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Daytime Emmy Awards winners: 'Bold and the Beautiful,' 'As the World Turns' and ...

June 27, 2010 |  8:45 pm

"As the World Turns" was just canceled after 53 years on TV, but it received two major consolation prizes at the Daytime Emmys. The soap opera won the trophies for best actor Michael Park and lead actress Maura West when the awards were bestowed Sunday night at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Daytime Emmy Awards winners news

"We had to say goodbye to over 60 members of our family on Wednesday," Park said tearfully, accepting the first Emmy of his career. "It was heartbreaking, and I pray you never have to endure what we endured on Wednesday.… I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to a 13-year run on a 53-year-old show than this right here. Thank you so much."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" won best drama series for a second year in a row after previously never claiming the top Emmy since its launch in 1987.

Below are other victors. More winners were announced last week at the Creative Arts Awards.See The Envelope's full list here.

"The Bold and the Beautiful"

Maura West, "As the World Turns"

Michael Park, "As the World Turns"

Billy Miller, "The Young and the Restless"

Julie Pinson, "As the World Turns"

Julie Marie Berman, "General Hospital"

Drew Tyler Bell, "The Bold and the Beautiful"

"The Doctors"

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Dr. Oz, "Dr. Oz Show"

"General Hospital"

"Bold and the Beautiful"

Photo: National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

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Come on!! DOOL deserves way more!! The cast and crew are great. Awesome stories and amazing families!! Days of Our Lives is remarkable and whoever decides the nominees/awards should really put his hand on his heart and acknowledge what a great show Days is!!

I am so disappointed and sad that ATWT has been canceled. I have watched the show with my Mom as a young girl and continued to watch it throughout my adult life. Please don't let a true icon fade away. I can't imagine not tuning in every day to see what's happening in Oakdale.

I'm sorry but I don't understand how the Emmy's pick their final nominees or their winners. I think it's a travesty that Sharon Case of the Y&R was not even nominated this year for some brilliant work. And where are the DOOL nominees? I'm not saying that ATWT is not deserving, but there were some glaring snubs this year and it just seems to me that the academy picks among a pool of favourites and ignores the rest. And I can't believe the Bold and the Beautiful won for best writing and best drama. Seriously?!

I am a HUGE FAN of ATWT. I have watched it honestly all my life. I am very sad to see it leave!!! Like the saying goes- All good things must come to an end. But I wish you would please bring it back!!!! I was also a big fan of GL. Is this going to be a trend now? Are all the Soaps leaving the air? We don't have any more "night time" soaps like Dallas and Knots Landing any more so why start taking our Day time soaps away from us? Congrats to the winners on ATWT!! This is one Soap that will truely be missed by millions! So sad.So long old friend!

How in the world did Bree Williamson of One Life to Live lose this award again for a 2nd time ?? Are the Blue ribbon members even viewing any of the clips submitted ? What about Crystal Chappel ? As much as I like the crew from As the World Turns I think these 2 actresses got robbed because their performances were awesome ....Shame on the academy is turning off alot of people and this one hour plus advertisement for Las Vegas was a total turn off !!!!

I am disgusted that the first hour of this show was dedicated to Las Vegas and Dick Clark and musicals etc....where were the clips showing some of the nominated performances ? Each year they shy away from showing any kind of performance by an actor or actress and that is far more interesting that seeing Blue Man Group and the other performers. I paid for that in Vegas...I dont need to see it on an awards show !!!!

Well, this is probably the last year I will watch the daytime emmys. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why Days of our Lives is not being fairly included in the awards process. Sure they have nominated a few cast members. It just does not seem fair that they use all the network shows (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and it's like they intentionally don't include "Days." I have been watching the show since I was 11 yrs old, and am now 57.

Can someone please enlighten me as to why "Days" does not seem to be included in the awards process. They have in the past years - way back. It is just as good as the other soaps, I'm sure. I used to watch AMC too.


IMO, the telecast was more a two-hour advertisement for Las Vegas rather than a salute to the talent of daytime TV. All that time spent on Vegas act shtick (Blue Man group, Lion King, etc.) and a tour of a hotel? That time could have been spent on a tribute to Frances Reid and Helen Wagner, two grand dames of serials that were lost this year. That time could have been spent on a "decent" tribute to As The World Turns (maybe mentions of alums of the show -- besides Meg Ryan, there's Marissa Tormei, Julianne Moore for starters, mention of important storylines in its history), rather than a short montage of scenes thrown together. That time could have been spent on showing briefs clips of the Best Actress and Actor nominees from their Blue Ribbon Panel submissions.

Please go back to a more standard show next year. This show smacked of payola.

I say take off B&B since it is the WORST and leave ATWT alone. I am so sick of the Ridge/Brooke/Taylor thing I could puke.

Congrats to Maura and Michael, my two favorite actors! When Michael was on stage talking about having to say goodbye to so many friends and told Maura he was really going to miss her I literally lost it. ATWT can't end - I suggest everyone let CBS know how we feel by not watching it (CBS) anymore. If they think ratings are down now, lets show them just how far down they can really go. Anyone with me???

