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Tina Fey on 'Saturday Night Live': Give her another Emmy!

April 11, 2010 | 12:51 pm

When Tina Fey won an Emmy last year for channeling Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live," it was a happy ending for the comedienne who was almost cheated out of a shot at that gold. Bizarrely, the TV academy eliminated the category for guest performers on variety shows. That's the race Tina Fey normally would've competed in -- separately from her nominations in the comedy-series races for "30 Rock."

But the Emmys decided to let some "Saturday Night Live" performers compete for best guest performance in a comedy series. She did and she won, beating two stars nominated for starring in "30 Rock" -- Jennifer Aniston and Elaine Stritch.

Last night, Fey appeared again on "Saturday Night Live" and gave another Emmy-worthy performance. Below, her shtick on "Weekend Update." She reports, "All is not good in Ladyland. I am talking, of course, about the Oscar curse. The theory is that when a woman wins an Oscar her husband will cheat on her. That's not an Oscar curse. That's just a lady curse.

"There's no such thing as an Oscar curse. The curse is that there are people like 'Bombshell' McGee walking around. I know we shouldn't judge people based on their appearance, but when your body looks like a dirt bag's binder from seventh-grade metal shop, it doesn't bode well for your character."

Also below: Fey's latest riff on Palin.


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"There are many nuts on MSNBC"...aaahhh ain't it the truth! give me an amen on that! Apparently, SNL treads gingerly with Obama also because (whether one agrees or not) is race. Here we have our first African American president and I can see SNL "being polite" and/or "treading lightly" with the Obamas. You know that all it will take is one false move on SNL's part and there'll be charges of racism. I find Fred Armisen's portrayal of him too off the mark...Fred may have the look but does not capture very much of his demeanor. Maybe Fred should portray Obama's demeanor in opposite of his stiff, intellectual persona and portray Obama in a more street-wise, almost ghetto-ized fashion (but then again that might offend some people). I'm sure if our president was Latino with no accent...SNL would definitely have him/her portrayed with one and with a sombrero to boot. But I know where you're coming from my friend...SNL could use more sharp, quick-witted writers and bring it back to the great variety show it used to be. Keep on hammerin' FNB!

My dearest, new best friend Cisco, to be honest I use the F&B moniker to instigate arguementation. I don't really have one side I ascribe to more than the other politically. I absorb all 3 cablers and roam the web for coverage. There are as many nuts on MSNBC as there are on FNC. Sadly, this has nothing to do with the kid glove treatment Obama is getting. SNL doesn't skew Obama...not even mildly and I just feel like as a viewer & lifetime fan of the show they are depriving me of comedy. Kenan would be SOOO much better at being Obama than just Arimsen's characature. I just miss the day's of Mike O'Donoghue who would bludgeon people with his writing. Do you really think that in the next 3 years they'll turn it up a notch? Nothing leads me to believe that when they continue to beat a dead horse like Palin. See what I did there...I called Palin a horse. I hope that was fair & balanced enough for ya. Keep rockin' my mew BFF. MWA!

Maybe SNL is not harsh on Obama because he hasn't done anything really "stupid" or has said anything coming off as uneducated, nonsensical blather like Sarah the Moose Killer does or for that matter Joe Biden. Maybe she's too mavericky! Obama is too much of a nice guy and intelligent as well which is good and bad (wish he'd stopped trying to appease the damn Repubes who refuse to cooperate with him and are definitely trying to sabotage and discredit his presidency---like they tried to do with Clinton). But SNL does skew Obama...just mildly...besides we got 3 years to go with maybe SNL will start pushing the envelope the meantime...turn off Fox News...or if you still enjoy the nutty rantings of Moose-Killer, Sean the Scam Man, Oh Really O'Reilly and Michele Bat-s**t crazy Bachmann then tune in and become a brain-dead tea-bagger! Smooches all around!

