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Poll: Was Sandra Bullock awesome or awful at MTV Movie Awards?

June 6, 2010 |  8:39 pm
Mtv movie awards sandra bullock news

It's easy to be critical of Sandra Bullock's appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. As she accepted the Generation Award, she defined the prize as something given to old people being pushed aside for young, emerging superstars.

Then Sandra Bullock added, "I'm staying. Because no matter what you might have seen or heard or read lately, I love what I do. And I'm not going anywhere."

Really? Who said that Bullock doesn't love acting? Who said she's going away? Nobody with a brain has proposed either idea.

Nonetheless Bullock was amusing, especially when she added her reasons for not vanishing: "One, I'm not dead. Two, everyone has cellulite, not just me. Paparazzi need more flattering lenses. And whoever established the high road and how high it should be should be fired."

Give us your vote in our earlier poll: Is Sandra Bullock crazy to appear at the MTV Movie Awards?


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i have nothing against sandra bullock,but a sex scandal involving that pig of a soon-to-be exhusband of hers mostly a publicity stunt or is it real or her marriage to him was.celebrities use everything from criminal acts to martial problems to keep themselves in the news. sandra bullock can be made example of what's wrong with hollywood and the media.sandra bullock is NOT a great actress as every makes her out to be,but at least she almost tries."the girl next door" as she is called needs to play a villianess once in a while. thank you

Sorry, but the female kissing reeks of desperation.

hahaaha! guess you should have titled your peice "critique the critic"

Kissing Meryl, and now's official ladies...Sandra is a lesbian and very available...har, har...and Betty White is her sugar-momma...har, har, har...

so amazing that you didn't pick up on the rumors of her quiting the "business" after news of her adoption... and you write in LA?! wow! i don't read much entertainment news, but definitely heard about this! do your research!

Considering she is under a microscope, I think she conducts herself very well.
But, just because she is currently America's sweetheart, that doesn't mean everything she says and does is golden. She got her heart broken, it happens everyday to good people.

Plastic people are a joke:
Her patronizingly ridiculous Madonna kiss is what was awful, and poll smoking worthy, if you were to ask me.

I honestly thought Sandra B had more class than that.
Now I'm left to think that perhaps birds do flock together, and she fully deserved what Jesse the man whore brought to her plate.

Tom musta been running out of story ideas to have to write this one. What a nutter

The assumption that you're making is that you've read and seen everything that's been written about her in the last 90 days. Since you haven't, then you really can't comment about whether or not someone wrote or reported on television that she doesn't love acting.

Your quote is below: I guess it is easy to be critical of Sandra Bullock when you only have one tenth of the facts.

"Really? Who said that Bullock doesn't love acting? Who said she's going away? Nobody with a brain has proposed either idea."


I have to agree with all the previous posters. There were rampant rumors she was quitting acting to be with her son and she addressed them in a classy humorous way. I'm sure it is easy to criticize Sandra... if your going out of your way to do so. Just the term "Generation award" is enough to make you think it's for someone old. In the industry women have had difficulties finding challenging roles so it made sense to me. Obviously she was making light.

I thought she was amazing per usual and made her first public appearance on her terms. Love that woman!

There were reports that Sandra Bullock was going to retire or at least slow it down considerably, this came out even before her domestic problems because she had three films last year and reached the peak of her career. I don't really follow celebrity news and I knew about it just from headlines on the internet news. 2009 was a hard act to follow but her domestic problems really did trump it all. Seems like you are a Sandra hater because you saw negatives that just weren't there. Bad analysis is one thing but when it appears you just make stuff up you lose credibility. I never read this reporter before but now that I know how terrible he is I will skip his posts. I need credibility not made up stuff.

Seriously? What is this poll? And what is this article, for that matter? Sandra was honored with the award and she was making light of the situation. She clearly wants to move on from the ordeal, she can joke about it, and she hopes the public can do the same. I have no idea how anything she said tonight constitutes her as being "awful".

There was rumor that she had enough with Hollywood and was going to quit, and her rep actually made a statement denying the rumor. I'm really surprised that you didn't know or forgot about that. Unlike some other attention whore-ish celebirities, she only made a few official statements during that marriage troubles, and that was one of them. If you are a film journalist, even though it is not about a film, no way you missed it.

There have been rumors she was leaving and staying low for awhile. Looks like you're the idiot for not knowing that. Why are you so mad for her saying that?

Why this mean spirited critique? Why don't you use this nitpicking negative energy on BP and the devastation they are causing instead of Sandra who's just trying to live a class act life?

love you sandy

1. Actually, there have been a lot of rumors that she was going to leave acting so it was reasonable for her to contest them. As a journalist, you should have researched that if you were going to write about it.

2. Bulluck is obviously critiquing the ageism directed at middle-aged women in acting and in general; she's also critiquing the idea that mothers with means, of any age, should stop their careers and devote their time to child rearing. These are legitimate and much-needed critiques, and she made them with humor and a light touch.

Again, it's disturbing that an L.A. times journalist didn't pick up on these obvious themes. Instead of critiquing Bulluck, maybe you should critique your own sexist blindspot that prevented you from understanding HER obvious critique of the entertainment industry.



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