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Carrie Underwood crushes Taylor Swift in talent poll

June 18, 2010 | 12:50 pm

Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood CMA AwardsSince Carrie Underwood trounced Taylor Swift at last week's CMT Music Awards, there has been a heated debate among our readers as to who is the better singer.

Almost 10,000 people voted in a poll asking which of these two songbirds was the biggest talent. Carrie Underwood was the clear winner, taking 63% of the vote. Taylor Swift ran a distant second at 30%, with 5% of readers unable to choose between the two and 2% opting for another singer as their favorite.

As comments on this post topped 250, the following are just a small sample:

kb:The key word here is 'talent' and that's where Carrie Underwood is the winner, hands down! Taylor Swift shouldn't even be mentioned with the word 'talent' in the same sentence. Has anyone besides me ever even listened to her weak, screeching voice? Like fingernails on a chalkboard! UGH!!

nicole: They're both great. But Taylor has it all. She's much younger than Carrie and she can actually right her own songs. Yeah, she's not the best singer, but she's the most emotional singer. And Taylor Swift is the only person I know who would have a 13 hour meet and greet. She cares for her fans MUCH more than Carrie. MUCH more.

Katie: Taylor is not in Carrie's league, vocally. No competition. The fact that Taylor wins Vocalist awards is maddening.

g jenkins: Taylor has it all. She can write, sing and show a purity to her being. She gives evenyone a sence of what a true sweetheart is! Not trashy......Taylor stay true to yourself as this will pay off in the long run.

Irene: Carrie by far. She is the real deal.she has a beautiful voice and very pretty. I would vote for her anytime. I think Reba is the queen and Carrie is the princess right now. Carrie will be queen.

matt: you cant compare the two, taylor is a great writer decent singer, carrie is a great singer decent writer, it just depends on what you look for, they are both great and you cant really say one is lesser

Terri: Neither one is qualified to be Queen of country--Taylor is so young & yes sings off key! None of the currently popular girls will EVER compare to Shania, Leeann or Faith. This is not a high School cheerleading contest. Country music has become very boring. And--George Strait is STILL the man!!!!

Photos: Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood at the 2009 CMA Awards. Credit: ABC

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carire underwood for sure!!! all the way!! taylor swif is decent but no match for the modern queen of country!!! :D

Carrie - 12 number 1's.
Taylor - 4 number 1's.
Carrie - Awards won 70 out of 118 Nominations.
Taylor - Awards won 62 out of 100 Nominations.

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Carrie Underwood crushes Taylor Swift in talent poll
June 18, 2010 | 12:50 pm

Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood CMA AwardsSince Carrie Underwood trounced Taylor Swift at last week's CMT Music Awards, there has been a heated debate among our readers as to who is the better singer.

Almost 10,000 people voted in a poll asking which of these two songbirds was the biggest talent. Carrie Underwood was the clear winner, taking 63% of the vote. Taylor Swift ran a distant second at 30%, with 5% of readers unable to choose between the two and 2% opting for another singer as their favorite.

Rachel: i respect carrie for sure don't get me wrong. i don't have a problem her starting in AI, it's just my honest opinion about it's much harder to compete in the real world than the reality show. all i am saying is i prefer artist who get their dream without any help of any shows. this doesn't mean i don't respect artist who came from reality shows. you know what i mean? and what i am trying to say with the whole there is no sure shot in success if you win AI because like i said the real competition is in the real world and those who have "talent" will remain relevant. and carrie stays cause she is relevant. you know what i'm going from????

i hope i clear things up for you :)

ugh, can't wait for taylor's 3rd record :)

