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Let's give Thomas Gibson an award

June 11, 2010 |  6:47 am

Thomas Gibson was nominated twice at the Golden Globes (best comedy actor, "Dharma and Greg"), but otherwise he's been criminally overlooked at trophy shows. Now producers of his current hit TV show,  "Criminal Minds," are making a push for Emmy recognition for the whole series team and recently joined us for a Q&A discussion at the Envelope screening series. Afterward, Gibson and I powwowed at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Video by Tobias Schopf

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Saw the nominations today... I have no words... (shakes head sadly and walks away...)

The only way the Emmy committee could snub him this year is if they aren't paying any attention. I mean come on, the way he performed in 100? Let's get with it Emmy committee.

Yes I agree. Thomas should get an Emmy for his work on Criminal Minds., He is so great. He shows the strenght, the weakness, the sadness and all the different sides from his character Hotch.

A great, great actor!!!!!!!!

I truly hope that the Emmy people are paying better attention in 2010. As has been pointed out, Thomas Gibson has been snubbed for years. This season, he can no longer be ignored. Not only a fan favorite, TG has shown incredible depth and range of acting ability. This was apparent in all of 'Hotch's' episodes, but no more so than in '100'. Nobody else could have pulled off the energy, emotion and professionalism required to make that episode the best of the season and of the series. Leaving TG out of the awards would simply demonstrate a complete lack of judgement and prove to me once and for all the Emmys are simply political and do not reward performance. So give the man the recognition he sorely deserves!

Mr. Gibson is an incredibly gifted and talented actor. His work on Criminal Minds Season 5 is nothing less than spectacular and he genuinely deserves an Emmy nomination as well as the award itself. His development and portrayal of the role of Aaron Hotchner throughout each season has been amazing to watch and clearly reveals his depth and range as a dramatic actor. Give the man an Emmy!!!

At the very least Thomas Gibson should get an Emmy nommination for his work on Criminal Minds and especially for the episode '100'. It was the best performance by an actor in a drama series this past season.

If the Emmy are REALLY about rewarding the best performance and not just about rewarding buzz shows then Thomas will have a nommination. The Emmy will lose credibilty if Thomas doesn't get a nommination.

An amazing actor with such a wide range and depth - an Emmy and GG are both well overdue, and given his performance in 'Criminal Minds' 100th episode, there is NO excuse not to award him one, if not both!!!!!

I agree with you. Thomas Gibson did an amazing job on Criminal MInds!

Give Thomas Gibson an Emmy and a Golgen GLobe!

I agree THomas Gibson must have an award.

He did a great, amazing job on Criminal MInds!

I agree THomas Gibson must have an award.

He did a great, amazing job on Criminal MInds!

I completely agree that Thomas Gibson should get the nomination and the win. He is practically an American institution and he is definately one of the most underrated actors of all time. He has such an excellent range and every character he plays is completely believable. Criminal Minds is one of the best shows on television and it has a lot to do with Gibson's portrayal of Hotch. Gibson was snubbed for his phenomenal role in Dharma and Greg and it would be a shame to see it happen again with Criminal Minds.

Thomas Gibson's performance in Criminal Minds this season, in particular, 100, was unmatched. It would be criminal if he doesn't receive at least a nomination; however, he is so deserving of the award. The Emmys will lose its credibility and luster if he is overlooked.

I could not agree more. He's been deserving of at least a nomination for a while now, but after this season it would be negligence if he doesn't get one! My heart broke for Hotch so many times this year, and Thomas just did an excellent job keeping him believable. "100" was one of the greatest hours on television this season.



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