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Poll: Will Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift have the longer career?

June 18, 2010 |  2:44 pm

Carrie Underwood Taylor Swift CMT Music AwardsCarrie Underwood and Taylor Swift remain relatively evenly matched when it comes to award hardware. Over the last five years, both of these women have won their share of kudos decided upon by both the public and the industry.

In their showdown at last week's CMT Music Awards, Carrie Underwood won over the public, taking the top honor of video of the year for "Cowboy Casanova" and also scoring the performance prize for her rendition of "Temporary Home" on the CMT show "Invitation Only." Taylor Swift went home empty-handed despite three nominations, including bids for video of the year and female video for "You Belong to Me."

At the Academy of Country Music Awards in April, Underwood prevailed as entertainer of the year for the second year in a row. Swift lost all five of her bids, even though she was coming off big wins at both the Grammys (album of the year) and the Country Music Assn. Awards (entertainer of the year, album of the year, best female vocalist). However, she could not convince a combination of ACM members and online voters to give her that one prize missing from her mantle.

In a recent poll, our readers thought Carrie Underwood the better singer over Taylor Swift by a margin of more than two to one. However, talent is only one factor in the continued success of a performer. The public can be fickle, and what works today can seem tired tomorrow. Country crooners tend to have longer careers than their pop counterparts. Yet even among the Nashville set, stars can burn out quickly (Gretchen Wilson) or fade away (Shania Twain).

Photos: Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood at the 9th annual CMT Music Awards. Credit: Getty Images.

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really people? yeah im on carrie's side for the question but i think both women are nice. who ever says carrie is mean..THINK AGAIN. im on her fanclub page right now and she just posted on a thread that she would pray for this girls family bc her grandma just died. thats sooo mean right? and she wished us a happy halloween thats cruel too right? and she gave me a free tee shirt bc the guard accidently closed the door on my finger and it bruised THATS SOO MEAN? NO SHES INCREDABLY NICE AND NOT SELF ABSORBED (tay isnt either) but really grow up people and don't judge bc u havent had heart to hearts with either one of them. so worry about you act and don't worry about them

I think Carrie Underwood sings better than TS. But don't get me wrong TS i like the way you write your songs. I'm not trying to criticize anybody but if you don't know how to sing then you shouldn't try to criticize anybody else and how they sing. Even if you can sing then don't criticize anybody but yourself. Thank You!!!
P.S. Live your own life because life is to short to live somebody else.

You people are terrible, should not say nasty things or call names to anyone, some of the filth I read on here is sad, where are your parents????Carrie is great, have been to 4 concerts and no auto tune to help her, she has the best vocals out there-she is a giving person and very sweet in person. She will be around long after TS is gone and forgotten about. Taylor is a good writer, too bad she doesn't sell those songs to people who could sing them. She is no longer a kid, she is almost 21, but still acts like 10.

Taylor is all ready going down hill. She is all about making money and wants to be noticed where ever she is. She can't sing in tune and her songs all sound the same. She may be a talented song writer and I give her credit for that. She is very immature and needs to grow up and start acting her age.

Ok... Carrie has won 53 awards and Taylor has won 38... Carrie has won 15 more!

Taylors fan are very rude on Carrie's youtube pages and the alike. More people in the Country Community are also taking notice. It seems like taylor approves this kind of childish behavior. But Taylor is still childish today, the way she act's on stage to try to be cool. Anything to take the focus off of her bad singing. Taylor lost out on the last 2 award shows after begging for votes on her fan club sites and youtube. Her fans negative cooments to Carrie and her fans I think is one of the reasons why Taylor has not been winning anything. No Class.

Carrie Underwood will be the next Faith Hill.

ok we all know the real reason for people liking Taylor they can connect with her songs time to be honest about that one!!! But the real question is she a good SINGER???????? no of course not have you not heard her sing at those award shows wow image how bad she is a concerts ! Carrie on the other hand some of her songs you can connect to like Temporary Home (which infact she did help co-right) and So Small but have you heard Carrie's vocals ???AMAZINGGGGGG so Carrie is the easy win for me!!!

first off whoever is saying carrie underwood is mean and says 'help' behind fans backs is wrong and get your fact right before you post something like that! she DOES sign things at M&Gs in fact she is so kind that she will sign two things for one person. Also, she doesn't talk WOW she IS the won that makes the conversation!!! Next she Does take pics. she loves her fans and blogs to check in with them from time to time and spends time on her fanclub out of her busy shechle to answer questions her fan club has for her!!!! WOW THAT IS NOT MEAN AT ALL!!! Oh and how do i know this i am part of her fan club and i have met her she has answered one of my question i have posted on her site so PLEASE peole check your facts before you post them!

