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Poll: Is Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood the bigger talent?

June 11, 2010 |  1:22 am

Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood CMA Awards Since Carrie Underwood came roaring back to defeat Taylor Swift at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards, there has been a heated debate among our readers as to who is the bigger talent.

The two singers are fairly evenly matched when it comes to awards hardware. However, as seen by this sampling of comments about the original post, opinion remains divided as to who is the true queen of country music:

Jen: The only reason that Taylor won so may awards this past season was due to the sympathy vote after the Kanye outburst. Carrie is oh so deserving of these awards and so many more. Carrie is a true American idol.

Mark Raymond Cubbage: I do believe Taylor should have won, not Carrie. Like Taylor or not, "You Belong With Me" was one of the biggest sensations of the year. Everyone from country to pop was covering it and it never seemed to leave CMT. "Cowboy Casanova" went almost unnoticed. The only reason Carrie won is because she is currently active with a new release, whereas Taylor is in the "writing" stage. Had she just released a new single, chances are she would have won for sure. After awhile, all of Underwood's songs begin to have the same rhythm. Anyone else notice?

CLM: So glad to hear Carrie took the awards. Real tired of hearing Taylor and her teeny bop songs. The title was fitting. Congrats Carrie.

Amanda: Taylor should have won one or all of them. They were very disappointing. Why did she not perform? Those awards were boring. Taylor looked beautiful like always. I dont get why Carrie has been winning the past two award shows. Well when Taylor comes out with her new CD she will be winning again.

Judy: Thank goodness the fans got it right this year. Carrie, is absolutely the Queen of Country Music. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is just Awesome!!! Congratulations to Carrie and all of the winners!!!

katydid: "Cowboy Casanova" is a very strange song and the video is pretty trashy in my opinion. Carrie has a great voice but I don't think she is all that authentic. Carrie is a product of the industry like her or not. Taylor writes her own songs and has stayed true to who she is. She's so young, just imagine the songs she'll be writing as she matures. I guess voice won over substance.

Add your voice to the ongoing debate and cast your vote in our poll as well.

Photos: Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood at the 2009 CMA Awards. Credit: ABC.

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Bon Jovi has the top North American tour in the first half of 2010 with $52.8 million in grosses. James Taylor and Carole King are next at $41 million and Swift is third with $34.2 million. The tours of Paul McCartney ($31.6 million) and George Strait ($29.8 million) round out the top five.

if carrie so great and has this amazing voice and is such a amazing entertainer then why is she not in the top 5 of the concert tour list everyone saids she is so great but yet no one goes to see her tour but yet taylor who ever saids sucks cant sing blows as a singer and entertainer is number 3 on the tour list and her tour been over for a month. and she still blows carries tour out of the water.

now what u can not say anything now the proof is in the pudding now what do u hatters got to say

o btw carries play on has yet to sell a million copys this year that is realy said and all people think she is going to be around for a while get real. her 3rd album is been out for like 6 months and has yet to brake 1 miillion. taylor will sell that in the first week or 2.

Wow. You guys are lame. And so immature. Calling people Carrietards and Taylortards. Really? Get a life. Grow up.
There both talented but Carrie is best vocally. Her voice is more mature, and basically is for more mature people.
Taylor is more for the teens.
Carrie wins.
But Taylor does have some good songs.

Carrie is the best. Taylor will begin to fade. Her songs are annyoing and immature. Carrie sings about real things, like "Temporary Home" for example, is about real things going on n the world. The song means something. Not love. Carrie might not write all her songs, but at least when she sings them, she feels them and they are meaningful. Taylor has only been winning cause of Kayne. Thank Kayne Taylor. Your 15 minutes is up! Carrie will always be the best, like her or not. Taylor just sucks!

Not a fan of either of them but have seen both concerts and I must say I'd go with Taylor.

Both write their own songs but carrie only cowrites and there's a difference.
Taylor has better songs lyrically and melodically.
Both can play instruments but by far Taylor is more superior (can do a show with just her and guitar only)
Vocally, carrie is more superior but it is plain wrong to say Taylor can't sing. Every artist have some bad days and that's understandable cause they're human. (have you seen carries cmt awards performance? Admit it she struggled).
Taylor didn't win on the cmt and acm ( am I right? Is that the correct award shows?) because her album is 2 years old already. The awards should be given to the artists who have newer songs or albums released. When taylor drops her new album surely she'll win awards again.
On the genre debate: can we all just accept the fact that music evolves inevitably and that's good. Who cares if the artist is country or country-pop? At the end of the day GOOD music is still GOOD music.

