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Can Carrie Underwood dethrone Taylor Swift at CMT Music Awards?

May 11, 2010 | 11:53 am

Taylor Swift CMT Awards While reigning country queen Taylor Swift is among the leading contenders in Tuesday's announcement of the final nominees for the ninth annual CMT Music Awards, she faces a fierce fight with Carrie Underwood.

Taylor Swift landed three nominations, including bids for video of the year and female video for "You Belong to Me." The teen singing sensation took home these awards last year for "Love Story" and in 2008 for "Our Song." Swift's third bid this year is in the collaborative video category for her duet with Kellie Pickler on "Best Days of Your Life." 

Carrie Underwood's video for "Cowboy Casanova" is up for both the top award and female video while her rendition of "Temporary Home" on the CMT show "Invitation Only" is nominated for the performance prize. Three years ago, Underwood won both video of the year and female video for "Before He Cheats."

Taylor Swift is the only woman to win video of the year twice and is tied with Keith Urban ("Better Life," 2006; "Days Go By," 2005) and Toby Keith ("American Soldier," 2004; "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," 2003), both of whom are back in that race this year. Urban contends with "Til Summer Comes Around" while Keith vies with "American Ride."

Two other acts — Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum — scored three nominations apiece, including bids for video of the year for "The Truth" and "Need You Now" as well as in the male and group video categories, respectively. While Alden and Bryan Adams were nominated for their collaborative video for "Heaven," Lady Antebellum picked up a performance nom for its rendition of "Lookin' for a Good Time" on last year's kudocast.

Brad Paisley is back in the hunt for his first video of the year win with a bid for "Welcome to the Future." Last year, Paisley was the big winner at the CMT Awards, taking home his first male video award ("Waiting on a Woman") plus laurels in two other categories: collaborative video ("Start a Band" with Keith Urban) and performance of the year ("Country Boy" with Alan Jackson, George Strait and Dierks Bentley). He sang "Then" on last year's show and reaped a performance bid for that this year.

The first round of nominations was announced on April 7 and fans voted online till May 3 to determine the nominees in eight of the nine categories. Now they have till June 8 to vote for their favorites to win.

Voting for video of the year is different. There are 10 semifinalists, which will be cut down to a final five that will be revealed at the start of the award ceremony, airing live June 9 on CMT from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. The winner of the top prize will be determined by votes cast online and via text-message during the ceremony.

Photo: Taylor Swift performing on the 8th annual CMT Awards. Credit: CMT.

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i like taylor swift but isnt she more on the pop side?

haha taylor swift shut out again yes yes yes!!! go carrie underwood!!!!

i want miranda lambert to win

first of all, taylor's sweet and lovable and down to earth and talented as a songwriter
2nd of all, truthfully speaking taylor can't sing...if singing out of tune is singing.. well... um what can I say? I always thought one of the basic criteria to singing was to be able to sing in tune and not be "sick" all the time.
3. Kanye really was the one who boosted her sales up. Until then-not a lot of people even knew her and she wasn't really winning any major awards until then.
4. Yes it's high school stuff and I can appreciate her writing them but sometimes the issues are all overworked. She needs to learn to get over them and how to get past it. It's fine to write about it but it's not healthy just to vent -vent-vent about it. Write about how you can heal.
Also-just as a side note: Rimes was only 14 when she was as big as taylor and she made her marks by singing essentially adult music. Plus-a lot of taylor's success has been because of her remixing into pop for it to become mainstream. Can I also add how difficult it is for a female to dominate the country charts as Carrie Underwood has with 12 number 1 singles? Country music is a male driven genre and the radios are dominated by males. (you can look at the charts if you don't believe me). To add on to what I was saying about taylor's pop success-just look at "fifteen", and "fearless". Both have done much better when released to the pop charts unlike country where they both stalled and hardly reached the top 10 or 20. Carrie Underwood is probably one of the most underrated artists out there. she deserves these awards and so much more. She has the talent for writing substantial/deep songs, the stage presence, creativity, versatility, and most importantly the most amazing voice EVER! Dolly and Reba has both said that carrie is the "country queen" now. And they are so proud of Carrie and willing to "hang up their crowns". Who's going to contradict them? I challenge you to. :P

I hope taylor wins, but I would understand if she didnt...I mean, her material is two years old, and when her new album comes ou she will win plenty more awards. and just because taylor haters are ever present in these articles I'd like to say, 1: Taylor can sing 2: she dosnt just get awards due to Kanye 3: She does sing country (pop-country still counts) 4: she is not industry made 5: Her music awesome. Also for those who complain about the high school and boys thing, keep in mind she wrote both of her albums in high school (kinda makes sense and its not a fair criticism), and love is one of the most common topics of all time and if taylor is going to write about love boys kinda comes along with that. Also I would like to point out that FEARLESS has sold over 7 million copies and 6 million of that was sold in the US. Taylor is awesome and if some people cant see that....then thats their loss.

