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Gold Derby nuggets: Justin Bieber rocks Much Music Awards | 'Red' in the black | 'Mad Men' returns July 25

June 21, 2010 |  3:42 pm

Justin Bieber Much Music Awards • Hometown favorite Justin Bieber was a big winner at Sunday's Much Music Awards in Toronto. These kudos are the Canadian equivalent of the MTV VMAs. Bieber won for best video by a Canadian ("One More Time"), favorite video ("Baby"), and favorite new artist. "It's my first award, and to have it in Canada is just amazing," Bieber told the crowd. "I want to say thank you to all my fans who got me in this position." Teen queen Miley Cyrus, who also performed and presented, won best international video for "Party in the U.S.A" which she dedicated it to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. NY DAILY NEWS

•  Alan Sepinwall has been busy as of late compiling his wish list for the upcoming Emmy Awards nominations. While he was able to winnow the supporting races to a half dozen would-be contenders, he admits, "lead drama actor, on the other hand, was a real bear, so much so that I'm actually going to write a few words about some of the people I just couldn't find room for on the list, and why. You may not agree with those rationalizations, and there may be times when I don't, either, but I had to find some way to cut this puppy down to six names, and these were the reasons that made sense to me as I did it." Among those actors he dropped: "Lost" leading man Matthew Fox and Kyle Chandler of "Friday Night Lights." HIT FIX

• Popeater began a Facebook campaign to boost the profile of "Friday Night Lights" star quarterback Zach Gifford and land him a supporting actor nomination at the Emmy Awards. Mike Hess, who writes for this offshoot of AOL, was impressed by Gifford's performance in a recent episode where his character comes to terms with the death of his father. For Hess, "Gifford ran the gamut of emotions in a way that few actors as young as he is (or older, even) ever could. Brutal sadness, confusion, tension-cutting laughter: They were all there, and all executed in perfect real-life harmony." Monday marks the end of the nomination phase with the results announced July 8. POPEATER

Red Playbill • One week before its limited run on Broadway ends, the producers of the Tony-winning best play "Red" announced it had recouped its $2.25 million investment. This two-hander about abstract artist Mark Rothko and his assistant is by John Logan, who was Oscar-nominated for scripting best picture champ "Gladiator" and best pic nominee "The Aviator." The West End transfer of "Red" won five of its other six Tony bids -- featured actor (Eddie Redmayne), director (Michael Grandage), lighting design (Neil Austin), scenic design (Christopher Oram) and sound design (Adam Cork). PLAYBILL

Greg Ellwood recaps the 30 bold-faced names who impressed the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce enough to receive stars on the Walk of Fame. "This year's group will feature the first 'family' induction with Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd and Laura Dern all laying down their stars at the same time. Other intriguing nominees include Oprah Winfrey, 'American Idol' creator Simon Fuller, Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz and The Muppets. In general, all the nominees have five years to set an induction date or the honor will, um, 'expire.' All honorees are selected in one of five categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Recording, Radio and Live Performance/Theatre. No radio inductees made the cut this year." HIT FIX

• Nominees Wayne Brady (“Let’s Make a Deal”) and Alex Trebek (“Jeopardy”) along with 2003 supporting actress champ Vanessa Marcil (“General Hospital”) have been added to the list of presenters at Sunday's Daytime Emmy Awards. The 37th annual edition of this kudocast airs live on CBS from Las Vegas and will be hosted by Regis Philbin. TV BY THE NUMBERS

Kraig Becker reports that the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove" is "stirring up controversy in Japan, where several theaters, including one on an U.S. Army base, have removed it from their screens, while others decide if they should risk showing it all. Last week, three theaters pulled the film, which depicts the annual dolphin slaughter in a Japanese village, after they received a number of protests and angry phone calls from nationalist political groups. That caused 23 other theaters to reconsider showing the movie as well." GADLING

Mad-men-season-4-poster • "Mad Men" returns to AMC on July 25 for a fourth season. The two-time Emmy winner for best drama series is likely to contend again this year for its third season. Andrea Reiher analyzes the first promotional poster for the upcoming episodes. "Rather than last year's image of Don Draper calmly smoking a cigarette amidst rising water, this one shows a solo Don Draper staring contemplatively out the window of his empty office. At the end of Season 3, Don left Sterling Cooper, the ad agency he has worked for since the show's inception, to strike out on his own. He also agreed to give his unhappy housewife Betty a divorce." ZAP2IT

• "True Blood" has barely begun its third season on HBO, but the paycaster has already renewed it for a fourth year. This news is not so surprising when you consider that Sunday's premiere drew 5.1 million viewers. That was up 38% from last season, which is the one in the running for this year's Emmy Awards. The first season of the show was snubbed last year despite Anna Paquin winning a Golden Globe and the show contending there as well.

Top photo: Justin Bieber at the 2009 Much Music Awards. Credit: Much Music.

Middle photo: "Red" playbill. Credit: Golden Theater.

Bottom photo: "Mad Men" poster. Credit: AMC.

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Well done miles,for winning an award,& dedicating it to ur dad,Billy Ray.l'm sure he's so proud of u,l know l would be.As a huge fan of urs,l'm so proud of u.U r totally amazing miley.l recently bought 3 copies,of each format ur albums have come in,ie normal album,deluxe version,mini dvd.over here in the uk,ur album came strait in the sainsburys chart at no.5,in Tesco's it came in at no.3.Hope it makes no.1.Because thats what u r to me.You have the most beautiful voice,l've ever heard.Whoever says you can't sing,needs to get their ears tested.Miles u r super Talented.A master,of ur craft.All the best for the future miles,just remember though,being no.1 is ok,but plz don't overdo it,trying to get there.U c l care about miley,the person,not just the singer/actress.U r so so special to me.God bless miles.XXX

justin bieber is such my good friend

Excuse me, but the little fucktard who's named "this bitch, andy k." can SUCK IT.

JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS. And we don't look IT up! ITS articles appear on here! So suck it you little bitch. And Bieber isn't a man, Bieber is a tranny since it looks like a dude and sounds like the brattiest little bitchy girl out there!

God, it's fuckers like you that deserve to go to hell in this world! LEAVE YOU LITTLE SHIT.

No its not just little girls that want him. To me it seems like you are just annoyed of him so what are you doin lookin him up in the first place, ha exactly dumbass. So overrated haha anyways Justin Bieber I'm so proud of you. You are such a talented young man who will make it big, I mean you already are. N so what if love is the only thing you sing about I think its veryy cutee n romantic n if you don't like it then kiss my ass. Luvvv V

Get Justin Bieber out of the music scene. He's completely overrated, and he's only big because the little girls want to date him.

His songs are all repetitive, they all have the same lyrical pattern, and they're all about the same crap: love. Him and Taylor Swift should collaborate since that's the only thing those two like to sing about.



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