Cisco, I'm hardly offended by the jabs at Palin. In all honesty, there's nothing "offensive" about them. Insulting & demeaning? Maybe to some (not me) and that's all fair game. I do live by the Steve Martin creed that comedy is not pretty so the Palin bits don't bother me at all. And I agree with you that SNL did go after Bill & Hill which validates my point why aren't they "going after" Obama & Michelle? Did the Rock as Obama parody mock Obama? Of course not. Care to tell me why they don't do anything critical of the current Prez? I've yet to see an explanaition of that from anyone. I just can't imagine the brain trust of SNL writers can't find something to strike a nerve with the left or are they too devoted to the "cause" to do so?
And as far as what I watch you did see that I posted a clip from "ya boy" Keith Olbermann's show right? What kind of right-wing nut job would do such a thing? A fair & balanced one, that's who.

As far as seeing Russia from Alaska the Mythbusters were on Countdown with Keith and proved she could. The Daily Beast has it here:

Dear seem to forget SNL always skewed the Clintons...but yet you make no mention of that...if you feel offended by the constant jokes about Sarah the would help you to tune out instead and just watch your fair and balanced comedy Fox News with Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann (always sounding more & more foolish each time she appears). My favorite parody of Obama on SNL was with The Rock as "The Rock-Obama". As for Tina's impersonations of Sarah the Moose-Killer...please Tina keep 'em coming...There's nothing more funnier than laughing at a Tea-Baggin' Twit!

Sean R- "Scarface"? Very, very clever. Did you think that up all by yourself? Maybe you should get that tea bag out of your mouth; your brain must be oxygen deprived..

Sarah Palin actually said "you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska". We truly appreciate the correction, TIRM. :-) Sarah Palin's geography lesson was her response to the question "What insight into Russian actions do you have, given Alaska's proximity to Russia?"

The only place in Alaska from which you can see Russia is an island populated by 150 people. According to Sarah Palin, those 150 people have better insight into Russian actions than most Americans. Maybe Palin should pick one of them as her Secretary of State!

Give me a break. now you want "fair and balanced comedy"? LOL. Maybe you should check out FOX News for that. Oh, wait--between Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck their entire program is a comedy sketch.

Palin is so witless and media-hungry that it demands front and center attention. I'm not even a Democrat, but Palin makes Obama look like Einstein himself. So as long as people keep flocking to see Palin read from her hand, we will keep enjoying SNL's skits.

I can only hope she runs for president. ROFL!

Okay "Tea baggers" is only comedy..calm down..take a deep Palin lovers are destructive individuals who love to create conflict. Your belligerant and combative.....its scary to think you really believe any politician in this day and age....

BEST SNL in forever. I agree that the Al Roker bit could go. Tina Fey superb.
The Palin bit and the News Bit, she got it. Culture Correspondent so so, until she opened her jacket with t-shirt "Team Bullock", loved it.

Justin Bieber ?? :( way too young for that show, creepy. Sorry.

Sanchez - HOT. Steve Martin - way cool.

Why is it that SNL can perfectly or unfairly mock Palin but I've yet to see Fred Armisen do anything to skew Obama to rile the left? You mean to tell me the brilliance of the Harvard writers at SNL can't come up with something that people talk about on Monday/immediately on Twitter? We've had about 3 years of Obama for SNL to do something that someone talks about the next day but there never is...conspiracy to protect Obama? Hmmmmm?? Crazy huh? SNL has a history of going after the sitting Prez...Hartman's Reagan as a mad man was brilliant. It wasn't historic in the comedy anal of SNL but it was funny and made Reagan rightly/wrongly look nuts. Carvey's Bush...perfect... No right winger would say they were bad.

If SNL really wanted to get people talking they would put Kenan Thompson in as Obama. He's oozes comedy. If he can make AL FRICIN' ROKER funny imagine what he could do with Obama. If a young Eddie Murphy was in the cast now shouldn't HE be Obama? You put the funniest cast member in the character that would give them the most exposure. Why isn't Kenan getting this opportunity? Is there a conspiracy here? Well there should be damn it. Armisen just doesn't do anything with the role. A Census cold opening? Really? There's nothing you can politically say about Obama to make him look bad or at least have someone in the cast that is actually funny doing it?
I think this is why the right gets ahem mildly irked at the Palin segments. Sure, funny to some and rightly so...but where's the (yeah...I'm gonna say it) fair & balanced comedy for comedy's sake?