Callie: Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Taylor, she's just not my cup of tea, as it seems Carrie isn't yours. I still respect her; she hasn't given me a reason not to. I don't have a problem with you not liking Carrie, everyone has their own taste in music, but I still don't understand why it seems you don't have respect for Carrie, just because she was on American Idol. They both started from nothing. Carrie started performing at church at 3, and was performing at whatever she could in OK by the time she was 6. The way her life turned out, she decided to go to college, and when she didn't have the money to showcase her talent, she took a door that opened for her. How does someone who works her entire life towards her dream, only to seemingly have it stop because of money, lose respect because she took an unconventional way into the industry. The greats like Reba, Vince Gill, Randy Travis, Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, etc have no problem with how she got to where she is. They have all said how much respect they have for her. To me, not having respect for her because she went on American Idol is like not having respect for someone who maybe did a little extra to get a job. They were in a competition, they decided to do something different and were rewarded for what they were able to do. I just don't understand how you don't have respect for Carrie, even though she and Taylor did the same things growing up trying to get noticed. So if I didn't respect Taylor because she had money, that would make sense right?

No. These two artists took different ways into the business, and they deserve all the respect in the world for being classy and down to earth, hard working women. Who cares where they came from? Look what they have been able to accomplish which many others haven't.

rachel: i respect your opinion cause it's a free world eh? i am not saying that AI isn't a ardous and tough competition cause it is and so much stress involved with it but you can't deny that the contestants get instant fame and exposure even if you do not win. i am not blaming her with the money issue and that's her choice to chase her dream but i said i am thankful that taylor didn't go to any reality shows to chase hers. i have so much respect for artist who started from nothing and working their way up on the industry , in case of taylor, she started singing at festivals then became a professional songwriter. also, i am sticking with my opinion about it's not a sure shot when you win AI you will last in the industry like fantasia, hicks and reuben. it's about talent and uniqueness of the artist to stay relevant. even if they don't win and get eliminated, if they have the talent and uniqueness they will last for sure.........

i went to carrie concert in grand rapids michigan last april and we got bored. i don't know. my girlfriends and i went and we leave cause she lacks something. we don't know maybe we can't relate to her and there's no spark in her or maybe it's just us...........

once again, i am not saying that carrie's songs are not lifechanging cause it was to you her fans and also respect us too that her songs made us a better person or aspire to be better person because of her and her songs.........

well, i'm 29 and i am pretty sure about that :)

Callie- I have a lot I would like to respond to you about. You said that it's not a sure shot that if you win American Idol you will have a career. But in your continuation post you said you would rather have Taylor start from nothing than get the instant fame from American Idol. You basically contradicted yourself. Carrie didn't have the money to try and get a record in college, so American Idol was her only chance. You can't blame her for not having enough money. She said that if AI didn't work out, she was going to have to continue with her journalism rather than what she really loved,singing. Again, AI is extremely hard. The Hollywood weeks are really hard to get through, because they have to cut down the hundreds of people to the top 24. They have to do group songs, individual, etc. It's a stressful process. Than to have to sing on tv infront of millions and millions of people, and judges who more often than not pick singers apart. These are people trying to get a contract who are thrust into the spotlight while they are trying to do all of this. If they have one even slightly off day, they could go home and never get a contract. But Taylor can sing terribly almost every performance and get a pass. No one who watches AI is obligated to buy music from the person they voted for. Just because I voted for someone doesn't mean I go out and buy their music now. AI just opens the door, they have to create their own following, just like having enough money to get demos and recordings, so don't hate on AI and the way people can get famous, because it's all them, not the tv. Carrie and her fellow artists don't have a problem with how she got here, she acknowledges it and appreciates it, so why does everyone else have a problem with it? And by the way, I went to a Taylor concert with friends (I'm 16) who were diehard fans. We almost left about halfway through because she sounded so bad. Even my friends who loved her so much wanted to leave. We stayed hoping it would get better; it didn't and none of us have any music of hers now. So don't say none of us who aren't fans have ever gone to concerts.

Carrie's music is lifechanging too. Her music helped me more than anyone could ever imagine. "Temporary Home," "So Small," Just a Dream," and so many others have helped out many people. My life honestly will never be the same because of her music. I like Carrie's songs, and the ones she cowrote, much better than any of Taylor's songs.

