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Oops! Sandra Bullock, please return your Razzie (you can keep the Oscar)

April 20, 2010 | 10:09 am

When Sandra Bullock accepted the Razzie as worst actress of the year for "All About Steve," she left the ceremony with the wrong award.

Instead of a regular statuette, she took the original — the trophy upon which all other Razzies have been designed for 30 years.

"It was my fault,"admits Razzie chief John Wilson. "I handed her the wrong one by mistake."

Razzies Sandra Bullock Razzie news

Wilson would like the original back, but he hoped to accomplish the switch quietly, without a fuss. Normally, at most award shows, winners return the generic statuettes they accept at the podium so they can receive a real one, engraved with their name, later. The Monday after Bullock won the Razzie, Wilson emailed her PR rep to ask Bullock to ship the Razzie statuette back. He didn't specify that she had the historic first Razzie by mistake, just that he'd like it returned so he could send her a new one, properly engraved. But the e-mail apparently got lost in the deluge of other e-mails storming the rep one day after the Oscars, first congratulating Bullock on her Academy Award victory, then inquiring about the news of her marital troubles that broke immediately afterward.

When Wilson didn't hear back from the rep, he decided to wait and deal with the issue later. "We thought we might address this in six months or so, after things calm down," he says.

But then a British tabloid, the Daily Telegraph of London, broke the news that Bullock had the wrong Razzie — "worth thousands as a rare collectors' item" — in an article full of quotes that Wilson claims he didn't say — and facts that he disputes. The article's contents got picked up by other media across the Web.

What happens now? Wilson tells Gold Derby that he plans to send the correct, engraved award to the rep and request that the original be returned — at Bullock's convenience. No rush.

What's ironic about this snafu is that Bullock said, while accepting the wrong Razzie, that she might return it later. She meant next year, at the next award ceremony. She accused voters of choosing her simply because she had announced ahead of time that she'd attend the Razzies if she won. She accused voters of not actually seeing "All About Steve." She brought along DVD copies for everyone in the audience, asked them to view it and reconsider the award outcome. If voters agree that they made a mistake, Bullock said, "I'll show up next year and we can go out for a drink afterward."

As hubbub about Bullock's Razzie victory grows, Wilson says, "I guess drinks may be off at this point."


Sandra Bullock razzes the Razzies right back

Photos: Sandra Bullock in "All About Steve." Photo credit: 20th Century Fox / Razzies

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I "watched" All about Steve. What were these Razzie people thinking about? The movie is a little corny but Ms Bullock played her role very well...quirky but all too loveable....perfect.

The honorable thing would be to let Bullock return the original Razzie to John Wilson live at the next Razzie awards and for Bullock reject acceptance of the $5 knock-off for "All About Steve", perhaps while accusing Wilson of never being sincere about giving her a Razzie in the first place.

What's the Razzie worth? A buck or two? Can't imagine the thing is worth anything of significant value. If I was Sandra I'd be tenderizing meat with the thing or using it to make mashed potatoes the queen in alice in wonderland says"off with 'is head!"

What if Sandra did with the award what she should have done: drop it in the trash immediately upon arriving home from the awards ceremony?

I find the Razzie thing odd. All About Steve was one of the best movies ever. The people that pick these movies are air heads that have no idea what is going on in the real world.

I can't believe that the Razzies are being so inconsiderate as to publicly announce this when Bullock is going through this difficult time in her life. How cruel, just to get publicity and I suppose a reaction from Bullock, when a personal contact would have sufficed. Does anyone else out there think that good manners has any value?

hey wilson, she's not reading these comments. you don't need to white knight that hard.

John Wilson should let her keep the award. He gives her an award to humiliate her, then by his own mistake hands her the wrong award, then has the audacity to ask her to give it back when she is likely in the middle of a divorce. that is so base. Let him make a new Razzie prototype. John Wilson should get a Razzie for being a huge douchebag. He could make the new prototype look like his own face, to remind people of the face of failure and contemptible manners.

Sorry about your divorce you deserve better anyways! I hope you find better love out there! Jesse was a total jerk to you, move on with your life!



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