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Hilary Swank vs. Annette Bening: Round 3 at the Oscars?

June 18, 2010 | 11:41 am
Hilary swank conviction news

Poor Annette Bening. Every time she got nominated for her overdue Oscar in recent years, she lost to Hilary Swank. This year Bening looks like an inevitable nominee for "The Kids Are All Right." Meantime, Swank stars in "Conviction" as real-life person (always an Oscar plus) Betty Anne Waters, who put herself through law school in order to spring her brother from jail after he was wrongly convicted of murder.

Keep in mind that Swank is undefeated at the Oscars. Both of her nominations were triumphant: "Million Dollar Baby" (beating Bening in "Being Julia" in 2004) and "Boys Don't Cry" (beating Bening in best picture champ "American Beauty" in 1999). Last year she had high hopes for a return to the best-actress race, but "Amelia" crashed.

"Conviction" may also be a strong showcase for Juliette Lewis in the supporting-actress contest. We hear that she's got a short but showboating role as a trial witness. Release date is Oct. 15.

Photo: Hilary Swank in "Conviction" (Fox Searchlight)

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Bening has the one-two punch of being eligible for two very dynamic and opposed performances, and two of her very best. Her work in Mother and Child has extraordinary depth and pathos. She creates a character so difficult and unlike any we have seen, summoning up tremendously unlikable and empathetic feelings at the same time -- and that is quite a feat.

Swank's being "undefeated at the Oscars" is a good point, but better is the one about all the times she hasn't even been nominated for Oscar-grabby roles (Insomnia, Freedom Writers, Amelia). Conviction looks closer to these movies than the two that earned her statues. In other words, I seriously doubt Bening has to worry about facing off against her this year.



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