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Poll: Is Sandra Bullock crazy to show up at MTV Movie Awards?

June 6, 2010 |  3:12 pm
Sandra Bullock MTV Movie Awards news

Do you think it's gracious or crazy of Sandra Bullock to attend the MTV Movie Awards? Our forum posters are having a smackdown over their opinions.

"Why would Sandra waste her time by making this farce of an awards show her first public event appearance since her personal saga?" asks GoBlue! "You'd think it would be at a more reputable event."

Rockstitution replies: "Well, they are presenting her with an award especially dedicated to her. It'd be kinda rude not to attend. Plus, she's riding the wave of being hip at the moment, so why not attend?"

Babypook adds: "I agree. They love her. Why not be gracious and attend? Besides, Sandra showed up for her Razzie. She's class, all the way."

See more fierce opinions in our forums. Below, share what you think.


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Photo: Sandra Bullock at the Oscars. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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Sandra Bullock is a class act. MTV Awards should have given the best fight award to Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber!! Awesome!!! Didn't care for Beyonce or her movie. Made her look cheap.

Women who get cheated on shouldn't make public appearances after a year of mourning...just teasing!...har, har...

After 15 minutes I couldn't take anymore and put the show on mute and played some Miles to clear my head. I only tuned in to see Sandra.

She's a class act no matter what she does.



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