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Inside AMC's Emmy campaign box: 'Mad Men,' 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Prisoner'

May 26, 2010 |  5:16 am
Breaking bad mad men amc

"Mad Men" not only made Emmy history by becoming the first basic-cable TV show to win a best-series award in 2008, but it also repeated the triumph in 2009. For the last two years, AMC also pulled off surprising consecutive wins in the race for best lead actor by Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad").

Next: Can AMC pull off the victories for a third year in a row?

A lot depends on what Emmy voters think of the campaign DVDs shipped to 14,000 members of the TV academy. Though some networks are skimpy and merely send two or three sample episodes, AMC sends six. It's curious that AMC chose six consecutive episodes of "Breaking Bad," but it broke up the "Mad Men" selections. Below is the rundown.

Also included in the DVD box: "The Prisoner," AMC's miniseries update of the bizarre 1960s TV series about a government agent trapped on a mysterious island. Stars James Caviezel as the prisoner and Ian McKellen as his tormentor

Compare this year's Emmy campaign box with the one AMC shipped last year. Underneath the photos below are links to DVD campaign boxes sent by other networks.

Episode 303 – "My Own Kentucky Home"
306 – "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency"
307 – "Seven Twenty Three"
311 – "The Gypsy and the Hobo"
312 – "The Grown-Ups"
313 – "Shut the Door, Have a Seat"

Episode 301 – "No Mas"
302 – "Caballo Sin Nombre"
303 – "I.F.T."
304 – "Green Light"
305 – "Mars"
306 – "Sunset"

AMC Emmy 1

AMC Emmy 2

AMC Emmy 3


AMC Emmy 5

AMC Emmy 4


'The Big Bang Theory' sends an exploding gift to Emmy voters

'Friday Night Lights' hurls its whole offense to tackle Emmy voters

NBC Universal Studio stages Emmy campaign in the round

Inside the A&E and BIO. Emmy campaign box

Inside Comedy Central's Emmy box: Stephen Colbert declares war on Jon Stewart

Showtime to Emmy voters: Wake up and smell the coffee — choose 'Dexter'!

Let's peek inside HBO's Emmy campaign box

Again, Showtime ships the first campaign box to Emmy voters

Photos at top: AMC

Photos of Emmy box: Tom O'Neil

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Well, I can only hope that these Breaking Bad episode at least made some people watch the super awesome ones. But based on these episodes, it looks like Mad Men wins again, which is a shame, because I think Breaking Bad deserves it this year.

Dude this could be bad. and I don't mean the show this can be BAD for "Breaking Bad" they put in three episodes that weren't as good as the last few that just came out! where's "One Minute"? "Fly"? "I See You"? At least they got in I.F.T. and Sunset

Why didn't Breaking Bad send in their best episodes instead of just the first six? I'm really worried...

AMC only submitted the first six episodes for consideration because the season is ongoing. They did it last year too. Don't worry about it.

Where the hell is "One Minute"??? Is this a joke?

And episode 305 was titled "Mas" - not "Mars".

I wonder if Ian McKellen will get a nom on name recognition.

I'm not sure why AMC didn't submit "One Minute." What were they thinking?

Don't count out "Breaking Bad."

OK, "Mad Men" just racked up about 14,000 nominations. Good job!



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