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'How I Met Your Mother' serenades Emmy voters

June 1, 2010 |  7:51 am

Sometimes it takes a few years for TV series to get noticed by Emmy voters. "Scrubs" and "Everybody Loves Raymond," for example, were snubbed for their first two seasons, but each nabbed noms for best comedy series for season three. Heck, "Raymond" went on to win twice (2003, 2005).

How I Met Your Mother Dance News

"How I Met Your Mother" experienced a dry spell during its first three seasons, earning scatter-shot nominations in second-tier races, but then it got a surprise nomination for best comedy last year. It lost to "30 Rock," which took home a third consecutive series award.

Now "HIMYM" is singing in the rain — literally. The campaign DVD package shipped to Emmy voters last week depicts the rain-soaked cast with umbrellas and, inside, Neil Patrick Harris pops up from the package's centerfold while doing a Gene Kelly spin around a lamp post. The scene is a reference to "Girls vs. Suits," the series' special 100th episode that ended with an homage to classic movie tuners. To drive home the musical message, the "How I Met Your Mother" DVD is fastened to the center of a cardboard circle that looks like an old vinyl record.
In addition to "Girls vs. Suits," the disc also contains two more episodes: "The Playbook" and "Doppelgangers."

HIMYM Emmy 3 

HIMYM Emmy 1

HIMYM Emmy 2


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Top photo: A scene from the "Girls vs. Suits" episode of "How I Met Your Mother." Credit: CBS

Lower photos: The "How I Met Your Mother" Emmy campaign DVD package. Credit: Tom O'Neil

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Sorry, I was typing too fast :)

Oh, heack yeah! This show needs to get nominated again for best comedy, even if it doesn't win.

And I agree with Sarah: 30 Rock ian't THAT funny. I don't think it's all that great of a show, to be honest. I would love to see a more...traditional, laugh-track, sitcom win this year. Like HIMYM :)

Sorry 30 rock is amusing, but it's not THAT funny. How I met your mother is better for sure.

Although IMHO, Big Bang Theory is probably the funniest thing on ATM.

That show is great! It's about time it won some awards.




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