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FX revs up 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Justified' for Emmy race

June 1, 2010 | 10:19 am
Sons of anarchy fx emmy news

FX is a savvy Emmy player. Back in 2002, it became the first basic-cable network to nab a top award when Michael Chiklis ("The Shield") won best drama series actor. Two years ago it became one of the first basic-cable channels to be nominated for best drama series (along with AMC for eventual winner "Mad Men") when "Damages" made the list. "Damages" repeated that feat last year (as did "Mad Men," which won again) while its star, Glenn Close, prevailed as best drama series actress at both derbies.

FX 4 emmy

Now, watch out: FX is making a major push for more Emmy glory. Not only did it just ship a handsome package of three DVDs to TV academy members, but it published a glossy 56-page publication that's bundled and poly-bagged with the June issue of Emmy Magazine, which is sent separately to all 14,000 academy members.

The publication deserves an award for marketing savvy. Text is large, bold and easily readable (thank you, art director). Design is elegant and dramatic. Most curious: what FX touts first inside its pages — "Sons of Anarchy," which is the network's highest-rated series ever. TV critics are crazy for it too. Blurbs inside the booklet quote the views of top media like Time magazine ("one of the best dramas on TV") and the New York Daily News (" 'Sons of Anarchy' can't be left out of any conversation about the golden age of cable drama"). says Katey Sagal "delivers a steely, layered, Emmy-worthy performance."

FX 1 emmy

Next inside the booklet: "Justified." Matt Roush of TV Guide calls the new crime show "an instant classic," adding, " 'Justified' is cool. It is hot. And it is great."

FX 6 Emmy

Other sections of the booklet tout the virtues of "Damages," "Rescue Me," "Nip/Tuck," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "The League" and "Archer."

FX 2 emmy

Below, contents of the DVDs:

"Nip/Tuck" — "Hiro Yoshimura"
"Rescue Me" — "Drink"

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" — "The Gang Hits the Road"
"The League" — "The Bounce Test"
"Archer" — "Skytanic"

"Damages" — "Your Secrets Are Safe"
"Sons of Anarchy" — "Balm"
"Justified" — "Fire in the Hole"

FX 3 emmy


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Top photo: "Sons of Anarachy" promotional shot. Credit: FX.

Bottom photos of FX Emmy mailer: Tom O'Neil

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I have been completely hooked on Sons of Anarchy since I started to watch it - after reading much gushing on the blogosphere. I hope it eventually gets some of the recognition it's due.

I'm also really enjoying Justified so far.

Justified is the only FX series I've actually watched from the begining though I have started Damages from the begining recently. Justifed and Timothy Olyphant definitely deserve recgonition. This show is amazing and makes you want to fast forward to next week every time the credits roll.

Are you going to be back on for the summer or this fall? You can't leave it like this.

Sons of Anarchy was snubbed big time last year by the Emmys, especially Katy Sagal with the stuff she had to endure in her role as Gemma Teller Morrow!

This is the type of tee vee that the over the air nets SHOULD be putting out, instead of the claptrap/pablum they try to spoonfeed the masses every season.

Nothin' of interest on? No problem! I fire up the DVD player and watch the season 1 box set, and the season 2 that is on my DVR!

I hope this year, Emmy takes the blinders off and recoginizes SOA!

I love Timothy Olyphant and JUSTIFIED!

Katey is amazing, so realistic. So is all the SOA crew.
This show is the best I have never watched. Totally addicted, now Im friend again with my tv ;-) I got bored by nearly everything before that during a couple of years, just a few exceptions, but nothing can be compared to SOA ! the story, the writing, the interpretation, everything ....... It deserves so much !!!

It would be great if It's Always Sunny could get some Emmy love. This is an especially funny episode for "Sweet Dee" Kaitlin Olson.

Sons of Anarchy deserves an Emmy nomination and most of all an award. The writing and the emotional states the actors bring to each of their characters is nothing that I have seen in years. Katey Segal truly brings a lot of charisma and realism to her character of Gemma. I only wonder how she is going to take Gemma for the new season.

Sons of Anarchy is the best show there comparisons!

Justified is all consuming as well.
When I heard Timothy Oliphant was going to be in this series, I couldn't wait for it to premiere....and there hasn't been a moment of disappointment, yet.

Thanks FX



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