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Emmy race for best TV movie: Top contenders

May 26, 2010 |  9:33 am

HBO has had a stranglehold on this category over the last 17 years, winning 15 times, including the last six contests in a row. Now it competes with more entries than there are slots in the category: "A Dog Year," "Einstein & Eddington," "A Number," "The Special Relationship," Temple Grandin" and "You Don't Know Jack." Nominations will be announced on July 8, winners on Aug. 29.

The Special Relationship hbo

"A Dog Year" (HBO)
"Georgia O'Keefe" (Lifetime)
"The Special Relationship" (HBO)
"Temple Grandin" (HBO)
"When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story" (Hallmark Hall of Fame production / CBS)
"You Don't Know Jack" (HBO)

"Amish Grace" (Lifetime Movie Network)
"Diary of Anne Frank" (PBS)
"Einstein & Eddington" (HBO)
"Endgame" ("Masterpiece," PBS)
"Jesse Stone: No Remorse" (CBS)
"A Number" (HBO)
"Who Is Clark Rockefeller?" (Lifetime)

Photo: Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair in "The Special Relationship." (HBO)


Emmy battle for best miniseries: 'The Pacific' and ...?

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Hey Tom, I totally agree with your picks of "Temple Grandin" and "You Don't Know Jack" great movies, but " A Dog Year?" are you crazy? The movie was shot 4 years ago as a theatrical feature, and never released. HBO premiered it on a Thursday night at 8pm, which it generally fills with reruns of “Entourage." Doesn't that tell you something?... I like Jeff Bridges just as much as everybody in Hollywood but not in this dog of a movie...sorry but not Emmy worthy. Also can't agree with your choice of "Georgia O'Keefe" (Lifetime) -it was like watching paint dry! Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons had NO chemistry/passion at all. From your possible list- "Amish Grace" and "Endgame" should move on to your Best list.



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