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Daytime Emmy nominations snub Anthony Geary and (oh, no!) poor Betty White

May 12, 2010 |  9:48 am

The soap operas leading the Daytime Emmy nominations are "General Hospital" (18) and "The Young and the Restless" (16). Also up for best drama series: "All My Children" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." "Glaring omissions," according to Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada: "One Life to Live" and "Days of Our Lives."

Daytime Emmy nominations

Major snubs are the big story. Among stars who failed to reap bids are some past Daytime Emmy super-champs like Anthony Geary of "General Hospital," who holds the record for most victories among lead actors (six), five-time winner David Canary of "All My Children" and four-time victor Susan Flannery of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Four-time winner Ellen DeGeneres isn't nominated for best TV talk-show host, but that's because the four-time past champ withdrew her name from competition this year. DeGeneres' self-titled talk show was entered in the program race and did receive a bid.

Oh, yeah, and Susan Lucci ("All My Children") wasn't nominated either, but that's become routine in recent years. Three-time champ Christian LeBlanc ("The Young and the Restless") didn't make the cut either, but he didn't submit his name for competition.

It's shocking that Betty White wasn't nominated for one of the most prominent story lines in soaps over the last year. She portrayed the nasty mother of Stephanie (Susan Flannery) on "The Bold and the Beautiful," who ultimately died in her daughter's arms. Given her recent success hosting "Saturday Night Live," there's been a strong push for White to emcee the Daytime Emmy ceremony to be aired on June 27 by CBS. Now that seems unlikely.

However, the current crop of Daytime Emmy nominations does welcome lots of newcomers, including "The Dr. Oz Show" (best talk show) and Bonnie Hunt (talk show host).

See a full list of nominees here. Below are some sample views of our forum posters. See more here.

BC: No East Coast soaps (although "AMC" is nominated for last year, which was produced in NYC). For the first time in seven years, we'll have a new winner for lead actor … "GH" will win Series for sure.

Addie Love: Lead actress: Love all the nominations. Glad to see Cooper and Flannery left. I think Maura West will take it.

jurisdoctor07: These Emmys are random. "Wheel of Fortune" gets shut out year after year, and now it suddenly has four nominations?

Allan: Biggest disappointment: "Days of Our Lives" should be best show in a landslide and its failure to garner a series nod is disgraceful.

EmmyLoser: These nominations are certainly off, but not terrible. As a longtime "Days" fan, their snub doesn't shock me, though it is sad after a year when it was clearly the best soap and submitted a strong reel. (Maybe voters were turned off by the tape about a dead baby?)

doul15: The only reason I was going to watch was to see Betty win, but now there's no point. No wonder no one watches this anymore. They need to overhaul these awards, especially after "Days'" snub.

Photo: National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

NOTE: An earlier version of this article mistakenly reported that Ellen DeGeneres was snubbed in the race for best talk host. She did not enter her name for consideration. The correction has been made.

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I will never ever watch the daytime emmy awards I am so tried of the emmys leaving days of our lives out you didnt see any of them from days except bo and viv on days and they shouldnt have even bothered being on stage because it wasnt even about their show how terrible the daytime shine days of our lives yea they had 5 nom but not to even show the or had them win on anything never again will i be so disappoint in the emmys poor poor days so unfair that soap is the best and I will only watch days that's it I had it and everyone I talk to feels the same way

So happy with these nominations. I'm hoping Y&R wins Best Drama, it may have its issues but out of all the nominations for Best Drama, Y&R submitted a pretty good tape!!!! Can't leave out B&B either. There's a chance they may win again and if so then good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to split hairs, but Anthony Geary does not "hold" the record for the most wins by an actor. He is tied with Erika Slezak from OLTL who also has 6 wins under her belt.

Anthony didn't carry a story line worthy of nomination this year, though i am usually pushing for him to win when he does.

I am hoping this year above all else, that Bonnie Hunt DOES win. It was a crying shame that her show was canceled. will be sorely missed.

What I saw of Bonnie Hunt's talk show I liked. I thought I read that it had been cancelled. If that's the unfortunate case, winning the daytime Emmy would truly be justice. As for Betty White, she won a daytime Emmy(in 1981, IIRC, for the game show "Just Men", which she emceed). Maybe she should consider hosting a talk show...she could bring seven decades of experience in TV to the job.

Miss Lucci wasn't prenominated so her not getting nominated is hardly a shock.

Thank you Jessica and Charles for pointing out the obvious. Anthony Geary was on vacation half the dang year and Kish were a HUGE story on OLTL. Why weren't they nominated?

ATWT should NOT get the sympathy vote. If that was the case GL would've gotten a better showing. In my opinion all those actors should be nominated having to put up with the below subpar writing.

It's funny Cisco because when DOOL is good they are good. And lately they have been great especially Bo and Hope. They CONSTANTLY get "snubbed." And for years B&B was in the same boat as DOOL till they got recognition last year.

With B&B hello Kathryn Kelly Lang. That poor woman never gets recognized. My point is Anthony Geary is the LEAST of our worries.

One Life to Live should have been nominated,,, the storylines have been so real and mirror lives in 2010. The soap shows relationship up and downs and true emotional storylines....not just unrealistic gangster shooting and outlandish unbelievable scenes, The young talented actress that plays Gigi should have been nominated. She has proven her wide range of skills previously playing the personable Mimi on Days of Our Lives and now as Gigi.

Only in America can a story start with "Daytime Emmy nominations snub SIX-TIME EMMY WINNER Anthony Geary" hahaha UM does he need a seventh or MAYBE others need a chance. I'm sure his material was good last year but SNUB? Come on.

Beth Chamberlain HAS been snubbed. Anyone recall her dual roles of "Beth/Lorelei?" The main story should be she FINALLY gets a nomination. 2010 snub of all time was Betty White. She played a vicious mother. Sweet Betty. Um hello! How can she win Primetime Emmys left and right and not get nominated for an uncharacteristic role for a Daytime Emmy? THATS a snub not a 6 time Emmy Winner LOL Sorry Anthony Geary fans.

Sorry, but IMO Tony did not do anything worthy of an Emmy nom. GH may have had a good storyline for the Carnival, but the rest of the year was horrible. GH does not deserve an Emmy nom for best series.

Well GH is just plain awful anyways...Shame that DOOL is snubbed again for Daytime Drama...and especially ATWT which is going off the air in Sept. Well the only dramas worth rooting for here is B&B or AMC. Y&R is boring and soooo slow!

I can't believe that neither Scott Evans nor Brett Claywell were not nominated for their roles as Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis, respectively, on "One Life to Live". Their performances were truly a stand out of this slim slim season of exceptional performances. I only hope that they get recognized later down the road for other great performances that I'm sure they will give.

But in the mean time, they nominate the guy who plays Schuyler Joplin? If I were smoking pot right now, this would be a lot easier to digest.



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