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Showtime to Emmy voters: Wake up and smell the coffee — choose 'Dexter'!

May 9, 2010 |  7:42 am

Dexter Emmys Showtime TV news

Showtime has a piping-hot new way to reach Emmy voters. The channel has partnered with more than 40 L.A. cafes, which are serving coffee in cardboard sleeves reading, "Consider Them: Michael C. Hall, John Lithgow / "Dexter" / Emmy 2010." 

Only Hall's face can be seen on the sleeve when it's at room temperature, but Lithgow's sinister visage peeks through when the sleeve is wrapped around hot coffee. Both portrayed dueling serial killers who slayed Golden Globe voters back in January with wins as best lead and supporting drama actors. Hall also won the SAG Award.

Hall has been nominated twice at the Emmys for best lead actor, and the program has reaped two bids for best drama series, but "Dexter" hasn't yet won in a major category. No doubt both will be nommed again this year, along with Lithgow, who is a longtime Emmy darling, with four past wins.

Photos: Tom O'Neil

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