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Will 'Amazing Race' continue winning streak with Emmys?

May 10, 2010 | 12:39 pm

The Amazing Race Pious Phil Keoghan "The Amazing Race" wrapped up its 16th installment Sunday night with the kind of nail-biting finish that has won it seven consecutive Emmy Awards for best reality competition series.

Battling brothers Jordan and Dan Pious crossed the finish line first to win the $1-million prize. At the final roadblock in San Francisco, the pair was  quick to piece together a puzzle about memorable events over the first 11 legs of this race around the world. Their success left fan favorites cowboy brothers Jet and Cord McCoy in second place while one-time beauty queen and viral video sensation Caite Upton and her model beau Brent Horne had to settle for third spot.

The show chronicling a race around the world has never lost its Emmy category since it was created in 2003. That winning streak has soured two of its competitors. At last year's Emmys, "Survivor" star Jeff Probst won best reality TV host for the second year in a row over, among others, "Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan. Probst told reporters backstage he thought, "Maybe 'Amazing Race' should do what Oprah did and pull itself out of competition." Moments later "Amazing Race" producer Bert Van Munster was asked by reporters if he'd do just that. He replied, "I'm going to discuss it with my committee here, but it's unlikely," adding "It was very intimidating to win for the seventh time."

And last month, Donald Trump spoke of his determination to avenge his Emmy losses for "The Apprentice" (2004, 2005) with a win this year for the third season of the celebrity version of the show. He told Randee Dawn of the Hollywood Reporter that the Emmys have "lost credibility. Instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick 'Amazing Race.' It's a very sad commentary." However, as Randee reported, "Perhaps Trump is sore over what happened in 2004, the first year that 'Apprentice' and 'Race' faced off. Ever assured, Trump recalls he was halfway out of his seat when the Emmy presenter began announcing 'Race' as the winner. 'I was standing up to go down there and pick up the Emmy,' he says. 'Incredible. It's a joke. If the Emmys want their ratings back, they have to pick shows that deserve it.'"

Despite these protestations, "The Amazing Race" continues to generate good ratings and great buzz. Our forum posters were quick to pipe in with their thoughts on Sunday's results. Said MarkPGH, "I wanted the Cowboys to win, and i would have been happy for Dan and Jordan had they not acted like 2 year olds and went ahead of the Cowboys at the airport counter." For Seanflynn, "the tasks were terrific - the ILM stuff was fun. The brothers moving up to 1st class was the key - it could have given them a 10-15 minute leg up out of the plane, and even more possibly when they got up to customs." While GH thought this to be, "a totally a fine ending to the show with a strong slate of tasks as well as opposed to last year's finale," BrandoObsession said, "this was a bit of an underwhelming finale for me; the Coit Tower challenge was pretty epic, but the rest (especially the virtual reality thing) was rather silly to me and I was hoping for something on a grander scale."

Photo: Jordan and Dan Pious celebrate their "Amazing Race" win with host Phil Keoghan. Credit: CBS

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