How can you say ATWT's wins were consolation prizes? Maura West, Michael Park and Julie Pinson all were very deserving winners. Their wins was statement bidding farewell to a really excellent program that had endured 56 years on the air. And all three along with the rest of the cast had given us viewers many fond memorable moments and performances. ATWT is truly one of the great daytime dramas that now has been retired along with the likes of Another World, Search for Tomorrow and Guiding Light. As for Days of Our Lives repeated snubs, back in the 80s, as a sign of protest over the Academy's repeated nominations of mostly ABC and CBS dramas, the people at NBC and DOOL decided to remove their biddings of Days and other daytime dramas for Best Daytime Drama Series. Progams such as Another World, Search for Tomorrow as well Days were constantly snubbed, especially when Days and AW had really great seasons. It wasn't until Santa Barbara that NBC put it in the running for Best Daytime Drama Series and eventually it won the top prize. It was the producers of DOOL who decided to snub the Daytime Emmys in protest. After many years had passed, DOOL once again decided to put its program in the running. Hopefully the Academy will finally start giving DOOL its due as it should. Even though some storylines are bit convoluted and how many times must Stephano must be risen from the dead, DOOL truly entertains, educates and really has risen above all other daytime dramas on the air today.

i think days should have taken something, I have watched them since 1965, the passing of Francis Reid was devastating for me as sure it was for all of the other fans as well as the cast mates.She will be surely missed by everyone and will stay in my heart as my real grandmother. And she would've have wanted Bo and Hope to be together.After all Mrs. H was never wrong.

I am pissed that DOOL didn't win or wasn't even nominated for anything again!!!!!!!! And that there was no mention of the actress Frances Reid who was the oldest, longest playing actress in Daytime!!!!!!!!!!! Such a sad day for not honoring a wonderful woman and grandmother to all!!!!!

Please give us back As The Wold Turns CBS what you did was made a very bad maistake canceling a wenderful show and putting all these people out of work what a shame.

Friends and I are bewildered at how Bold & Beautiful could ever be awarded
Emmy for best drama...or for anything. Worst written show ever. We've given
up on it. I used to dvr the show and then zip through it in 7-8 minutes to catch
any update of storyline. None. Enough of the soft porn attempts, please.
So badly done all around. There are so many other worthy shows that deserve
reward. Bold & Beaut. just does not compare. I think the audience appeared
to be stunned at this announcement. Please...a 30 minute show that had only
one worthy episode this whole season. Betty White (not a regular) gave them
a great show but that was the only imaginative writing we have seen. They
must think we are stupid.

I am so happy that the song "An Angel's Lullaby" won an Emmy for The Young and the Restless. It was so beautiful - haunting and emotional - a perfect ending for the storyline of Colleen's death last fall!

I have to disagree,Guiding Light had the worst writers on TV.The show moved very slowly and they ventured to far away from the major characters.Another World,finally elevated the pace and story lines but too little to late.As for B&B I left them last year when Ridge arranged for Brook and Taylor to give each other massages...That was it for me,that story line continued for 4 years too long.All I have left is the Young And The Restless and thank the lord the writing is fabulous,they know how to keep several stories going at once,and they never drop the ball.

I congratulate the winners this year..Sad to see ATWT stop turning..will be missed. I am confounded that Days of our lives has yet to receive any statues...This show has been a fan favorite for decades and yet always overlooked by the judges. Someone please explain to me why that is the case and what criteria must be met for a show like DOOL to be recognized as a 'winner'??

Crystal Chappell got robbed ... congrats to West but she could have won NEXT year as ATWT would still be considered for a nomination. Way to go CBS for shutting down GL AGAIN. I felt like I was watching the Tony Awards and a Vegas Informercial in one - what a horrendous 2 hours. Unreal. It was almost as bad as the Streamy Awards and the creators of THAT award show at least put out an apology.

Did I fast forward the tribute to Frances Reid (Alice, DOOL) and James Mitchell (Palmer, AMC)? Would have rather seen salutes to both of these great actors than a Lion King production number. And was the Daytime Emmys really the place for the salute to Dick Clark? I understand that back in the day the AB was on in the afternoon, but it seemed a bit out of place. Odd choices.

bold and beautiful just plain sucks. why oh why did it win? just the same ol' rehash...brooke/ridge/taylor, eric/stephanie and the entire logan clan...year after year. i could think of tons of soaps that are better than that snorefest. oh yeah i know why they won. because CBS broadcast it and B&B is a CBS soap!!!

another CBS sweep. anyone tend to see a pattern here? While they have good actors and actresses, so do the other soaps and it does get tiring to see the same things win year after year. I don't even watch any more because I know most of the winners will be from a CBS show

congratulations to maura and michael but my vote was for PETER BERGMAN... one of the best actors daytime has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jc, if you are going to criticize other people's use of the English language, you should at least make sure your spelling and grammar are without fault. The plural of the word "Emmy" is "Emmys." Adding an apostrophe "s" makes it a possessive.

So glad for Maura West. She has been a consistently awesome actress, even when the writing of ATWT has failed her.

days should have won best




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