first off whoever is saying carrie underwood is mean and says 'help' behind fans backs is wrong and get your fact right before you post something like that! she DOES sign things at M&Gs in fact she is so kind that she will sign two things for one person. Also, she doesn't talk WOW she IS the won that makes the conversation!!! Next she Does take pics. she loves her fans and blogs to check in with them from time to time and spends time on her fanclub out of her busy shechle to answer questions her fan club has for her!!!! WOW THAT IS NOT MEAN AT ALL!!! Oh and how do i know this i am part of her fan club and i have met her she has answered one of my question i have posted on her site so PLEASE peole check your facts before you post them!

you people are idoits that are saying that at a M&G Carrie does not sing anything, talk, or take pics REALLY??????? ok fisrt all she is the nicest person in the world and would never say anything like that so grow up people and get your facts right. I know that she doesn't do these thing because i HAVE met her and she was the won talking the most and she will take a pic and sign two things for one person. PLEASE stop dissing carrie when your wrong about her!!!!!!!!!!

um... taylor is totally better that carrie underwood. I respect Carrie as a person and i think she has a strong voice but it is whiny and ALL of her songs are super annoying. they are not even country and i have to quickly turn off the radio every time i hear "and i DOON'TT EVEN KNOW MMMYYY LAST NAAAMMME" it is extremmely annoying. Taylor Swift is an amazing role model who writes her own music and has the sweetest heart. she is completely down to earth and hasnt gotten all wrapped up in fame. i saw her on tour and i can tell that she she is even now still amazed at how successful she is. even though i have to say that carrie's voice is stronger, that doesnt mean she will be more successful. it is not only about the voice. sooner or later people will realize how annoying carrie underwood's songs are. plus taylor is younger and has far more places to go.

to, missmissy, andy, veronicajet, abbie and miranda FOR GETTING IT :)

for the love of god, how many times, taylor sold out gillette last year before that bieber came into the scene. yeah, she get help from gloriana and kellie but come on, when you go see a show you want to go because of the headliner, and that is taylor.

i have no problems with carrie. not at all because i respect her. but unfortunately, i have a problem with her fans. "she can't sing, she's so ugly, she looks like a rat" we can take it but saying "she's so tone deaf, immature and whiney,she's a slut, she should die and disappear to this world" WOW thats crossing the line right there. i have no problem with people not liking taylor cause that's the reality (we don't agree with everything) but to disrespect her to the extent that she should die (i guess who's immature now?). tired of some carrie fans bashing us for the past 2 years. yes, some of us also argue and may said some things that are not right to carrie but not as nasty and disrespectful as of carrie's fans (not all but the majority is). we were not allowed to post rude things on carrie or anyone for god sakes, we respect each other on taylor forums.

about her style (dancing around, singing, hair flipping)is so annoying: am like, so what? that's her own style let her be herself when she is performing, let her express herself. tell me what's wrong with that?

on taylor is not good in guitar, carrie is better: to be honest, taylor's better. she writes her songs and melodies on her guitar. can carrie do that?

on taylor's immature and 4 chords songs: remember taylor writes her own music. and it's from 12-19 years of age and her experiences. let her be a teenager for god sakes, why you all in a hurry for her to grow up? i know she's 20 now and let her slowly grow up, and i'm sure her songs will be too. on the chords, who cares? at least she writes brilliant songs on those chords.

on taylor has not sold more than carrie in states and worldwide: how'd you know? has carrie soldout arenas and stadiums in uk and australia? i guess not. and on album sales, carrie has more albums released than taylor...judge when they retire, that's how you can tell who sold more albums. not on the process of their career.

on taylor does not have many awards than carrie: again, when they retire that's when you judge who has a lot more awards.

on carrie is a better vocalist: no one is arguing and denying that carrie is a better vocalist than taylor. but taylor can sing to (if you're not belting on every song, that doesn't mean you can't sing) and she's not competing or planning to compete on carrie. taylor knows her limitations and she's using her voice wisely (i mean on the best of her capabilities).

again on songwriting: taylor writes and cowrites all of her songs (remember she's a professional songwriter before she sign for a record deal) and as of carrie, she only cowrite and there is a difference. i have nothing against artist who don't write their songs but i prefer artist who does because i know it's from their heart and experiences.

and for us taylor fans who don't have any musical taste: wow, wow, way to judge man. if you can't appreciate the brillance of the songs and lyrics of taylor, i guess you are the one who don't have any musical taste at all. you don't know what you're missing here.

