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Poll: Do you think 'American Idol' can finally win the Emmy?

May 27, 2010 |  9:46 am

"American Idol" has lost the Emmy for best reality-competition show to "Amazing Race" for the last seven years, but the songbird smackdown finally has a good chance to win, thanks to what it plans to submit to judges.

American Idol news-1

All nominees must enter one episode as an example of their best work from the past TV season. Gold Derby has learned exclusively that "Idol" will submit last night's spectacular two-hour finale that had everything: Simon Cowell's farewell (no, they didn't drop a house on him); appearances by the Bret Michaels, Carrie Underwood, Kris Allen, Alice Cooper, Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette; even "a Kanye West moment" when a former contestant grabbed the microphone and insulted Simon. Oh, yeah, and they also crowned a winner (Lee DeWyze). It's the most exciting Emmy episode entry ever.

Meantime, we've also learned that "Amazing Race" plans to enter "I Think We're Fighting the Germans, Right?" in which the teams reenact World War I. "Dancing with the Stars" will enter the season opener. "Top Chef": "Vivre Las Vegas" (contestants performed for French chefs in the season opener), "Project Runway": "Sew Much Pleasure" (guest judge Jessica Alba). Those five shows were all nominated over the last several years and will probably return again. Read the views of our forum posters here.

Photo: Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Ryan Seacrest on "American Idol." Credit: Fox TV


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American Idol doesn't deserve to win anything! This was their worst season ever! The people that were chosen had very little talent, and I felt no reason to even attempt to watch it! If they don't come back next season, I won't be unhappy!! They've definitely lost a awards for you this season American Idol...

I think Survivor: Heroes vs Villains has a shot. This season was one of the best and deserves a shot at the Emmy, if not a win.

"Spectacular" finale? There was nothing spectacular about trotting out has-been entertainers waaaaaay past their prime. I must admit, however, that watching Paula steal the show was a hoot.

The Amazing Race will win again, because the competition is pure, and not tainted by controversy. Whoever, ends up at the finish line, deserves to win, period. The other competitions have biased judging that is hindered by controversy, which makes their competitions not as pure, and their production values are not as magnificent as the Amazing Race's. American Idol should drop out and enter themselves in the Music/Comed/ Variety categories where they actually belong. American Idol is a variety show.

Where is RuPaul's Drag Race? That one is the most fun.

Why is so much attention given to American Idol by the Times??? I don't get it.

"Amazing Race" will repeat because it's just the best overall reality program out there. I love "Project Runway" and "Top Chef" but quality AR is every season.....the winners may not be a popular choice but in terms of locale, detours etc associated with AR, hands down it's the best..I wish there was more love for Phil as Best talk about being robbed!!!

Survivor deserves to win this year. It had a great year. AI sucked and The Amazing Race was kind of disappointing.....for once.

This years A.I. final was abominable as was the eventual winner and the season as a whole.

amazing race should pull itself out of the race. Dancing with the stars should win after it's best season ever.

Voters will see that World War II stuff and the emotional ending and it'll be a done deal. Eight-peat for The Amazing Race.

I would like to see Survivor make a return to the nominations list at least, and The Biggest Loser would be a better choice than either Idol or DWTS.

The problem with sending the finale of Idol is that it is basically a huge concert with really no elements of a reality-competition program until the last five minutes. At least DWTS sends in an episode with actual competition involved.

The Amazing Race will win the Emmy again because it is so different from the other nominees. All the other nominees are cookie cut the same way. Dancing with the Stars has dancing, Top Chef has cooking, American Idol has singing, and Project Runway has fashion. The Amazing Race, however, never does the same thing twice. The challenges (detours, roadblocks and fast forwards) are all different. The Amazing Race goes to wonderful locales every season. The Academy loves The Amazing Race and I don't think any other reality show will come close to it.

Lee boring...he'll be a one-hit wonder and then join a touring company of Les Miz...oh well...



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