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'The Big Bang Theory' sends an exploding gift to Emmy voters

May 23, 2010 | 12:02 pm

Emmy campaigning has gotten boring lately. Most networks are acting too conservative, either to cut costs during dark economic times or else to be eco-friendly. Most Emmy DVD campaign packages shipped to voters these days are simple, square boxes with little adornment or ballyhoo.

Big bang theory jim parsons tv news

Hey, whatever happened to the good old Emmy days when campaign boxes looked like milk cartons ("Everybody Hates Chris") or tablets passed down from mountaintops (ABC miniseries "The Ten Commandments")? The SciFi channel sent a white globe that opened to reveal Steven Spielberg's miniseries "Taken" inside. A springy snake once popped out of the FYC box that Fox sent out hoping to garner attention for "Mad TV." It worked, but only scored bites in the crafts categories like costumes and hair-styling.

Well, Warner Bros. Television still has the spirit -- and is tapping into the current popularity of 3D entertainment! Encouraged by the three nominations it received last year for "The Big Bang Theory" (including a best actor bid for Jim Parsons), the studio certainly got voters' attention recently by shipping a pop-up book full of scenes from the CBS sitcom. The box contained a DVD (with episodes "The Creepy Candle Coating Corollary" and "The Large Hadron Collision") and these instructions reflecting the scientific theme of the TV series:

1.) Witness amazing physics in action! The book you are holding has two small but powerful MAGNETS inside the front and back covers.

2.) Harness the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD by opening the cover all the way until the front meets the back.

3.) There you have it! The invisible force of ELECTROMAGNETISM will hold your pop-up book open for you.

The magnets in my box didn't work, but I locked the two sides together utilizing another powerful scientific force: paper clip. (Do you think we should alert Sheldon and Leonard to this amazing discovery?)

If you'd like to see a larger view of one of the photos below, click on the image. Most (but not all) offer an expanded view.

BB Emmy 9 BIG
BB Emmy 6 BIG
BB Emmy 3
BB Emmy 2


BB Emmy 8 BIG
BB Emmy 5
BB Emmy 7 BIG
BB Emmy 1
BB Emmy 10 BIG
BB Emmy 11aBIG
BB Emmy 4 BIG

Photo credits: "Big Bang Theory" (CBS / Warner Bros. TV); Emmy campaign book (Tom O'Neil)


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