It will all comes down to which you prefers most and I prefered Taylor because when I went to her concert with my daughter, Im speechless how talented she is and proved why she won entertainer of the year. I've seen many concerts in my entire existence but that fearless tour is my favorite and as my daughter said, "this show is the one of those moments I will never forget and I will be telling this lifechanging experience to my children someday" ( and oh my daughter is 25 years old) and I said, I couldn't agree more :)

You know it all comes down to which artist you prefer

Get my bra unhooked? Uh....WRONG! Maybe yours, since after all you are her fan-bot. You know, YOU ARE what you attract. If she could knock about 2 inches of that make-up off her face she might look less cheap. Then someone would have to teach her to put some clothes on. Carrie, I hate to be the one that has to break it to you, but we might want get a nose job while we're at it. Too bad that truck you was running behind had to slam on the breaks and flatten that nose for ya! Oh well, Don't let it bother ya too much, because there's a doctor that can fix that for ya. While they're fixing it, be sure and tell them about how your nostrils flair, you know, it makes a girl look cheap like...well....she's wanting something. Good Luck!

Really Autumn? He might be able to get that bra of yours unhooked? Immature much? And you call her trashy... I've seen many other people wear clothes a whole lot shorter than hers. She always wears shorts underneath, get your facts straight. And Cara, where do you get that she's fake? Nothing more than a pop singer? Haha what do you think Taylor is? If you think Taylor is more country than Carrie you are sadly mistaken. Carrie is extremely classy, as is Taylor. Carrie screaming? She has an incredible range and she doesn't scream. If she did, I'd rather have her screaming than Taylor's talking or whatever the heck she does. Jeeze, I'm not even a fan of either one but even I know Carrie has an undeniable voice and they are both extremely classy people.

Carrie is so fake. She's nothing but a pop singer trying to act country. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Taylor has more class in her little finger than Carrie has or will ever have. I would rather listen to Taylor than Carrie screaming to hit those notes. Carrie sounded horrible on the CMT Awards. I was embarrassed for her.

Carrie Underwood is so trashy. She always has those toothpick legs spread apart when she's performing with a short skirt or dress on barely covering her twat. Yuck! And "Undo It"? Pathetic!! Carrie, if you stop begging so much he might be able to get that bra of yours unhooked for ya!!! To think I use to be your fan, I never realized just how trashy you really are! Get a life girlfriend!!

Ok I get that you like Taylor Swift. I understand. But calling Carrie fans Carrietards?

That's just a little bit off. People down there calling other Carrietards and Taylortards need to stop.

Now I'm gonna express MY opinion. I feel like Taylor writes songs for teenagers. THATS why she has such a large fan base. Her songs are about love (and some aren't) but they mostly are. Evidence: Hey Stephen, You Belong With Me, Fearless, Teardrops,Tim McGraw. Carrie not only writes about love (like Tay) but about other stuff like Poverty, changing the world, and etc. I feel like Carrie has far superior vocals compared to Taylor because she can hold a note MUUCH longer than Taylor. She plays 3 or four instruments.

I understand we have a debate between Carrie fans and Taylor fans. We might not be able to get along. But can we PLEASE stop adding the word tard to the end of a musicians last name? Its rude to both sides.

I am going to follow up with thisisfun below me. Bud, every freaking country fan and singer counts the country awards! What are you even talking about those don't count? She's POP, that's why she is declining IN COUNTRY MUSIC. Her fans are POP. I love how when she loses fan voted awards (CMT Awards) her fans say they don't matter and Carrie fans spam. Such crap. You weren't saying that when she won. Big deal she hosted SNL. Carrie was on How I Met Your Mother and filmed a movie, and I have no doubt Carrie will get better reviews than Taylor did on Valentine's Day (which she was terrible in, in case you didn't know). 5 top ten country hits? Oh man, that's intense. Carrie is almost at her 13th straight #1 country hits!! Undo it is already at #6!! Taylor does not do nearly as well on country charts as Carrie does! 2 #1 hits? Wow, she sure is doing well. Can I just point you back to my previous statistic of Carrie's with 13 straight?

