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Cherry Jones quits Emmy race; Terry O'Quinn jumps back in

June 4, 2010 |  1:27 pm
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When Emmy voting commences after 6 p.m. PST today, TV academy members will be shocked by the status of two past champs. Last year's winner of best supporting drama actress, Cherry Jones ("24"), took her name off the Emmy ballot and the 2007 winner of best supporting drama actor, Terry O'Quinn ("Lost"), is back in the running after quitting last year.

Why did Jones bow out? Her rep won't say.

When Gold Derby asked her agent at William Morris Endeavor, Scott Henderson, for comment, he dodged the inquiry and referred us to a publicist at Fox TV. That rep said that the network submits "24" only in the race for best drama series. Actors submit themselves in the performance categories, so only Henderson or Jones can explain why she quit the Emmy derby just 10 months after winning.

Jones' refusal to explain her snub will inevitably fuel speculation that she's upset with "24" producers over how her role evolved as U.S. president. While she told Entertainment Weekly that she's satisfied with how her character played out, she also confessed that producers dangled her throughout the final season, not mapping out a clear story arc for the part, dismissing her from the show, then bringing her back willy nilly.

When asked if she thought there will be an opening for her in the "24" feature film, she replied, "I can't imagine that would be the case."

O'Quinn's return to the derby is less mysterious but nonetheless odd. Soon after he won in 2007, O'Quinn told TV hosts of "The View" that he might not leap back into any Emmy race: "My view was that, when you win an Emmy for a role, you ought to be ineligible for it again – for a while – maybe for a year or two or maybe not at all – till you get another role."

However, O'Quinn did enter the Emmy race in 2008 but failed to be nominated. In 2009, he declined to participate. This year he reentered, apparently believing that it's OK since "a year or two" has passed since his previous involvement. Or maybe he thinks that it's OK since he, well, kind of got a new role on "Lost" as the show progressed. John Locke evolved into the sinister Man in Black and also existed in a different persona in a sideways universe.

O'Quinn's rep has not yet responded to our request for comment about his return to the Emmy race.

Photos: Cherry Jones in "24" (Fox TV), Terry O'Quinn in "Lost" (ABC)

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I'm sorry but i just watched the most recent friday night lights episode...and i want to know more about THOSE emmy chances. matt saracen killed me.

I am sorry to hear this. I thought CHERRY did an OUTSTANDING job in 24. Personally I like the program very much. In the finale CHERRY'S acting was absolutely superb and both she and DALIA were excellent in their performances
SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE WITHDRAWN. I felt she was a sure winner and she will always be that in my book. Bring on the DVD'S so we can enjoy her performance.

What a damn shame. While I am hoping against hope that Khandi Alexander takes home the Emmy this year for her superb work on "Treme," Cherry Jones is a class act and a might fine actress!! Her work with Necar Zadegan on "24" was electrifying. I didn't like what the producers/writers did with President Taylor on the show, but Cherry Jones made tasty lemonade out of the lemons she was given. There aren't many better than she is. I really wish she had reconsidered in time!

I wouldn't want to be associated with 24 either.

I don't understand why it's "weird" for Terry to re-submit himself this time around. It's been two years, and he is the frontrunner to win. It'd be stupid if he didn't submit.

In Re: Cherry Jones. We fans were not happy with FOX's portrayal of President Allison Taylor but that is no reason to pull out of the EMMY RACE!

If Cherry Jones deserved to win last year, then she deserved ten times over to win for this year, because she alone brought some dignity to the despicable '24.' Her performance in the finale was nothing short of a masterpiece.

If there is an another reason (like the torture scene at the end of episode 21) that Cherry Jones doesn't want to be associated with '24,' then she should say so.

Whatever is going on (and we fans would be the last to know) we still support our star, Cherry Jones, 100%



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