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Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas: 'Shameful' or 'an improvement'?

June 28, 2010 | 11:03 am

Maura West Michael Parks Daytime Emmy Awards Emmys We won't know the ratings for Sunday's CBS airing of the Daytime Emmys till Monday afternoon. However, many of our forum posters watched, and their comments on the kudocast number almost 600 so far. Many of these were slams against the show for being a two-hour plug for Las Vegas rather than a celebration of the best of daytime TV. 

While they thought the tribute to TV legend Dick Clark was heartfelt, many of our posters found it out of place at these kudos. Including this musical serenade as well as several Vegas stage acts left little time in the telecast for a salute to daytime drama "As the World Turns," which is leaving the airwaves after 53 years.

" 'The Lion King' performance was longer than 'ATWT's' tribute," fumed our poster BamaEd. "Plus the cast didn't get to go on stage? SHAMEFUL!"

Our forum posters follow the Daytime Emmy Awards with devotion. Many of them took part in our viewing panels, which watched the same episodes submitted by the nominees to the Emmy judges. Each had their individual favorites, but as a group they were dismayed with Drew Tyler Bell taking younger actor for his work on "The Bold & the Beautiful." A sampling of their comments is below, with many more to found in this thread devoted to the show. Click on the page numbers at top right and bottom to read the full discussion.

YoungRestlessOne: Horrible opening. They could've cut the 10 minutes we had to endure that boob Philbin blathering on like a nincompoop and showed us actual clips for the nominees!!! When will these people learn? My bad. They won't. This is why daytime TV is going down the crapper fast.

DS0816: Is this about Las Vegas … or the Daytime Emmys?

George Balanchine: They're doing the American Bandstand tribute. Hope it's over quick. The has been OFF the air for how many years??????

MarkPGH: Here's my philosophy on why this show is turning into a mini-concert. I guess the producers feel this is the only way to get people to watch.

742: The producers of shows like these never understand how easily their viewers can smell desperation. The philosophy of an award show should be, "If you build it, they will come." Maybe [make] the Daytime Emmy Awards about the Daytime Emmys, and the people who care about the Daytime Emmys will show up. If you fill it with all this irrelevant crap, you'll lose the Daytime Emmy fans without gaining anybody new. But I'll admit it was very moving to see them cut to Dick Clark crying at the end of his tribute.

RB: I am speechless over tonight's show. In a bad way. The telecast has almost completely disregarded the daytime drama industry and we are already in 40 minutes. Does anyone remember the thread back in the spring where we talked about what we wanted in the Daytime Emmy Awards? Well, this is the antithesis of that. This is completely disrespectful to the daytime actors and staff who have worked so hard during the past year. This telecast is targeted at people who do not watch daytime, and are not watching this show anyway. No clips for the nominated actors = shameful. I usually don't get worked up over things like this, but I used to really enjoy this as an annual event. This is just depressing.

DLD: I hate the zero clips its insulting to their slight moment in the sun. give me a break a 30 sec clip per nominee adds less then 10 min to show total.

Davidfur: And the way to honor the industry is to SHOW CLIPS of the performers and the shows!

BTN: finally bb wins writing!!!

Alamkay: Wow. They did even less for ATWT than they did for GL. Didn't think that was possible. What a slap in the face to the show and the fans. Shameful.

east/west: A horrible show. Three words sums it up fine.

boidiva02: Well i think there were a few flaws in tonight's show i think it's still a big improvement over last years horror show. Yes, i agree clips needed to be shown but if they weren't shown i was okay with them using the vegas talent to introduce the nominees. That felt organic to me and it worked.

Photo: Maura West and Michael Parks at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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Shameful! Shameful like David Copperfield's overinflated ego and hair.

SOLUTION: Bring the Daytime Emmys back to Daytime like it was done for the first 17 yrs. With most of the soaps going off the air, the networks have time and space (Pre-empt a rerun of Oprah and Ellen) and Daytime fans will be appreciated. Bring Soap Opera Digest awards to the View, Regis or Oprah, like it did for many years on Merv griffin, go back to Basics.

I will admit that I didn't watch the Daytime Emmys; however, as a former Las Vegas casino/hotel employee, I can tell you why it seemed like an ad for Vegas/Hilton. When TV shows and movies film at a property, it is often written into the contract that the hotel/casino is to be prominently featured in the show. As an earlier poster from Las Vegas noted, the entire city is about shameless self-promotion. (And that's one reason why I don't live there anymore.)

Thanks for sharing this information, i truly love your weblog. Keep this good work & enlighten us with your new post. Thanks.