Wow, Bud. First, learn to write in complete sentences and use punctuation. It'll do wonders for you. Second, Carrie actually plays both electric and acoustic guitar, and the piano every night on her tour. She is actually an extremely talented guitarist, better than Tayor in my opinion. Carrie does write songs too. You are going to credit country being popular only to Taylor? Why do you think she didn't perform or win anything at the CMT awards, which were fan voted? Her fans are majority pop fans. She is pop, most people understand that now. Like I said, she didn't even perform at the CMT awards. Carrie's the one who brought a lot of people to country music five years ago. In my opinion, Taylor would not be nearly as popular as she is without Carrie being around. She brought so many people to country music, and then Taylor came on the scene a little later. Carrie's one of the few people who I believe started country's increase in popularity. There is no way Taylor would be as famous with the fans Carrie brought over. I can't even understand the rest that you wrote...

@andy K OK but how long has carrie Some heats been out 5 years Frealess isnt even 2 years old and almost sold more in a year n a half and carrie wasnt even up for song of the year Josh Kear & Chris Tompkins for "Before He Cheats" performed by Carrie Underwood hes the nom. now Liz Rose and Taylor Swift for "You Belong With Me" performed by Taylor Swift she rite all her songs i agree that carrie has an amazing voice but she cant play any instments or rite her own songs Taylor wrote Forever and always in three days and recorded it in two weeks and the song is amazing and @tirsh if she ant country what about songs like White horse (her best song and better then any of carries),Tied together with a smile,permanet marker and i heart ? taylor is what country will be shes cangeing country music AND CAN ANYONE ask them selfs this whens the last time country music has been this popular ten years ago with Faith hill and Shaina Twain. Taylor has brought back country music back into the lime light and if taylors next cd bombs the shell still will have some thing that Carrie dosnt ALBUM OF THE YEAR! and whens the last time Country music has had that (and the dixie chick dont count the whole Shut up in shing got the whole simpity vote but i do love them)? and the cmas and amc and cmt awards i just for country music so who dose that count carrie won entertainer of the year at the amas right shes had a way biiger 2009-2010 then taylor she she Hosted Snl,went on the highest grossing tour of the year,won 4 grammys with album of the year,had five top ten coutry hits &2 top mainstreem hits and 2 #1 hits! oh wait that was Taylor Swift now i remember

Terra I agree with you!!!! Taylor acted HORRIBLY at the tribute!! Now she'll do it again at the George Strait tribute coming up!!

Ughh I've had enough of this little girl!! It's time she grows up and gets out of the industry ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Andy K., Conor, Don, and everyone else who chose Carrie and explained why!

As for CaladorCP -- Just because Carrie's in the lead doesn't mean Underwood fans are "spamming the poll". Would you be saying that if Taylor had Carrie's percentage and Carrie had Taylor's? No, of course not. So zip it. Suck it up, quit being a sore loser, and face the FACT that your favorite is a second-rate amateur to the immaculate and impeccable vocalist, musician, writer, and entertainer that is Ms. Carrie Underwood. 2-time (first female to ever do so), back-to-back ACM Entertainer of the Year awards aren't supposed to represent nothing! They obviously mean something since they were given to her. It's a shame that all of the Taylor Swift fans are too bitter to ever give her that kind of recognition or approval.

Taylor's 3rd album will BOMB. And I will put money on that, too! Her 2nd album reached the highest point for ANY artist EVER, which is the Album of the Year for the Grammys. What makes you all think that she will repeat that with the very next album? This album will contain the same, stupid, cliche, boring, old stuff that Ms. Swift always sings about -- love, boys, heartbreak, revenge on boys, marraige, and kissing. It's the same crap over and over and over again. Why do you think that ever since her Grammy awards disaster of a performance (and the ACMs, too), she fell off the face of the earth? Because people realized WHO SHE WAS -- a bubble-gum, plain, cookie-cutter POP artist who sings about the same stuff. That's why "Fifteen" and "Fearless" tanked on the charts.

Oh, and yes - she's POP. Not country, not country-pop crossover, just POP. Just because she labels her noise as "Country" doesn't automatically make it Country. It's Pop, and always will be. Carrie's half country, half country-pop. Country songs: Jesus, Take the Wheel, Don't Forget to Remember Me, Just a Dream, Temporary Home, Someday When I Stop Loving You, Play On, Crazy Dreams, Wheel of the World, I Told You So, What Can I Say? (feat. Sons of Sylvia), So Small, Flat on the Floor (a little bit of country-rock, actually), Wasted, I Ain't In Checotah Anymore, etc. Country-Pop songs: Undo It, Before He Cheats, Cowboy Casanova, All-American Girl, Some Hearts, Songs Like This, The More Boys I Meet, Get Out of This Town, etc.

Taylor is all pop. Nothing about her or her noise (the stuff that you call music) is country in any way, shape, or form.

