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Daytime Emmy predictions: Rachael Ray's show will triumph again

June 25, 2010 | 10:02 am

Two of our forum posters agree that "The Rachael Ray Show" will win the Daytime Emmy Award on Sunday for best talk show/entertainment for the third year in a row. Both Brian "BTN" Niven and Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier viewed the same DVDs of sample episodes submitted to judges by the nominees, and they express their views in depth below. Also see our posters' predix for best drama series, lead actor and lead actress. Check out our special forum with predix in all races.

Rachael Ray Emmy

(Ranked by likelihood of winning)
1. "The Rachael Ray Show"
2. "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
3. "Live With Regis and Kelly"

Ellen DeGeneres used to dominate the category and was beaten the last two years by Rachael Ray. I think that Rachel Ray will win again.

I watched Ellen DeGeneres' episode first because of her show's previous success with the Emmys. The episode is from October 2009. She talked about writing for O magazine, and I thought of her mentioning a previous big winner at the Emmys. Then she dances to an Usher song and talks about future shows. Michael Jackson's "This Is It" tour dancers perform.

Her first guest is Taylor Swift, and they talk about Ellen's launch party for her album and how Ellen deserves all the credit for its success. Swift talks about attending an election night party in 2008 where Stevie Wonder addressed the crowd after [Barack] Obama was announced the winner. They write a song together, which is a way for Taylor to guess Ellen's secret phrase for the day (which was "spiral staircase").

The second guest is Tim McGraw, who sings his song "Southern Voice." Then he and Ellen talk about his daughters, wife Faith Hill and his new cologne.

Then she talks to a single mother, and Ellen gives her a car and $10,000. Lots of screaming and hugging.

"Rachel Ray" has a Thanksgiving episode that starts with a narration by Morgan Freeman (!) in full Freeman narrating mode. You get background on the town of Wilmington, Ohio, which had just been hit with 10,000 job losses when DHL shut down its plant. Ray is there to redesign its soup kitchen and give the town a big Thanksgiving dinner feast with special guests The Fray singing "How to Save a Life" and "You Found Me." The show is really about the town, its people and its survival. Ray, I think, has like five minutes of screen time. It really didn't seem like that much. Powerful episode.

"Live with Regis and Kelly" is from October 2009. It's a Halloween costume party in which the theme is reality TV stars. Kelly Ripa is very funny throughout. That's probably why this episode was submitted. I think she nails all the characters she plays, but I think a lot of Emmy judges may hate the reality shows, and it may not work as a submission. She plays Kate Gosselin, a New Jersey housewife, Jillian from "The Biggest Loser," Lady Gaga. She also plays Michael Jackson's character in "Thriller." The guest of the show was Donald Trump, and they talk about Ivanka's wedding.

(Ranked by likelihood of winning)
1. "The Rachael Ray Show"
2. "The Ellen De Generes Show"
3. "Live With Regis and Kelly"

The category is a big shock because last year's winner, "The View," is omitted.  The winner this year should be "The Rachael Ray Show." Like the last two years, Ray submitted a show that takes her outside the kitchen and into a town in need. In this episode, she goes to an Ohio town suddenly struck with thousands of job losses after DHL shut down a major plant. She rebuilds a soup kitchen and has music group The Fray perform two songs. It's narrated by Morgan Freeman, and Ray is on screen for perhaps five minutes. It's a heavy, emotional episode. This strategy has worked for her the last two years, so I don't see why it wouldn't repeat.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" submitted an episode featuring country stars Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw as well as Ellen talking about her appearance in O magazine. It's Ellen's typical stuff, which used to win her all the Emmys, but she's faded from popularity with voters. Once you do that, it's hard to come back.

"Live with Regis and Kelly" submitted yet another Halloween episode (they tend to do that all the time) featuring them dressed up as reality TV stars. Kelly gets to prance around dressed up as Jillian Michaels, Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin and other reality TV stars. Donald Trump is the guest. The episode is somewhat funny, but really makes no lasting impression.


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Photo: Rachael Ray with her Emmy in 2008. Credit: ABC

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