This is without doubt the worst awards show.What does over 30 minutes of tribute to Dick Clark have to do with anything? or the Lion KiNG? OR A tour of the LaS Vegas Hilton? And NO clips of the actors? How well this symbolizes the state of affairs and the networks' attitude toward soaps.

The show was a complete disaster, Regis was mean sprited, thats how it came across the screen to me.The tribute to ATWT was a mess, where was the cast???? Shameful!!! The whole Dick Clark tribute??????He has been in music????why was this on a night for Daytime??? It should have been on the think....a complete waste of time....Chubby was a promo for Las Vegas........the entertainment capital of the world........what a's that New York/no Los Angeles.....CBS executives and the producers wanted the money.......they produced a horrible show.......the EMMY organization has nobody to blame but themselves.........DayTime is on life support...........

This telecast was interesting to say the least. While I am grateful that the daytime emmy's were telecast at all, since they almost were not, I have to say that most of the show had nothing to do with daytime television. It was all one big promotion of Vegas. Stars were rushed with their acceptance speeches, no clips of the nominees were shown, and even the presenters ran through the announcing of the nominees as fast as they could. I could go on and on, but overall the telecast was disappointing because it should have focused much more on the soap operas and talk shows instead of the acts that are playing in Vegas! Lots of hard work goes into the making of these shows, and this awards show did not do any of the shows or actors any justice. It's a real shame that the daytime emmy's always get the short end of the stick. Also, did anyone notice how all of the CBS shows and actors won most of the awards? Could it be because CBS was the only network willing to air the daytime emmys? I'm just saying...

I thought this years Daytime Emmys were terrible! There were no clips so that we could compare our favorites with the winners. There was no IN MEMORIUM feature to honor James Mitchell and others we have lost this year. While the tribute to Dick Clark was nice as was the one for Agnes Nixon, I did not like the Las Vegas commercial or the Feed the Children commercial! And for the record, I thought Regis was a terrible host for the show.

The show was abysmal. I agree with previous posters who wondered whether this was a celebration of daytime TV or Las Vegas. While touching, the Dick Clark tribute seemed out of place and made it look like the only thing he contributed was American Bandstand. He was the host of the EXTREMELY popular Pyramid gameshows, created the American Music Awards, and a myriad of other accolades. It felt more like a "what can we get Ryan Seacrest to do on the show?" moment.

I missed having clips of the actors during their respective categories. While not an avid daytime viewer, it was nice to see clips of scenes so you had some idea about the talent of the person who wins, as well as the other nominees.

Regis Philbin was GREAT as a host of "Millionaire" and he's mastered his job on his show. He is NOT an awards show host. Bad move.

To not give ATWT a proper thank you and send off was a tragic move and the producers of the Emmys should be ashamed of themselves.

It's weird. They were looking looking looking for a network to air the show with the intention of getting people to watch. Then, they gave us two hours of crap we didn't want to see. I don't understand the thinking.

it felt more like a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce film instead of the Daytime Emmy's - and did I miss the "In Memory" of those we lost thise year? And where are the clips of the actors work? What a shame - hopefully better next year!

The show was cross between the Tony Awards (but far worse version of it) and a Las Vegas promo-mercial. Some segments were unnecessary. ATWT should have gotten a better tribute for their send-off and the whole cast should have been on stage to take one last bow. And some categories seemed to have been rush through especially the announcement of Best Daytime Drama Series. Poorly done this year.

i cant believe they disrespected ASTWTlike that other than guideing like that was one of the other longest running soap operas and deserved a lot more time than the nil that it got!!!and also who the HELL decided that bold and the beuatiful was more outstanding that general hospital!!!

except for the tribute to dick clark,it went down hill right was more a travelouge for las vegas then an awards year they should do it in washington d.c.;at the kennedy center(where they do the kennedy center honors) on ABC,so ONE LIFE TO LIVE,GENERAL HOSPITAL OR ALL MY CHILDREN biasly can win all the awards . also get someone more annoying host then regis philbin,ryan seacreast or rachel ray.i love awards shows given on tv,but not this bad.

Being a native of this town, I can say that's what Vegas is about: Shameless self-promotion. Nothing else.
Still, the show sounds terrible.
Sorry, Emmy folks.

Sad...seeing that most awards were given the last 50 minutes with no clips of some good acting. It seemed to be all about Vegas. Regis wasn't even that good. Where were the memorials for those we lost this past year?

Last years telecast was FAR better. They did a longer intro to the Supporting Actor category than the ATWT tribute and I am surprised they didn't hire that really fast talking guy to do the announcements.



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