Sorry, but Ms. Swift is done in a matter of months, and I've proved my point with this post.

Bud - Sorry to break it to you, but you listed "Before He Cheats" as a song that can't stand up to Taylor's songs. It won the Grammy for Country Song of the Year, was nominated for Song of the Year, won the CMA for Single of the Year (as well as was nominated for Song of the Year), etc. "Cowboy Casanova" was nominated for ACM Song of the Year.

Oh, and Carrie's sold 16.5 million albums and her first album, "Some Hearts", went 7x platinum and was named as Billboard's Best Country Album of the 2000s decade.

OK lest think:
Better Voice-Carrie
Better songs-Taylor
They both have what the oter needs Carrie dont rite her own songs Taylor dose but Carrie has one of the best voices in music but songs like Cowboy castonova,Before he cheats,Undo it and American girlcant realy stand up to You belong with me (song and recored of the year nom.)White horse(country song of the year winner)Fearless,and even songs that wernt singels Jump and fall,Superstar and Forver and always.But Carrie is a big fan fav cuz of Idol but really thats just a TV show name when you look at it Taylor Swift is the american idol she won album of the year in 2010 she has sold 10mil albums at 20 years old fearless is 6x platnum so im gonna go with Taylor is better

Okay, first of all, am I the only person who finds it weird that the LA times would have a poll about these two singers two weeks in a row? These polls are so stupid Someone would have to be high to believe that Taylor Swift will have a long-lasting and chart-topping career in any type of music, let alone county, the genre she and her label falsely describe her as. Now I may be a Carrie-fan but I have several good reasons behind my ideas. Number 1, Carie has an amazing and powerful voice, nobody can deny that (I'd like to hear Taylor belt that G she does in Alone in her chest voice) and it's because of her voice that Carrie is famous. All of my friends who are Taylor fans try to use American Idol against Carie, but come on guys, who's gonna buy Winning the title of best undiscovered singer in America is so embarrassing and shameful While on the other hand, nobody in their right mind could believe Taylor is a strong female vocalist. She even knows it. In her plea video to get votes for the ACM awards she describes herself as the Top Female Vocalist because she was the tallest of the nominees. Wow. And I think we all remember her disastrous performances of Silent Night around Christmas time, and her ear-shattering performance with Stevie Nicks this year at the Grammys. And these are just the publicly known bad ones, every other performance I've seen of her is shaky and off-pitch and she uses props, backup singers and crazy dance moves to distract the audience from her. And for all the Taylor fans out there who say So what if Taylor doesn't have a good voice isn't the whole point of being a singer to have a good voice? And also, there are some saying that she’s too young. Excuse me? Have you heard Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston at that age? They were still able to sing circles around older vocalists. Even Carrie at age 14 was better than Taylor could ever hope to be, no matter how old she is. Number 2, at least Carrie sings about different topics than boys and love. Sure she may have a lot of songs about it, but that's what most songs are about, but she also has Temporary Home, Change, Jesus Take the Wheel, Wasted (which although it describes relationships its predominantly about addiction) Mama's Song, So Small, Just A Dream, Dont Forget to Remember Me, Wheel of the World and Play On, all songs that are NOT about Boys and Love. And for all of the Taylor fans out there who say Carrie's songs aren't relate-able to, just listen to what you guys are saying. Sure they made up Foster Care and Adoption just for Temporary Home, oh car crashes are over-rated and they're only hyped up so Carrie could have Jesus Take the Wheel, oh yeah nobody dies in a war and no family has to suffer, so Just a Dream is totally fake, and I could go on forever about this. Carrie's songs are relate-able even though she sings about a wide array of topics, just because you haven’t suffered through any of that in the short time you’ve been on this earth doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of others who have. However on Taylor’s side, every song is about boys and love! And for those who are saying “Wait for her third album!” it’ll be all about boys and love, trust me, she said it in an interview. Number 3, for those who say Carrie isn’t emotional when she sings, you guys must be high. She’s so into her songs she’s even cried on some occasions, I bet Taylor can’t say that. Number 4 their other talents, this is probably the only sort ofevenly matched part. Carrie can play the guitar and the piano (I’m not saying Taylor can’t but for all of those Taylor fans out there who say she can’t, trust me I’ve seen her do both). Carrie can write her own songs (And I’m not saying Taylor can’t do this either but everyone says Carrie can’t write. So suck it she can). Carrie’s a few weeks away from her 6th co-written number one song, Taylor’s only had 4. Do the math! Finally, for those who say “Carrie can’t entertain” sure she may not have been the best entertainer when she first started out on American Idol, but look at her now! Her concert tour has been getting amazing reviews from both critics and fans. Taylor may be entertaining, but that’s because she covers up her bad singing with flashy production, guitars, and dance moves that make me want to burst out laughing. So as a final statement, doesn’t everything I wrote make perfect sense, and if it doesn’t to you, maybe you should open your eyes and open your ears.

