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New York City Filmmaker's Festival launches June 3

May 28, 2010 |  9:51 am

The award to be bestowed to the best film at the New York City Filmmaker's Festival says a lot about the brand-new fest, which takes place June 3-6. In addition to receiving a certificate of achievement, the champ will reap a bonus prize. "The winner gets one hour in a remote-pilot helicopter so they can shoot great aerial shots," says fest director Darren Levine.

New York City Filmmakers's Festival

Levine launched the festival in order to give emerging filmmakers a new showcase in the world's media capital. Thirty-two flicks, varying in length between two and 90 minutes (most are 10 to 20 minutes long), will be shown over several days in two-hour blocks at Scandinavia House at 58 Park Ave., located just south of Grand Central Station. Here's the full rundown. In order to see info on each film, grab the top- or bottom-right corner of the program guide featured on the fest's home page and turn it like you would the page of a book.

One of the shortest films is "Ninja Sex Party," a two-minute music video. One of the longest: "Thicker Than Water," about a man forced to confront his past as a noted street thug. Other attractions: a documentary on Cesar Chavez and, one of Levine's favorites, "In the Key of D," a 20-minute tale of a boy who learns how to use his piano-playing skills to lure loved ones to return to him.

Awards will be bestowed June 6.

(The New York City Filmmaker's Festival is not associated with the New York Film Festival.)

Photo: New York City Filmmaker's Festival

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