Oscars any time soon."

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes host news

But now it looks like the rascally comedian will get the last laugh. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. just announced that he'll return as Golden Globes host next year.

The reason may be the hike in TV viewership for this last show — up 14% from the previous year (16.9 million compared with 14.9 million in 2009). But was that really the result of Gervais at the helm? The last Globes received an added marketing push on many fronts — including Facebook and other new media — while it also went live on both coasts for the first time ever.

The Hollywood Reporter said Gervais was "disappointingly toothless" as he "tackled predictable subjects," making "few inspired" jokes.

Afterward, he seemed to admit defeat, promising, "I'm not going to do this again."


Golden Globe couldn't save Randy Quaid from the clinker

Photo: NBC

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Here's the problem. People didn't like Jon Stewart. People didn't like Ricky Gervais. Why? Because people say they weren't like they were on the Daily Show or like they were on the Ricky Gervais Show. It's the Golden Globes or it's the Oscars. Amazingly enough, cable jokes and HBO jokes aren't going to fly on network TV. The Globes isn't a platform for Gervais to run through his comedy set. The Globes aren't meant to be used as a Friar's Club Roast on every celebrity.

Stewart and Gervais BOTH did fine. I think the only way critics will be satisfied is if Gervais brings on Karl Pilkington, dresses like David Brent, and drops a few swear words.

Was viewership due to Gervais??? YES!!!!! EMPHATICALLY YES! It wasn't advertising on Facebook. It was the promise that Gervais would bring.

The real joke is on the critics who called for Stewart to host the Oscars, got him, and didn't like it. They called for Gervais to host an award show, got it, and didn't like it. Following current internet trends, the critics will call for Betty White to host the Oscars next. They'll probably get it and then complain about it.

A good choice. I never watch award shows for all the usual reasons, but I'll watch anything that Ricky is on, even putting up with these awful things just to have a dose of Gervais. And he was very funny last time. Those who say he wasn't perhaps just didn't get it.

A bore.
This is the best the Golden Globes people could do?

I completely disagree. Gervais did a great job. My only problem was that we didn't see enough of him-meaning he wasnt really given a chance to do what he does best.

I can't remember the last time an award show (or its host) received glowing reviews afterwards. they always seem to be panned by critics- but that is the nature of the beast. it can only be so interesting to watch other people win awards if your not emotionally invested in them (sorry costume design winners).

Gervais did a fine job and I look forward to seeing him host again.

Who's Mary McNamara?

Gervais did fine.

I think everyone deserves a second chance. I hope to see him soon.

flopped according to who???...i also think he did a terrific job, and was really funny....more than any other in the past...probably would watch the awards just to watch him...

Not sure why so many say Gervais did poorly. My wife and I, and many of our friends watched the last Globes off dvr and found ourselves skipping to when Gervais was on. And we weren't even big fans of his. It's just the show sucked so often. But he was funny.

Well he's publicly drunk on the why's a party anyways...

He's as good as any one else - the Mel Gibson line alone was worth the price of admission



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