Taylor isn't the Queen of Country Music.....she's the "Goddess" of Country Music. Taylor will single handedly save both country music and maybe the music business in general. She writes great songs....songs we haven't heard since James Taylor, Karen Carpenter, and Elton John's hey day. She sings with style and feeling that is very rare. And on top of all of her technical and intellectual skill and talent, she is a beautiful person inside and out. Taylor, our "Goddess", will dominate the charts and are hearts for many many more years.

I love Taylor Swift I think your awesome TAYLOR you dont know what i would do to say ''hi'' to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift, Queen of Country Music? You forgot the punch line to the joke silly!!!

In all reality, how is it possible to determine the 'queen of country'? To me a queen should be a veteran of the genre who is still relevant and popular today. Having said that, I think Reba is country music's queen. Within country music, I must say Carrie Underwood is much bigger and better than Taylor Swift. Taylor may be the bigger pop star, but COUNTRY music fans proved, a month ago, that Carrie is still the poplular choice over Taylor within Country music. I believe Carrie will re-claim her reign at the CMT awards this year. Keep in mind, she's won it before!

BTW: I thought you had to be able to sing to be considered a Country Artist??? Never mind the queen of the genre!!!


Taylor Swift And Carrie Underwood are both Great singers and they are both the most beautiful Female Counry Singers Out There

I sincerely hope that Taylor Swift gets totally shut out of the CMT awards just like she did the ACM awards. She already has brough discredit to these awards by being given awards that there ain't no way in hell that she deserves. Giving this girl any kind of a vocal award is like giving Obama a Noble Peace Prize...a sham.

Oh, and Feliia234 - Are you insane? Carrie still has more Grammys than Taylor (5 to her, 7 if you count Country Song of the Year). So what if Carrie hasn't been nominated for Best Country Album? It doesn't make a difference.

Carrie's album, "Some Hearts", is 7x Platinum, and still selling thousands every week.

And how do Carrie Underwood fans cheat on fan-voted awards? We vote, and we wait for the ceremony. You can stop making up excuses to try and figure out a way to make Taylor seem like the best, when we all know the truth and know that she's nothing but a second-rate amateur compared to every other artist out there.

Taylor Swift winning any award is only thanks to that moron Kanye West. Carrie Underwood is a singer. Taylor Swift is a zit.

I love Taylor Swift, I really do, she talented and seems all-around sweet and down to earth. But I feel that it's unfair to nominate this girl for these awards, unfair to other performers who have their stuff out there for what maybe a year maximum, in most cases. Does anyone remember that her album 'Fearless'. the Platinum Edition is over six months old F.Y.I, came out in 2008 and her singles such as 'Love Story' and 'You Belong Me' are least a year old, no older than that because 'You belong With Me" was released in April 2009 and 'Love Story' end of 2008. As much as I love Taylor, I feel it's important to be fair, yes her singles are still being played on T.V. and radio, but damn is fair to nominate her for such an award when ,other artists are bringing newer material to the table and she is singing her 2 year old songs? No it isn't.