Carrie started from nothing too. She had her talent, that's all, and that's what took her all the way.

And I don't mean to be rude, but you don't sound like you're 29. Sorry.

and continuation: i'd rather taylor to start on nothing as a song-writer first then became a solo artist than getting the 'instant fame' from american idol :)

to taylorsucks: yeah we kept OMGing throughout the night because it was effing amazing, brilliantly done show (yes, it's not a concert, it's a show) :))))

to david: i am not saying that competition is not hard or i am against it. all i am saying is even if you don't win at american idol..if you have talent, uniqueness and determination will succeed in the industry example daughtry. and come to think of it, it's not a sure shot that if you win american idol you will have a longer career example fantasia, taylor hicks and reuben. well, im just saying here but that's the reality of it. they come and goes, only artist have some kind of uniqueness will stay.

to Callie. American Idol is one tough competition, and many people think it is an easy way out. Well it isn't. in fact, its really tough. you have to go step by step to win that title. Not everybody can win that title, and not many can make it to the hollywood rounds, top 24 and top 12. And everyday, judges would judge on your singing, which is very risky. There can be really good comments from the judges, and very bad ones. But i know this: Simon would have been arguing about Taylor being off key all the time.

Callie, maybe you didn't suffer, but i am sure you and many fans were "OMGing" Taylor's singing (live). ;)

to taylosucks: no i haven't suffered during her concerts. btw, her fearless concert is lifechanging and i'm not exaggerating :) even though she doesn't have any band, outfits and props, i'd still go to her concerts. her music is more important and her lyrics. :)
to katie ann: i accept the fact that no one can possibly won every award not even the greatest of them all. she writes or co-writes all of her songs okay. and the rest of your comment is immature :)
to peter: carrie came from american idol but taylor doesn't she started from nothing way up :)

to pricilla: yes she single-handedly sold out the gilette stadium okay last year when tickets went on sale the only opening acts are gloriana and kellie pickler then it sold out in 20 mins. months later like 2 weeks before the actual show taylor announces that justin will be there too so that means justin doesn't helped taylor on selling tickets okay. get you facts straight.
and on your comparing carrie and taylor on tickets sales, well, do some research first okay taylor also sold-out those venues if not all of her shows including the ones they extended. even the venues when she have 2nights there, she sold out there too.
well, im just saying :)

Neither!...Minnie Pearl had more talent than these two...har, har...stop this nonsense's stupid and tired...

guess what taylor does not wirte her own songs....Duh look at her cd she co-writes them with liz rose....i hate the fact that taylor fans can't accept the fact that she loses out sometimes. Shes not that great...personally i think she is a stalker ...driving around and watchig your ex boyfriends house's is not normal....Besides how many boyfriends can one girl have

Taylor is a tone deaf and i wonder why she even decided to become a singer.... Her POOR fans must have suffered during her concert... the only thing enteretaining there must be the outfits, music and materials used.

Oh, and Carrie Underwood has nearly sold out a stadium MUCH larger than the Gillette Stadium.

The Stadium of Fire event in Provo, Utah on July 3 is an annual event. For their 30th anniversary, they picked Carrie to be the major artist there. There is no other solo artist, duo, or band there. They have local acts there playing during the day at a separate events center, so don't try to go looking for a loophole to work around Carrie defeating Ms. Swift in this act.

The Lavell Edwards Stadium holds approximately 64,045 people. With the concert stage it holds approximately 50,430 people. Underwood only has 201 tickets left for sale at the events center, thus making it as though Carrie has sold a larger venue than Taylor. Thank you very much. Want some links or addition proof? I can get it to you quicker than a blink of an eye.

Sorry-- maybe you should do thorough and FAIR research, rather than giving the upperhand to your favorite without any discretion.