with who taylor and carrie as a person: well, their both classy women. and i respect and admire them both but as you can see i love taylor more. and when it comes down to their fans i think taylor goes an extra extra mile to show her appreciation for her fans, i mean she doesn't need to do this but she choose to and i think that reflects on how really taylor is as a person).

i'm in my 20s and i am proud to be her fan. she changed and saved so many lives because of what a person she is and her songs. and i can speak to all of her fans that she made us a better person. i know it's so chessy, corny and cliche but that's the truth and i am not ashamed to admit it. she has so many fans other that teenagers contrary as you all think. and i know also that carrie has done this things to her fans and that's good cause they know what it feels like to have their loved artist have their back when no one else is there, just like what having taylor as a friend.

Conor, the truth of the matter is they are both quite successful and the only ones who can't except that are you and the other fans who continue to try and make them rivals. It's not them with the grudge but their fans and the people who write these ridiculous blogs and polls that stir things up. Neither one of them have anything to be "desperate" about, and neither do their fans.

Oh yeah Taylor!!! (not taylor swift taylor the poster) you speak the truth! we should like meet each other or something haha and i always think that you're a taylor fan for some reason cause your name is taylor :p anyways i was away for a while but wow this has turned into quite an argument. I finally got Karen to quit cause she never came back and re posted but for VeronicaJet, Abbie, Margarette and Miranda, why don't you read Taylor's and my posts before you try to make Taylor Swift out to be the better musician. . .it just makes you guys seem desperate.

Justin Bieber was NOT added on until AFTER Gillette Stadium was sold out ON Taylor Swifts name alone, you need to get your facts straight taylor before YOU accuse others.
Now lets just get to your other points taylor, first of all Carrie does have a beautiful voice but she does not have something that Taylor does have and that is artistry, I can't even imagine Carrie writing her own songs, designing her own stage , cordinating the dance routines and music to her songs.
For two years I have watched the Carrie fans vicious attack on Taylor Swift, I have seen them berate even the fans who have the nerve to like Tayor Swift as if to be a Carrie fan is some kind of a cult. I have seen them drive away anyone who doesn't go along with their hatred of Taylor.And before you deny it don't forget that everything that is written on the internet can be read by everyone. Are there Taylor fans who diss Carrie of course there is, but it's nothing compared to the nastyness of the Carrie fans.
Personality wise I think it's great that both Taylor and Carrie are good to their fans, but I do believe Taylor goes the extra step to show her appreciation.

lol and who's saying that carrie isn't sweet in real life? LOL how do you know that's true? get a life. I have also heard people say that taylor really isn't sweet either. but I'm not going to use that against her.

