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Daytime Emmy predictions: 'As the World Turns' star Michael Park will win best actor

June 24, 2010 |  4:26 pm

Two of our forum posters agree that Michael Park ("As the World Turns") will win best actor at the Daytime Emmys this weekend. Both Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier and Peter "Italian Stallion" Stallone viewed the same DVDs submitted to judges and express their views in depth below. Also see our posters' predix for best drama series and lead actress. Check out our special forum with predix in all races.

As the World Turns Michael Park

(Ranked by likelihood of winning)
1. Michael Park, "As the World Turns"
2. James Scott, "Days of Our Lives"
3. Doug Davidson, "Young and the Restless"
4. Peter Bergman, "Young and the Restless"
5. Jon Lindstorm, "As the World Turns"

MATTHEW'S COMMENTARY: The lead actor race this year is filled with industry veterans who are all well respected. Included among this esteemed group is multiple Emmy-winner Peter Bergman ("Young and the Restless"), multiple past nominee Michael Park ("As the World Turns"), previous nominees Doug Davidson ("Young and the Restless") and James Scott ("Days of Our Lives") and first-time nominee Jon Lindstorm ("As the World Turns").

Among this group, James Scott gives the most genuine and honest performance. Michael Park gives a great performance, but I feel myself connecting more to James Scott's reel.

Two nominees are not factors — Peter Bergman and Jon Lindstrom, who submitted less than thrilling tapes.  There are other factors working here, though, besides just the tapes. That "As the World Turns" is going off the air this September may bode well for Park, who has never won an Emmy in all his years of working on soaps. I think that this is a case where block voting will come into play. Because we have no nominees in this race from ABC, it will affect how the votes go. Assuming all of NBC's actors vote for James Scott, that leaves CBS' actors who will likely split their votes between Davidson and Park.

Whomever ABC decides to support will benefit. My gut says it will be Park, only because his show is leaving the air. I believe that will make him the likely winner. However, if it was based only on submitted tapes, my vote would go to James Scott.

1. Michael Park (Jack Snyder, "As the World Turns")
2. James Scott (EJ Dimera, "Days of Our Lives")
3. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, "Young and the Restless")
4. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams, "Young and the Restless")
5. Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery, "As the World Turns"

PETER'S COMMENTARY: Michael Park's heartbreaking performance as the guilt-ridden Jack Snyder will make him the outstanding lead actor come June 27! It seems as though the third time will be the charm for Oakdale's G-Man. One of the most underrated actors of his generation, Michael Park delivered the performance of his career in 2009, when his character mistakenly shot and killed his brother, Brad, played by Austin Peck.

In his Emmy reel sent to judges, the scene opens with Jack sitting in the Snyder farm kitchen, with his gun on the table, when Holden enters expressing his disbelief of Brad's passing. It is when Jack confronts Craig and Rosanna that your heart completely breaks for him. Baiting Craig to call him a murderer, Jack reaches for his gun, pointing it straight at Craig to fire. Michael Park captivates you and takes you on an emotional roller coaster. His pain, anguish and remorse are all apparent, and you cannot help but want to cry with him.

James Scott has certainly come a long way and has turned into quite the compelling actor. Watching the tapes, I initially thought, "We have ourselves a winner!" All the ingredients were there. He was angry and loud and gutsy. When ripping into Sami, stating, "You killed my baby!" Scott sends shivers down your spine. He grabs your attention and it sticks throughout the entire reel. However, as soon as he said, "You killed her, you bury her," I began feeling differently. That continued as Scott's character requested seeing his daughter at the morgue. Initially, my feeling told me, "This is where it will turn around, this gets him the gold." However, his breakdown while sitting by Grace's body didn't move me as I thought it should. While Scott delivers a grand performance, I was unable to connect to his performance as I did with Michael Park's.

Peter Bergman was equally fantastic in his reel. No matter how big or small the scene, he sells the material and turns it into gold. Watching his tape was simply a joy. Bergman played Jack Abbott expertly, exhibiting the perfect amount of anger, pain, disappointment and betrayal. While he hit all the right notes, there was no moment for me that screamed, "EMMY!"