Uh in no way is Taylor Swift the "Queen of Country Music"...that would be CARRIE UNDERWOOD 2-time and reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year, the only woman in country music HISTORY to win the award twice. ACM voters got it right by recognizing Underwood and Miranda Lambert who are really COUNTRY singers not pop. The CMA's and Grammys were a joke, after that god awful Grammys performance the music industry finally realized the Taylor Swift is a big media phoney, she can't sing worth a dime, and is basically a studio production. Plus, Taylor was so desperate to win the EOTY award that she BEGGED her fans to vote for her, how classless. None of the other EOTY nominees asked their fans to vote for them, leave that to the label to promote, but they all said themselves they don't think it means the same when you outright ask people to vote for you. Like Brad Paisley said, if the fans loved your show and feel like voting thank you. Or, Carrie said, she's not going to tell people what to do, if you want to vote, VOTE but vote for who you want not just because someone told you to. So, sorry Taylor even your desperate twitter posts, youtube videos, and facebook messages DURING THE SHOW will not get enough people to vote for you. Also, most of these "taylor fans" are mainstream pop lovers, that's why they didn't vote for her, they don't even know what the CMA's, ACM's or CMT awards are. There's a message right there, if you have to ask people who don't even know what country music is to vote for you, it's kind of dishonest. Will be glad to see her shut out again just like the ACM's. Bye bye "got my heart broken by this boy" "fairytale" singer, grow up and sing about things that matter like world issues and life rather than high school crap.

Taylor is a fantastic song writer and she sings with style and feeling that communicates to the listener in a special way. On top of that technical and emotional brilliance Taylor is beautiful inside and out. She deserves every award she has won and she will win many many more.

See this IS the major problem....article's such as this declaring Taylor as the "reigning Country Queen" is such false hype! Who the heck are you to write and print such nonsense? The media has created Taylor's "star power" image.
For goodness sake her live performances are notoriously awful. Her last attempt to perform live at the ACM awards required her to have a college choral group to help drown out her flat, out of tune vocals.
Writers,media,and radio can continue to lavish false praise if the want, but, the general public has ears and will not continue to be forced to believe such garbage.
My wish is that Taylor would use the millions she has earned and invest her money and time into taking some much needed singing lessons!

-Taylor is not queen of country music and cannot sing a tune so all you viewers must
need hearing aids so you can hear how bad she is singing. I am a Carrie Underwood and didn't cheat while voting and she deserves this more then taylor anyday.

carrie all the way!!!

There is no question as the the queen of country music and that is Carrie Underwood. Taylor Swift has more success on the pop scene right now than in country music.

Lets not forget who won the biggest award of the night at the 2010 ACM awards and that was Carrie Underwood as Entertainer of the Year!

I seem to remember Taylor Swift getting shut out of all the major awards!

Queen of Country? seriously? lol..

I think Carrie will win the events category with Temporary Home, LA and Paisley and Currington should win. I sincerely hope Pickler wins for collaboration. I loved that song and the video was hilarious as it depicts her exboyfriends cheating and having to marry the girlfriend. Those granny panties cracked me up! Maybe Swifts 15 min of fame are waning as she was shutout at the ACMS. I think everyone had voter regret that gave her all the false wins in the CMAs. For the poster referring to the Grammy show, thats when reporters/fans started finally posting that Swift can't sing. Was about time!

I'd say Taylor is the reigning Queen of Country music. Not only that, she's currently the top country artist. She won Grammys in 2010 for Country Album, Song and Vocal Performance if that's not reigning top act in country music plus she's currently on a 6 times platinum album, no country album comes close to that. She's the top by far. That being said, I don't know if she will win because I think Underwood fans have found a way to cheat on fan voted awards so Carrie might pull it off but she will never match what Taylor did at the 2010 grammy awards. She's yet to even be nominated for Country album at the grammy awards let alone win it.

With all due respect to the writer of this article...
How the heck is Taylor Swift a freakin' Country Queen?
Dolly is the Queen of Country. Following in her footsteps are Reba, then Martina, then Carrie, and then Miranda. Taylor will never, ever have that reign. One needs a legitimate set of vocals to be a royalty to a genre of music, which is a vital spark that Swift lacks.

As for the CMT's, I'm thinkin' this ceremony will be a Carrie-Lady A-Keith shutout. Carrie will take CMT Performance & Female Video, Lady A will take Group Video and Video of the Year, and Keith will take Male Video.

Go Carrie Underwood! Her video and song are much better then that tween bubble gum pop rubbish Taylor tries to sell as country. I am sick of everything about Taylor Swift, especially her offkey singing. I hope the voters get it right this year, but unfortunately, Taylor's tween army votes for hours with fake email accounts as they do not check the IP addresses like the ACMs did (thank God). Cheating in fan voted awards is lame, but how can you beat millions of 13 year olds with all the time in the world to create hundreds of fake accounts to vote for Taylor? When they go by IP address, like the ACMS, Carrie wins.




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