Oh and I think I will take some time to address some invalid which results in irrelevant arguments that don't even have points since the points made are false.
first- people keep saying taylor sold out gillette stadium and that makes her better then carrie.
- taylor didn't sell it out by herself for your big information- she had justin bieber and others too to back her up
- carrie is headlining a stadium as big or even bigger in july by HERSELF and nearly sold out except for about 200 tickets. (but still sold MORE then taylor sold.)Didn't know that? sorry but maybe you should check info before saying things you know not of.
2nd- taylor is NOT a better guitar player. You don't judge someone's playing by how much they dance around or can throw it... Most of her song's chords are nothing special and just simple. (a G, A , D and EM can play a lot of her songs)
- Carrie also plays electric guitar too in addition to guitar and piano. Didn't know that? again, check your facts before claiming a point to make a point.
3rd- Taylor has NOT sold more then carrie in the states or worldwide
4th- Taylor does NOT have more awards then carrie either
5th- Taylor is a better vocalist then carrie? Carrie is compared to some of the very best of the bests singers in the world. People like Celine, Mariah, and among country singers like Martina Mcbride who's an AMAZING vocalist. Miranda Lambert has even said “She's probably the best female vocalist to come out of Nashville maybe ever,” saysfellow country star and friend Miranda Lambert. “People in the industry really respect her. She's the epitome of a star.”
Once taylor starts singing in tune on a somewhat regular basis without auto tune maybe she will be considered a SINGer. =)
6th- Carrie has written many of her songs. so what if she hadn't written ALL? better to make a song(written by others) her own and shape it into a magnificent song sung by her then to write all songs by herself. I don't know about you but I would rather have a songs with value then one that's "written ALL by oneself" that is cute but rather repetitive at times.(yes I'm aware taylor has songs other then guys...however the MAJORITY is about puppy love and shallow relationships-just living in the moment and then breakups...etc.)
- Even the greatest musicians don't write their own music. Look at Celine or even Faith hill. Do you see people saying celine isn't a "musician" because she hardly writes her own music? Celine is a legendary icon and a huge influence in the world. yet she doesn't really write her own songs. All the more reason (and obvious reason) to KNOW that carrie is AMAZING. Her voice is phenomenal and to add on to that- she WRITES, plays guitar and piano, AND puts on a great show filled with surprises and excitement?
which brings me to another point.
7th- People keep saying "carrie is so boring-she never does anything whereas taylor at least jumps around and changes costumes".
- first of all, If you can't even appreciate the fact that carrie has such epic ability to control her voice so well, her versatility and talent to bring such intensity and emotion into her voice and body language just standing there... (that ability in itself is amazing) well that's beyond me. Just look at her performance of "just a dream" at the CMA. or "jesus take the wheel" ACM. or "so small" CMA or "I told you so" ACM. She got standing Os every time. obviously people in the industry appreciate it and know the talent unlike some... Or... how about her performance of "Change" on CNN live? It was so well sung and heartfelt that even simon cowell was deeply moved and the veterans ALL gave her a standing O for a job well done and because they had deep respect for carrie and her passion.
- Carrie's voice and raw talent in itself is already enough to be considered one of the greatest entertainers. However she has done more than just sing. If you've been to her concerts you WOULD know. She's had just as much theatrical tricks up her sleeve ADDING on to her raw talent. that's a +++++
8th- Carrie's personality is just as good and maybe even better then taylor's. She's down to earth, humble, sweet, and has a lot of class. Instead of bashing her because she's not "open" about her personal life(therefore concluding she's "dull") perhaps you should try applauding her for not feeling the need to expose her personal life though everyone knows it would gain her a lot of publicity. She's mature enough too to not give the person who hurt her credibility by writing them into her songs(though I have nothing against taylor writing about people..) Carrie's one of those "shy until you get to know them" kind of person. instead of bashing and judging her-why don't you get to know her before you say anything. I've also noticed that carrie is still happy even when she doesn't win. she doesn't give a face and even when she won the highest honor of all - entertainer (making history) - she didn't talk much about herself but instead kept talking about how other country artists are also amazingly awesome and etc.
9th.- Carrie already has a home in the grand Ole OPRY and the youngest member present there.

To conclude: Carrie HAS the WHOLE package. (no I'm not saying taylor isn't talented. taylor is...and carrie even more!) what more can you ask? She is one of the very best of the bests vocalist. She writes amazing songs that has meaning. is multi talented, works very hard, is humble, and loves her savior. She will ENDURE just like dolly and reba. She has the raw talent.

p.s. pleeease let's not go into the "don't hate taylor". no one is "hating on taylor". notice the arguments about carrie and taylor. Carrie fans don't put her down. they just state facts like she didn't write a lot of her hit songs by herself, she can't sing in tune... etc. this wasn't to bash taylor but since there are so many invalid arguments-I needed to address. amazing how many "points" people can make just to back up their favorite artist even when it's not true.
p.p.s. just as a side note: carrie's success has largely been in the country industry while taylor pop. just look at the charts. Taylor barely made it to the top 10 country charts with her last 2 singles while carrie is STILL going strong in the COUNTRY face. another number 1 coming =)

Whoever is saying bad things about Taylor Swift is an idiot, and vice versa with Carrie. I'm a HUGE Taylor Swift fan (And no, I'm not 12 years old, in case anyone was wondering) but I would never go around saying how Taylor Swift is the best and every artist that competes with her sucks (except for Miley Cyrus and that stuff, if you even want to call that crap she makes "music"). Every artist has things that are good and things that are bad. For all of you bashing Taylor Swift...she is actually an amazing person. How about you take note of all the things she does for her fans? Ever heard of "A Hug From Taylor Swift" or her "T-Parties" or her "13 hour meet and greet"? She doesn't HAVE to do those things...she really doesn't....but she does because she loves her fans, and THAT is what makes Taylor extra special. I've been to 6 Taylor Swift concerts, and I promise you that she can sing. She's creative, fun, and completely talented. Out of those six concerts, I got meet and greets once and pit passes twice, just for being their early, dressing up, having cool posters, and just being a great fan. To all of you arguing whether Taylor and Carrie are pop or country....honestly, who cares? Taylor is a mix of everything and that's why I love her so much. Stop labeling her and pinning her to one genre of music. She's expressing herself and sharing her music with the world, and she's done a fantastic job of it, and will continue to do so. Taylor is an amazing role model. I could easily say that she has helped me and saved me in so many ways. I'm sure some of you can say the same about Carrie, and that's great...I'm glad someone can be there for you like Taylor is there for me. But all of this arguing is ridiculous. Get a life guys, really.

