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MTV Movie Awards smackdown: 'Twilight' moonies versus 'Avatar' geeks! Will universe perish?

May 12, 2010 |  4:36 pm
Twilight New Moon Avatar MTV Movie Awards nominations

The cast of "The Hangover" shouldn't bother guzzling too much Champagne to celebrate leading with the most MTV Movie Award nominations (six). "Twilight: New Moon" may have merely earned five, but that's exactly how many MTV trophies the original "Twilight" claimed last year. Clearly, voters love blood guzzlers.

Last year at the MTV Movie Awards, "Twilight" won best film, best fight (Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson), kiss (Kristen Stewart, Pattinson), female performance (Stewart) and breakthrough male performance (Pattinson). It suffered only two defeats. Taylor Lautner lost best breakthrough male (to costar Pattinson — only one could win the category) and best song ("Decode" lost to "The Climb" from "Hannah Montana: The Movie").

Just because "Twilight" won best film last year doesn't mean "New Moon" is ill-starred. All three installments of "Lord of the Rings" won the same crown from 2002 to 2004.

But the romp by "Rings" does suggest that a movie other than "The Hangover" might have a shot at besting "Twilight: New Moon." That's "Avatar, which, just like "Rings," was a fantasy blockbuster that broke box-office records. Or, rather, "Avatar" is sci-fi, that is, a genre voters preferred when picking past best films "Transformers" and "The Matrix."

Because winners are decided by Web-based votes, that sets up a fierce cyber war between "Twilight" and "Avatar" fanatics. Everybody, duck!

Check out all nominations here and cast your ballot. See our forum posters' reactions to the nominations here.

Photos: "Twilight: New Moon" (Summit), "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)

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Pretty sure New Moon has nothing to fear. I know Avatar broke records but THEIR FANS ARE NOTHING CLOSE TO THE OBSESSION Twilight fans have with their movies and books TRUST ME I KNOW. SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK Avatar is even close to that.
Avatar is like a Dark Knight great movie but not that dedicated fan base that will vote for hours you should be talking about Harry Potter they have a bigger more dedicated fan base then your Avatar.

THOSE IRRELEANT MTV AWARDS...this year Lady GaGa will descend upon Eminem half naked and he'll get p.o-ed and storm out...and everyone will say that was riveting....while Britney performs another dance number so badly while lip-synching and nobody really gives a hoot because Adam Lambert is making out with Justin Timberlake or is it Ryan Seacrest...



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