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Carrie Underwood knocks Taylor Swift off pedestal at CMT Music Awards

June 10, 2010 |  7:19 am

Carrie Underwood CMT Music Awards Carrie Underwood showed Taylor Swift just who the real queen of country music is with her two big wins at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards. The one-time "American Idol" champ prevailed in another public vote as her video for "Cowboy Casanova" took the top award while her rendition of "Temporary Home" on the CMT show "Invitation Only" won the performance prize.

Taylor Swift went into the night with three nominations, including bids for video of the year and female video for "You Belong to Me." The teen singing sensation won both those awards last year for "Love Story" and in 2008 for "Our Song." Both Swift and Underwood lost the female video race to Miranda Lambert, who took home her first CMT award for "White Liar." Swift's third unsuccessful bid this year was in the collaborative video category for her duet with Kellie Pickler on "Best Days of Your Life." That award was won by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins ("Hillbilly Bone").

Three years ago, Carrie Underwood also won both video of the year and female video for "Before He Cheats."  In the nine years of these awards, four performers have now taken the top prize twice, with Keith Urban ("Better Life," 2006; "Days Go By," 2005) and Toby Keith ("American Soldier," 2004; "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," 2003) being the others. Urban won the male video award for the first time this year for "’Til Summer Comes Around" while Keith lost his top video bid for "American Ride."

Lady Antebellum won group video for the first time ("Need You Now") while the soon-to-split Brooks & Dunn won the duo video award for the first time since 2002 for "Indian Summer." Luke Bryan delivered the breakthrough video ("Do I") and helmer Shaun Silva won an award for his body of work.

Fans voted online to determine both the nominees and eventual winners in eight of the nine categories. Voting for video of the year was different. There were 10 semifinalists, which were cut down to a final five revealed at the start of the award ceremony which aired live on CMT from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. Votes cast online and via text-message during the kudocast gave Underwood the edge over Keith, Lady Antebellum, Lambert and Swift.

Photo: Carrie Underwood backstage at the ninth annual CMT Awards. Credit: CMT.

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on that las comment i meant won instead of one

You know what Julie! What you just said about Taylor shows YOUR lack of CLASS and MATURITY! I bet You're just jealous of her because when you were 16 you didnt have a top ten on country radio charts did you!!!!!!!! Ya thats right you didnt! and you also havn't EVER one BEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR either! And sure taylors songs are all written about boys and love and that may be a problem if they sucked!!! but guess what they are amazing and i bet youve never written a song as half as good as hers are!!!!TAYLOR SWIFT IS THE BEST CROSSOVER EVER THAT CAN WRITE HER OWN SONGS!!!!!!!NONE OF YOU NEGATIVE PEOPLE HAVE ANY ROOM TO TALK!!!!stop putting down people who are obviously more talented thatn you!!!And i am a taylortard as your rude self would put it and i LOVE country music and i watched the CMTS every YEAR!!!!!!!! BE NICE PEOPLE these people should be role models not people to judge and put down! both taylor and carrie play the "good Girl" role and have never done anything bad!!!!This is from a 13 year old girl by the way!!!! so u just got told off by an 8th grader!!!!

@ Sally, you know.. It's been a VERY LONG time and Taylor's songs ALL sound the same! In fact, ALL talk about the same things! Wow... isn't that just spectacular!! Oh yeah... funny, I seem to remember that Carrie's CC was the fastest #1 of her career. EVERYONE was requesting for it. But, what you said was true too.. Taylor's YBWM was a huge hit, BUT only on POP. The video was basically, what was the word you used.. oh yeah.. "UNNOTICED" in Country. This goes back to the fact that Taylor should just move to POP. Her loss at the CMT on further rectify that.

It was a fan-voted award show. No one is to blame EXCEPT taylor's "fans". WAIT, her "fans" are not fans of country music! Of course they won't be watching the CMTs.... duhhh. But then again, Taylor has been shamelessly begging for votes on her facebook, twitter, youtube and what not.. yet, she still lost. One has to wonder why, when the taylortards,themselves, have been proudly stating that Taylor has the supposedly "BIGGEST" fanbase. Oh well...

And one more thing, stop TRYING to start rumors when you have no basis. Just shows your lack of class and maturity... Then again, what else can you expect from a taylortard (even if you deny so).

To be fair, I am neither a Carrie Underwood or a Taylor Swift fan. However, I do believe Taylor should have won, not Carrie. Like Taylor or not, "You Belong With Me" was one of the biggest sensations of the year. Everyone from country to pop was covering it and it never seemed to leave CMT. "Cowboy Cassanova" went almost unnoticed. The only reason Carrie won is because she is currently active with a new release, whereas Taylor is in the "writing" stage. Had she just released a new single, chances are she would have won for sure. After awhile, all of Underwood's songs begin to have the same rhythm. Anyone notice Carrie is pregnant?