Taylor Swift is a nothing more than a zit that just won't go away. Carrie on the other hand is one hell of an AMAZING, TALENTED individual. The legends and greats like Dolly, Reba, Randy, Vince etc have already stated their opinions. "Carrie is the best thing that came out of Nashville. She is the epitome of a star. She'll be around for years and years to come."

Taylortards need to get a new batch of insults.. Copying the "tards" and call carrie fans "carrietards" just shows how unimaginative you people are.. It doesn't even have a ring to it! Come one.. You have to agree that Taylortards sounds better, as an insult, than Carrietards.. Actually Carrietards sounds like a cake.. You guys need new ideas.. Then again, your beloved TS couldn't come up with new ideas for her songs.. what more can you expect from her fans?? Taylortards...

Kinda funny actually, the fact that Taylor is a good singer. She makes good radio music... even though all her songs are about boys boys and more boys. But we all know she completely blows when she sings live. The only reason Taylor is a big hit is because she can't decide if she's country or pop. She thinks she can have it both ways but she can't. Carrie however has stuck to who she is. Country music all the way. Sure she puts a different rhythm to it at times but it sure is great music. Carrie's songwriting skills are slowing becoming very great. She had only 1 song she co-wrote on her first album, 4 on her 2nd album and 7 on her 3rd album. Carrie hasn't been writing music all her life like Taylor has. Also when Carrie does write music she make sit a variety of stuff. Taylor is a decent songwriter. Good guitarist. but not a good singer. Again I like Taylor's songs when she's on the radio. I just wish she had more variety and didn't suck at singing live.

@ Jane: You comment to me like I'm an idiot and then say "No offense"? I wasnt putting down your precious Carrie, I was mereley saying it seems weird that it would be equal and then shoot in one dirrection. You and your other "Carrietards" can like Carrie Underwood all you want but she dosnt amount to anything close to Taylor in my book, and MAYBE your the one whos BLIND AND DEAF, "no offense."

CARRIE IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THEN TAYLOR! Carrie has an amazing voice and she is so beautiful plus she can write awesomehits! Taylor can write and is cute but thats about it. I do appriciate however that both of these two country superstars are super good role models! CARRIE fan all the way!

Ryan & Anne wrote: "carrie is a singer, taylor is a musician :)i prefer an artist who can play, sing and writes her own material"

Well, here we go again... Carrie sings, plays the guitar AND piano in concert, I'd call that a musician... Carrie also has Co-written many of her songs... Carrie has 12 #1 singles out of 12 singles released... and 5 of those singles Carrie has Co-written... Taylor only has 5 #1 singles out of 10 singles released... So, you do the math.... : )

@ CaladorCP, Did it cross your mind that MAYBE there are people out there who agrees that Carrie is the more talented of the two? Why suddenly when Taylor's not doing well in polls, that you immediately assume that Carrie fans are spamming? Despite what you and your fellow taylortards think, there are people out there that are NOT DEAF and BLIND. They know real talent when they see and hear them. The world does not revolve around Taylor Swift. There are plenty of people who are more talented than Taylor Swift, as there are plenty of people who are more talented than Carrie Underwood. BUT, Taylor Swift is NOT one of those people. My opinion, no offense.

I've got to point out something. Someone stated that Taylor is a "solid singer". I seriously doubt that. They also stated that she's a "solid musician". I seriously doubt that too. Someone else stated that she's a musician and Carrie's a singer. I beg to differ. Carrie is more than just a singer and she has time and time again proven that. She's a talent unrivaled. Taylor, at most, is an average singer and musician. She has proven that to us time and time again.

@Ryan & Anne, Carrie writes her own material as well.. She plays BOTH piano and guitar very well.. AND she can SING circles around Taylor. I guess you people know where I stand.. Carrie wins hands down..

taylor for sure :)

carrie is a singer, taylor is a musician :)

i prefer an artist who can play, sing and writes her own material :)

avid fans from the philippines :)
ryan,29. anne 28

taylor can't wait for the third album...gonna be kickass!




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