To It's funny how you pick the shows that Carrie DID NOT sell out to compare with Taylor's. Carrie's sold out the majority of her tour. I love it how you Swift fans decide to invalidly compare the two. If you're going to compare them, DO IT RIGHT.

Yes, Taylor's sold out large venues. That's because there's OTHER PEOPLE performing there. Do you honestly believe that she SINGLE-HANDEDLY sold out Gillette Stadium when her opening acts were Kellie Pickler and JUSTIN BIEBER? If she would be able to sell out a stadium with nearly-unheard of opening acts, then she'd be on the same level as U2, Kenny Chesney, and how Michael Jackson was. NO WAY in heck could she ever pull that off after only 3-4 years in the business. If she could do that, she'd be playing every baseball and football stadium in the world like those major artists that I listed. Justin Bieber fans had a HUGE factor in that. I can guarantee that. Ms. Swift cannot single-handedly sell out a stadium like that, so don't use that comparison against Carrie who's sold out the same arenas that Ms. Swift did, and BIGGER arenas.
Carrie and Taylor both played Birmingham, AL's BJCC Arena: Carrie sold it out, Taylor didn't.
Carrie and Taylor both played Lafayette, LA's Cajundome: Carrie sold it out, Taylor didn't.
Carrie and Taylor both played Ottowa, Canada's Scotiabank Place: Carrie sold it out, Taylor didn't. (Not exactly a fair comparison seeing as Carrie's engaged to Ottowa's Mike Fisher, but still.)
Carrie and Taylor both played Grand Rapids' Vandel Arena: Carrie sold out all 9,000, Taylor didn't.

Don't think Taylor is so fantastic for selling out places she didn't even do single-handedly like you made it sound. Oh, and use fair comparisons on both parts.

Jennifer: no there's no cheating. One day I went to bed too and Taylor was losing when I woke up she was neck to neck with carrie. I stay in Singapore which is in Asia, so there's a different time zone. Carrie just probably have more worldwide fans

@team, amanda and nuel: thanks for stating the fact :)
it's sad that people hate taylor so much and voted not because they prefer carrie but because of their hate. i'm prefer taylor more but that doesn't mean i have to bash carrie because i know both artist is talented and unique in their own way :) people underate songwriting so much, songwriting is a skill and talent it's either you have it or not. taylor not only writes the lyrics but the melody too, you people don't know how difficult just to write a song. her lyrics are true, genuine and honest and you feel things and find answers when you listen to taylor's songs (i know millions and millions of tay fans will back me up with this because she changed lives). that fact that she can write only by herself at her age is remarkable (yes, she have deep songs if you listen to her albums). on singing aspect: carrie is more superior than taylor and it's obvious. but that doesn't mean that she can't sing (so tired of hearing this maybe go to her concerts and see her live) as taylor said, she's more focused on songwriting and very important to her that she conveys her message and every detail well. so she doesn't or want to compete with carrie on who can hit the high note now. i mean for me, the message of the song and if it touches me matter the most.

and it all comes down to which 'we prefer most': and i prefer taylor more :)

29 yr old fan here! can't wait for the 3rd album taylor!!!!

All you guys saying Carrie fans "cheated" are just whiners. The world is not divided into Carrie fans and Taylor fans. There are other people too you know. People voted and they said Carrie was more talented, which is the truth. And just so you guys can sleep at night, most Carrie fans aren't even going to bother with the newest ridiculous poll the site has put up.

who cares? who are they anyway? Just American Idol cast-offs!

ok, first off, taylor fans, (jennifer) yea we are obsessed her losing to taylor bc there's no competition. thousands of people voted. taylor and carrie fans both voted and it just happened that carrie won. i like both but carrie has far better longevity. these are there strong pts from best to worst.
- voice


they're quite the same, but people look for a voice, plus taylor is only showing that she can write for the teeny boppers. so yea. don't go pointing fingers bc ur upset. just admit that they're both talented.