I love how the taylor fans are TRYING to sound as if they don't care that Carrie won, because they 'believe' that Taylor is still better.. HAHA.. You people make me laugh..

Kay, I totally agree with you. Carrie may have the stronger vocals, but big deal nothing exciting nor thrilling about her voice..She may have had a few good songs...I'll take Taylor any day over Carrie..Yes, Carrie is exactly in the right category where she belongs in country. There is no denying that Taylor Swifts "Love Story" video was far superior to Carrie's Cowboy Cassanova. Apparently she tried to copy Shania Twain in the video, but there is no way, she can compete with Shania's stage presence and talent... She wanted the award so desparately, I say Taylor let her have it already, if it adds another trophy to her collection....I think Taylor has deservely earned awards in all categories...She is lovely all around crossover talent who CAN write her own songs!...jmho..

Kay, I totally agree with you. Carrie may have the stronger vocals, but big deal nothing exciting nor thrilling about her voice..She may have had a few good songs...I'll take Taylor any day over Carrie..Yes, Carrie is exactly in the right category where she belongs in country. There is no denying that Taylor Swifts "Love Story" video was far superior to Carrie's Cowboy Cassanova. Apparently she tried to copy Shania Twain in the video, but there is no way, she can compete with Shania's stage presence and talent... She wanted the award so desparately, I say Taylor let her have it already, if it adds another trophy to her collection....I think Taylor has deservely earned awards in all categories...She is lovely all around crossover talent who CAN write her own songs!...jmho..

Carrie really blew the roof off at the CMTs last night....again!! Carrie's 2 wins signal that the Taylor hype-machine is coming to a deserved end. I am still reeling over Taylor's Grammy vocalist win over Carrie - wtf? That truly made the industry a joke.. but yes, like others below Carrie is a long term player, amazing entertainer, and has proven herself time and time again to be the most talent artist of her generation, maybe any generation? Her grace, beauty, talent, and humility will keep her star burning bright for decades to come.. as the tweens grow older and move onto the next teeny bop product, Carrie will be going strong for years to come. I have seen Carrie in concert several times, but was not preparedo for the fireworks on stage while singing UNDO IT.. wow, she really was in a different league than most that night, except Keith Urban. Let's also start acknowledging Carrie has co-written esentially her last 3-4 #1 songs, so she IS a talented writer along with Taylor, but the difference is (that few seems to realize) is that Carries' songs have so much more depth and emotional power than Taylors (So Small, Temporary Home).. I look forward to more incredible songs and amazing cds to come... congrats Carrie, you truly are the best !!

Let us remember which awards Carrie won, shall we? Her first was Performance of the Year, an award which she had hands down compared to Taylor (she wasn't even nominated). Yes, we all realize Taylor writes her own stuff, and we all appreciate her innocence and graciousness ... however, we must also acknowledge that LIVE her voice can't come close to matching Carrie's in strength, or consistency (Live performances are, after all, Carrie's "forte" since American Idol). Carrie's second award was Video of the Year. Again, Taylor's video was cute and romantic, but Carrie's was stronger, more current, and of a higher calibur overall. That said, had there been a song writing contest (and there wasn't), Taylor would have had my vote. I'll continue to buy both of their songs as long as they keep it up. Best of wishes to both of them! :)

Congratulations again, Carrie! You are a class act with an amazing God-given talent and a heart of gold. Your beauty shines from within and I am so glad I voted for you on AI because you are truly a talented young woman.

I am so sick of hearing Taylor Swifts songs on the radio! For anyone who can play her songs they are the same chords over and over and over again. All Taylor can sing about are boys! She is shallow and boring. GO CARRIE. Plus there are a ton of girls out in the world who can sing and play just like Taylor, plus write their own songs. Like Check out Liz Sandoval on youtube, she is totally unknown yet just as good!

Calling all Taylor fans you crack me up when you say Carrie dosen't put on a good show...when most of you have never been to her show...

i have been to Carrie's and Taylor's there both good...

SO glad Carrie won!
This awards show really proved that Carrie is on top, and forever will be. :)


-I am so glad that Carrie won the awards because she has a beautiful voice and nice
person. I met her at concert and what a
wonderful person she is. Fans finally got it right this time because Taylor is very overrated and cannot carry a tune.

I'm a pretty big Taylor Swift fan but I know that Carrie deserved the awards.
But, you have to think about it this way:Taylor writes almost all of her songs, Carrie on the other hand, only helps to write some of her songs.
Taylor also has some pretty good songs, even though almost all of them are about boys. Meaning for most girls around the age of 15 are going to relate to her.
Sure, Carrie Underwood has an AMAZING voice, she deserved the award, no question about it.
But, when you think about it neither of them really deserved the award because neither of them are REALLY country singers. Maybe some of their songs sound that way, but in reality they're mostly pop sounding. More so Taylor than Carrie.