Free Kenan Thompson! Free Kenan Thompson! Free Kenan Thompson!

And by the way, are we really gonna give Tina Fey the Emmy for playing 2 hookers in the show? Really feminists across the globe? Really? That's what you burned your bra's for and watch Norma Rae for? I hope someone besides my Gloria Steinem loving ass agrees with this. I found Justin Beiber to provide more entertainment per segment than Tina did.

*Paid for by the comittee to elect Michael Steele Governor of Mississippi...dream people...dream

She's ladyland's cannon fodder, always game for being thrown under the bus. So the illusion of culture wars can be kept up for appearance, stability, bla bla... But don't tell her, she might smarten up and it might become all too apparent that the entertainment industry has already transitioned to a lesser dumb, hollow, and stupid plane.

She sure can take a joke, no matter how rough, reptilian, and esp. if she's the butt of it.

Well it would be a man, now wouldn't it? It would be a man who would post this nonsense about Tina Fey's SNL turn? Early this morning at Third Estate, Ava and C.I. already explained just how sexist the nonsense Tina performed was

And along comes a man who thinks "ladyland" and "lady curse" are feminist, who thinks Tina Fey doing an entire skit ripping apart the woman Jesse cheated on Sandra Bullock with is feminist and funny.

That skit and everyone was written by a man. Only a man or a non-feminist woman would repeatedly savage a woman while letting a man off the hook.

I agree with Ava and C.I. that Tina participated in "full on bitchery" and that at least Joan Rivers would have delivered it with confidence whereas Tina was inaudible at key portions throughout the show.

Best line from real critics (that would be Ava and C.I., not Tom): "Tiger Woods has had how many lovers come forward, how many women did he cheat on his wife with? And the joke is not Tiger Woods but a 'bimbo' that slept with him? That's the joke?" It is when a sexist writes the skits. I urge LAT to rethink their knee-jerk and lavish praise of this blantant sexism.

" she can see Russia from her home.." - Preston Lewis.

Hey moron, that is a bit that Fey made up. Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house. Maybe you should actually learn about her before repeating made up crap.

Tina - You are repulsive. Not only does Sarah Palin look better than you, despite being several years older, but she has done something with her life other than snide, mocking comedy routines that are not very funny.

I love Tina Fey! She's so hilarious

I amazed at all the low life's who go gaga for 'Scarface' Tina Fey, as though she were actually talented. I wonder if they'll give an Emmy to the first one who mocks her and makes up lies and swears she said them.

Not only the best SNL this season, but most of the show (Roker could go) is the Best Of SNL.

God Bless American and God Bless Tina Fey. How one woman can single-handedly will derail a presidential campaign. Thank you Tina!!

Denigrate Sarah Palin? She does of a better job of it herself than any efforts from anyone else. Every time she speaks, she makes it abundantly clear how little she knows. Around 71% of the country agree and believe it to be the case.

Personally I think she should run in 2012, with either Dick Cheney, Michele Bachmann or maybe Nathan Bedford Forrest.

...Go for it!!

Spot on!

Sarah Palin gets what she deserves.
Only them goofy ones don't think this is hilarious.

The Left Wing Attack Machine strikes again!

Oh, come you you guys. President Ford, a star athlete in his day, took one tumble walking down an airplane's walkway and SNL parodied him for years. Palin makes a lot of blunders: didn't know Africa was a continent, claims she can see Russia from her home, amongst others. She's a national politician now. She should expect parodies. Speaking of parodies, have you checked out how many parodies of Justin Bieber are on youTube these days? Plenty. Once you hit the national stage, parodying is part of the price you pay for the fame.

Good job Tina. The Palin schtick only works because Palin lied to the public. She will always be held in contempt by any thoughtfu, responsible people. Palin is not qualified, is not contemplative and proved it embarassingly so in the Katie Couric interview. Palin lied, shes kind of stupid, in the sense she doesn't do her homework, any honest person would either edify the heck out of themselves or change careers. Palin is the female version of David Hasselhoff. The GOP will fail miserably if they nominate her to run for anything again. People give Palin a pass because of her pro capitalism speach but ignore Palin's blatant incompetence in all things political. Do they want to hear soothing retoric that badly?




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