Miranda u say carries first album was pop and im not denying that, however that was mostly because of American idol, but at least she was able to admit it. Taylor however continues to lie.

i feel sorry for you taylor fans. . . it must be hard to live a life with no musical taste. I totally agree with Conor because he speaks the truth, so Carrie haters why don't you actually read his post before you even try to diss Carrie.

To veronicajet thanks for stating the facts :)
Yes people it's true, taylor sold out that gillette stadium last year in 20mins. And that's way, way, way before that bieber came in the scene!
It's true that you can't compare play on to fearless tour cause fearless have more sales than play on ( I am not lying google it there are many reliable sources about it)
Taylor's is not a teen fad or done. Let's just wait and see when that 3 rd record comes out. And she's not anywhere slowing down in any matter people. Taylor played 100+ shows in 4 continents in 14 months and it's all soldout with great reviews. So don't tell that she is slowing down are you kidding me and your beloved carrie is just starting out. Wow.

She will stay long cause she writes her own music (lyrically and melodically), plays her instruments and very hands on too everything that her name is involved and she's intelligent with a good humble heart. And she has legions of fans worldwide. And she's ine of the authentic singer-songwriter nowadays.She has the staying power.

There's is SO much more that makes an artist's career than just the voice. Personality, ability to put on a show, album sells, etc.
Let's start with personality. Taylor is one of the most kind, caring, endearing, funny individuals I have ever seen. She greets every fan with a hug (Or sometimes it's like 7 hugs.) She's excitable. She get's excited about EVERYTHING and to anyone who says it's fake, it's not. She's been like that since way before anyone knew the name "Taylor Swift." I've been a Taylor fan since the beginning of her career and every single fan that's typed out or told a story about meeting her has had wonderful things to say about her. Even people that weren't fans of her before have said that they respected her so much more after meeting her because of how she treated them. She treats them like she's known them for years. Like they're her best friends. I don't know many other artists that do that. Early on in her career she would stay wherever she was playing to meet EVERY fan after the show. When the venue closed they'd move across the street or to the parking lot. Most of the time she'd stay until 2am. That's obviously a safety risk now so she can't do it anymore but she set up the T-Party room. If you watch videos of fans that are able to go in there you'll see Taylor plop down on the couch next to them and hang out with them and eat pizza and watch TV. What other artists do that?
For Carrie, all I know is that I've heard more than 20 negative stories about meeting her. That she doesn't talk much or really say anything. And I've heard she treats 'help' (Behind the scenes/backstage people) badly too. Acting that way turns people off from listening to her music.
Putting on a show. What can you say about Taylor's Fearless tour other than it sold out every stop and she planned the whole thing basically herself and that it's absolutely incredible. I've never seen Carrie's tour but I do know it hasn't sold out every stop. Or even that many, I've heard.
Album sells. The numbers have already been posted so we don't need to go there. Carrie's drop in sells from first album to second. Taylor's huge rise. And Taylor's about to put out a 3rd album that's expected to be huge too.
And just another thing to add about the personalities: Taylor treats her band, crew, people that work backstage, everyone with such respect. I mean, calling her band up onstage when she won EOTY at the CMA's? So classy.

The point I'm trying to make here is, to be successful in the music industry it's not all about the voice. You need a voice (And just FYI, Taylor has a voice. Watch a tour video, watch her singing acoustic in front of 30 people. Girl has a voice. Don't judge an artist from award show performances when they're trying to sing in front of millions of people live while staring at George Strait in the front row. I'm not just saying don't judge Taylor, I'm saying don't judge anybody.) and you need about 50 other things, all of which Taylor has. You need the whole package. Taylor has the whole package.
Carrie has a voice. But does she have everything else? Not exactly.

And no, Taylor fans DON'T have hate boards for Carrie. There's Carrie Underwood topics but we manage to control ourselves and only let positive things be posted.

Also, "Alex" Taylor writes songs about boys she HASN'T been with. And Picture To Burn was about a boy she wasn't dating, but liked. And a lot of her songs AREN'T about boys. Breathe, I'm Only Me When I'm With You, The Outside, A Place In This World, Fifteen (though it mentions), The Best Day, etc.

I know because one of my friends who formerly liked Carrie met her and Carrie refused to take any pictures, sign anything, said she wasn't "ready" She had her freaking trampy stage make up on.

And I've heard other stories from radio sites saying Carrie was just a total bitch to them. There's one on LJ.




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