I agree with Team. A lot of people voted for Carrie because they Hate taylor, most of them don't even listen to Carrie. Ever since the Grammy, the Hatred for Taylor has been shocking. Both Girls are talented in their own way, Carrie is a great vocalist, infact one of the best in the industry. While taylor is the whole package, she is a singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Of course taylor won't make it to idol but neither will lady gaga, rihanna, bob dylan, and aerosmith. Does that mean Lady gaga and Bob dylan are not talented? People seem to underate songwriting. Carrie can never boost of single-handedly writing her songs. Carrie is more of a product because she started in a big label, management and hired grammy winners (kara Dioguardi) to write her songs. If you think a vocalist is more talented than a songwriter, then you have a problem.

Color me surprised. Carrie Underwood winning yet another MULTIPLE VOTE SPAM AWARD. Congrats Carrie.

Too bad she can't win where it counts.

Latest concert number comparison:

Taylor Swift -
Gillette Stadium 56,868 SELLOUT (June 5, 2010)
Air Canada Centre 30,458 SELLOUT (May 21, 2010)
Verizon Center 27,290 SELLOUT (June 1&2)
Toyota Center 23,293 SELLOUT (May 25 &26, 2010)
Tscotiabank Place 13,376 SELLOUT (May 20, 2010)

Carrie Underwood
1st Bank Cennter - 5,642 SELLOUT (June 3, 2010)
World Arena - 5,858 (Venue holds 6,075) NOT SOLD OUT (June 4, 2010)
Idaho Center - 6,881 SELLOUT (June 1, 2010)

Carrie Can't even sell to 7,000....honestly there is NO COMPARISON!

Taylor is CRUSHING Carrie where it counts and that's through her Album Numbers, Concert Numbers and forbes list (45 million vs. 13 million). This is getting pretty funny really, seeing Carrie constantly win SPAM VOTED awards when Taylor continues to outshine her where it counts! BTW Taylor just picked up the INDUSTRY VOTED Hal David Starlight Award for emerging SONGWRITERS. Carrie could NEVER win that unless it was SPAM voted. That awards has been previously presented to Alicia Keys, John Legend and Jason Marz just to name a few. So Carrie fans thinking Taylor has stopped winning, no she just stopped winning SPAM voted awards and really, when you reach Taylor's level, these types of awards awards mean NOTHING.

So, y'all just keep Spam voting Carrie and Taylor will continue to win it really counts.

If that isn't enough here are the most recent concert numbers of Taylor vs. Carrie it is not even CLOSE, Carrie is a peeweee in comparison. LOL

Taylor's numbers look like this 56,868,
Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana
Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, Mass.
56,868 /
1 /
$74.75, $59.75, $34.75
Kraft Entertainment/The Messina Group/AEG Live

Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, Ontario
May 21-22, 2010
30,458 /
2 /
$84.45, $75.01, $33.02
The Messina Group/AEG Live

Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana
Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.
June 1-2, 2010
27,290 /
2 /
$69.50, $59.50, $25
The Messina Group/AEG Live

Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana
Toyota Center
Houston, Texas
May 25-26, 2010
23,493 /
2 /
$59.50, $49.50, $25
The Messina Group/AEG Live

Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana
Scotiabank Place
Ottawa, Ontario
13,376 /
1 /
$66.44, $56.88, $33.46
The Messina Group/AEG Live

Carrie Underwood, Craig Morgan, Sons of Sylvia
1st Bank Center
Broomfield, Colo.
5,642 /
1 /
$55, $35
AEG Live

Carrie Underwood, Craig Morgan, Sons of Sylvia
World Arena
Colorado Springs, Colo.
5,858 /
1 /
$55, $35
AEG Live

Carrie Underwood, Craig Morgan, Sons of Sylvia
Idaho Center
Nampa, Idaho
6,881 /
1 /
$55, $35
AEG Live




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