Taylor is by FAR the biggest talent. When I heard Carrie won those awards I listened to Cowboy Cassanova for the first time and I was not impressed. Taylir could write better in her sleep. Im honest.

To: Scott on June 11th

You stated if we don't like Taylor Swift, we do not know Music. I probably know more about music than you do.

Miss Taylor is still living in her high school years, as that is what she writes about. Not much of a tune in any of her songs. Some of the lyrics are not bad, but she does not have the talent to sing them. Her voice is very flat and off key, and if it wasn't for the tecnical help on her CDs she would sound as bad as she does in person.

Her dad has boo coo money and bought her way and probably her trophies. there was a panel of judges (no fans) that gave her those awards, you know judges can be swayed by record companies and producers too. Taylor will never have the stage presense that Carrie has. She tries to look like a rocker by swinging her hair around, that's not what I would want as my signature. I have a feeling she will be gone soon and Carrie will still be going strong.

Carrie: her voice is FAR superior to Taylor's, which can not in anyway, shape, or form be credibly disputed.
Taylor: her songwriting skills are superior to Carrie's, however...these fairytale teeny bopper songs are excruciating, especially considering she is not a bad writer.

To those of you arguing about who is more country, neither of them are country in the slightest. "Play On" is undoubtably the least country album Carrie has ever could not even pretend "Undo It" or "Cowboy Casanova" are country songs. Taylor is of course one of the least country artists on the radio right now, and the pop remixes are offensive to country music.

Taylor's performance on the Grammys dug her grave. My prediction is this:
Taylor will continue to be a successful money-making machine. However, she will continue to be shut out of country music award shows. The kids and pop fans will always buy her records and she may even win more VMAs and Grammys. But I see little to no success at this year's CMAs, next year's ACM's, etc.
People are OVER the Kanye incident...she is not a child that needs to be coddled with undeserved awards.

To end this, I must say that Miranda Lambert can out-write Taylor anyday, and (this part is just my opinion), I would rather listen to Miranda sing then Carrie. I can't actually say she is a BETTER vocalist than Carrie...apples and oranges.
I don't even need to compare Miranda to Taylor...that would simply be insulting Miranda's incredible vocal ability.

Carrie deserves the win because it was a fan voted award to begin with. I find it quite strange that all of Taylor's fans are saying that Taylor should have won. Instead of talking the talk they should have been voting the vote.

Its sad and completely pathetic to the way people protect taylor like if she was a child when it comes down to it Carrie is the clear winner she has Talent, Looks and the Star Power everything Taylor lacks. And for all the taylor fans their is talent in the world but taylor fails to fit in to that title and that is a FACT not an opinion.

apples and oranges
both women are exceptional in their own right

well i think that miss taylor shou;d have won at least one award she works so hard at what she does and she puts on a great concert. carrie on the otherhand has a good voice and works hard to but when it comes to the whole stage thing she doesnt put on that great of a show. and i love You Belong with Me it wasamzing and people have recreated the shirt that Taylor wore and the video was fun, carries video waent all that great.


You try to make yourself sound so smart, but boy oh boy, get your facts right before posting!!!

And I do agree with Matt, being inducted to the grand ole opry is HUGE! Plus Carrie had the #1 country album of the decade (not year, but decade!) and #14 best album all-genre of the decade as well... Carries first single came out in 2005 and Taylors in 2006 so there's not even a huge gap between them...

For those people who said that carrie underwood needs to go to national television to get noticed, that is a crap! beacuse carrie underwood has amazing vocals and can sing live unlike taylor swift she will never dare to audition on ameriacan idol cuz she will surely not make it to hollywood!!!!!

The Grammy's were a JOKE this year. Talent-wise, hands down to Miss Underwood. The girl can play instruments, sing, belt, look dignified on stage, and act.

What's up with all the hype over Taylor Swift? I don't know. Maybe it's because she's pretty with big doe eyes, curly blonde hair, and sparkly dresses. Personality, yea. She's bubbly, cute, and down-to-earth. Well, heads up, this article ain't a personality poll.

Carrie Underwood can hold a note live and belt five million of them too without flashy props and dresses. If Taylor Swift is more talented than Carrie Underwood then music has just died.

And here's the thing: Taylor Swift's fans are little kids and tweens. Carrie has got every age set rooting for her. Kids are more obsessive than their parents and older counterparts.

FYI: Teeny Bopper songs about heartbreak and bad boys don't count.




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