Bergman's colleague Doug Davidson was equally great, making this category that much more difficult to judge. In his tape, Davidson goes head to head with Eric Braeden, delivering an emotional performance, blaming the powerful Victor Newman for bringing his sister, Patty, back to Genoa City, driving her to terrorize family friends. Played with great conviction, Davidson commands the screen, however, with an already short reel. It is a disadvantage for Davidson since his co-star (Bergman) has more dialogue in the last minute or so.

With the longest reel, clocking in at just over 11 minutes, Lindstrom's reel was different than the others and didn't have that emotional punch. Lindstrom is a capable actor and is rather convincing, though when compared to the other men in the category, it falls flat and is forgettable.


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Photo: Michael Park (CBS)

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Can't really say I'm surprised that James didn't win. He didn't have a chance since ATWT was canceled. But I think if it weren't, he would have won.

I will miss Jack and Carly they are the best couple on any television show. I think that Michael Park show be on NCIS. Maybe an FBI agent or get his on show he is the best.

Having watched the submitted scenes, I give the edge to Park. I agree that something rang false in the grief stricken vigil portion of Scott's tape, while Park was consistently in the moment and believable. Davidison is solid, Bergman is charismatic, Lindstrom is the longshot. The only thing that may give Scott the edge is that dead children seem to emmotionally trump dead siblings in these type of situations. But, if given on strength of performance, the clear winner is Park.

I'm sure that Michael Parks will win but James Scott should win!

I would prefer if James won the Emmy but Michael will probably take it since ATWT is leaving the air soon.

I will go with Michael Park who has portrayed the role of Jack Snyder for many years now. He has given many wonderful performances in this role throughout ATWT's run. His chemistry with Maura West's Carly never tires...always keeps me inthralled. A win for him would be a nice send off and also a win for ATWT since it's not up for Best Daytime Drama Series (a crime indeed).

He deserves to win for his amazing performance and portrayal of Ej.

James Scott is absolutely the BEST

If the voters voted who gave the best performance and were honest, unbiased and not block voting in their favorite or actor from their network. They would have voted for James Scott. Then the BEST would be the winner. But I'm not living under a rock and I know the score. James Scott while the best will lose out to a good ole boy.

Clear winner by a long shot is James Scott. Amazing Performance only reel that actually made me have a reaction. It sent chills down my spine as well. And then in the next moment when he said "I could have held her, told her I loved her" and "you killed her, you bury her" I was sent in the other direction with a lump in my throat feeling emotionally sorry for the character. Anytime a performance can do that well that's your winner. How in the heck did James pull that off? Brilliant emotional performance. He hit every beat. Nailed it! Even his co actors in the scene seemed awe struck. I get the block voting, I get that actors from NBC rarely have a chance, I get that Park is out of a job and he has been acting for years while James Scott is young and is a rather newcomer. I get the politics, I get that he gave a great performance. But reel to reel, performance to performance. The clear winner outside of the politics of it all is James Scott!

I've seen all five of these actors and they're all very good at what they do. Based on the clips that were submitted, I think James Scott should probably win the Emmy; however, it's obvious that other forces are at work, as they usually are for awards like these. I think Michael Park will get the sentimental vote, as the show is leaving the air. Should be a tossup between him and James Scott. My vote would go to James.

I've seen all five of these actors and they're all very good at what they do. Based on the clips that were submitted, I think James Scott should probably win the Emmy; however, it's obvious that other forces are at work, as they usually are for awards like these. I think Michael Park will get the sentimental vote, as the show is leaving the air. Should be a tossup between him and James Scott. My vote would go to James.

I agree with Matthew's commentary. James Scott deserves this win. I hate it that politics comes into play in these industry awards. It takes away the credibility of these awards, and the specialness for the winners. Until we know who actually won, I'm still rooting for James Scott.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing James Scott win. He has a way of pulling you into a story and not letting you go. My heart broke for his character EJ during the entire Grace storyline and if my voted counted it would go to James.

Having watched all the nominee's reels, I feel James Scott is the clear winner in this category. I think another factor may come into play in deciding the winner. Having four of the nominees from two shows may split the vote. Also James was on AMC an ABC soap and may be better known to some of the actors there. It is my hope the decision will come down to who is the best actor and in my opinion this is James Scott.

Interesting that block voting continues with the Daytime Emmys!

But BOIDIVA02's point made me think, what if the ABC soaps, or even just AMC vote for their own expatriate James Scott?



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