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Top 2010 Oscars contenders so far: 'Toy Story 3' and ...?

June 20, 2010 |  9:18 am

"As the first half of 2010 draws to a close, serious Academy Awards contenders have yet to emerge," sighs Gregg Kilday in the Hollywood Reporter.

However, Kilday thereafter contradicts himself by citing several strong contenders already seen widely by the industry: "Toy Story 3," which "could become the first 2010 entry to make it into the circle of 10" for best picture, he says. And two breakout hits from Sundance — "Winter's Bone" ("Debra Granik's hardscrabble Ozarks-set drama") and "The Kids Are All Right" ("It's the sort of upscale crowd-pleaser that could find favor").

Winter's Bone Toy Story 3 Oscars news 2

Plus one critically hailed entry at Cannes: Mike Leigh's "Another Year" ("slice-of-life movie about a circle of middle-aged friends").

Jeff Wells pipes in at Hollywood-Elsewhere: "The best 2010 films I've seen thus far for their own merits (i.e., forget the awards race) are Alejandro González Iñárritu's 'Biutiful' (Cannes), Doug Liman's 'Fair Game' (Cannes), Olivier Assayas' 'Carlos' (Cannes), Aaron Schneider's 'Get Low,' Noah Baumbach's 'Greenberg,' Roman Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer' and Philipp Stölzl's 'North Face.'

"The leading best picture Oscar candidates at this stage appear to be 'Inception,' 'Toy Story 3,' 'Fair Game,' 'Tree of Life,' 'Biutiful,' 'The Social Network,' 'Get Low,' 'Hereafter,' 'True Grit' and maybe 'London Boulevard.' "

Over at AwardsDaily, Sasha Stone breaks down the top contenders with strong opinions too. She downgrades "Toy Story 3" to the screenplay and sound editing race but elevates "Winter's Bone" beyond just the best actress race for Jennifer Lawrence's performance (which Wells touts as its strongest shot). Stone thinks it could land in the best picture race.

She also hypes "Fair Game," "Blue Valentine" and "Another Year" among films already seen by film critics and other industry insiders.


Oscars voter: 'Toy Story 3' is a 'shoo-in for a best picture nomination'

Photo: "Winter's Bone."  Credit: Roadside Attractions

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i think toy story 3 is a very strong contender, not only to be nominated, but to win the best picture oscar. it'll win best animated picture hands down

Yes, James, you should go on. Leo DiCaprio continually plays himself in all his movies. He doesn't dig deep for any performance. Sorry.

I've never agreed with the category "Best Animation Picture". Animated pictures should be sized with live-action pictures, and of course Toy Story 3 should be nominated for Best Movie. PIXAR deserves this recognition. I loved How to Train Your Dragon... but Toy Story 3 completely demolished every animated movie I've ever seen... even my previous favorite animated movie: UP. But let's wait for the Academy Awards.

What about How to Train Your Dragon? I think that could be included in animated features, at least. It got very positive ratings and was a big hit at the box office.

'Shutter Island' was silly and Paramount moved it last year partially so they wouldn't to spend for a 'Consideration Campaign' simply because they had a Scorsese pic (probably the least of his films to date).

'City Island' is one of the better flicks I've seen so far this year and will likely not receive any attention, but is something that would be a great fit in the GG's Comedy/Musical category.

Interesting all this talk of best movies when almost all on this list haven't even been seen by people yet! Why not predict that the remake of Footloose will be nominated...whenever that may be. That one is unseen's also unmade as of now...

Not too many good movies this year it looks like. And I don't think DiCaprio has been overlooked. I don't find him that good - he seems kind of weak and whiny in every movie and not a good "leading man". I think the only thing he was excellent in was Gilbert Grape.

Obviously "Toy Story 3" will not only be nominated for Best Picture, but it will win Best Animated Movie. PIXAR has won this award every year, and this year won't be a stopping point. This movie was completely fantastic, and they did yet ANOTHER excellent job.

I think "Shutter Island" should be thrown in there, and Leonardo DiCaprio should be nominated for Best Actor. That movie was fantastic, as well.

Movies for 2010 so far have been pretty crappy.

Leonardo Dicaprio should finally pick up the Oscar for best actor for shutter island -- he has been passed over too many times -- What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Revolutionary Road, the aviator, blood diamond, the departed -- shall I go on.....



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