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Jimmy Fallon to host Emmys, edging out Justin Timberlake

May 4, 2010 | 10:19 am

Now that Jimmy Fallon has Conan O'Brien's old TV time slot, he has O'Brien's old part-time job too. NBC just announced that Fallon will host the Emmy Awards ceremony.

Jimmy Fallon Emmy Emmys host TV news

NBC will telecast the show on Aug. 29, so that means an NBC star must emcee. O'Brien did the honors successfully the last two times the peacock web aired the Emmys (2006, 2002). It was unlikely that the network would choose Jay Leno instead this time, considering his recent fiasco in prime time. NBC has been pushing "Parks & Recreation" aggressively, so there was speculation Amy Poehler might prevail, but that was scuttled when the telecast was moved from September to August, precisely when Poehler is due to have a baby.

Gold Derby has learned exclusively that the TV academy also seriously considered the team of Andy Samberg (who's hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2009) and Justin Timberlake, who won an Emmy together in 2008 for their "Saturday Night Live" song "… in a Box." They were also nominated last year for their "Motherlover" tune. Timberlake was also considered as a solo emcee of the upcoming awardscast since he won an Emmy as best guest comedy actor last year for hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Last year "The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience"  won an Emmys for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media - Nonfiction. Watch the webcam chat we conducted last year with Fallon about his delicate Emmy fate.

Photo: NBC

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jt rocked the espy's, emmy's loss.

Justin is an awards show whore/ Ryan Seacrest, ya know....He's soooooo boys band awful, sooo 5 years ago...Get some real talent like Betty White for BeJeezer's sake!

wow, Timberlake has become a media whore. Wasnt he a lion tamer or umm SINGER??? IN A FORMER LIFE? Cant remember, it's been so long

Good catch re guest/supporting re Justin. TX. Cx made.

Timberlake won Guest Actor in a Comedy, not Supporting Actor (Jon Cryer won that).

Fallon over Timberlake?? Sure, Fallon may have the pedigree, but in the end, Timberlake is a far more interesting entertainer.

I have faith that Jimmy will do a great job. It is he who single-handedly brought Saved by the Bell back into the spotlight and made it cool again, and for that I will be forever grateful :)

Justing Timberlake won Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, not Supporting.

I like Jimmy but as hugely popular as Timberlake is, not to mention funny, they should have went with him. I never laughed so hard as when he hosted the Espy Awards.

This jimmy (fallon) is not funny at all.
(even in SNL)His show is boderline boring.

The other jimmy (kimmel) on the other channel is a much better host.

You're right, May. TX. I've fixed the text.

this is snooze fest in the making

Jimmy Fallon and his writers won a Primetime Emmy in 2009 - "Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - Nonfiction" for For "The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience" (

Too bad, can't stand Fallon, I don't think he's funny at all. Timberlake would have gotten a lot more viewers I think.

Fallon or Timberlake? must be a slow year. no one cares about those bums.



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