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Easy Tony Awards trivia quiz

June 11, 2010 |  7:08 am

Well, at least this should be easy for many of the award nuts who hang out at The Envelope. Or maybe not? To see the answers, click the "Continue Reading" link below.


1.) What play has won the most awards?

a.) "The Coast of Utopia"
b.) "Amadeus"
c.) "The History Boys"
d.) "Death of a Salesman"

2.) What show beat "West Side Story" for best musical of 1958?

a.) "Jamaica"
b.) "The Music Man"
c.) "New Girl in Town"
d.) "My Fair Lady"

3.) Who never won a Tony Award in a competitive category?

a.) Jessica Tandy
b.) Zero Mostel
c.) Richard Burton
d.) Julie Andrews


1.) "The Coast of Utopia" won the most (seven), followed by "Death of a Salesman" and "The History Boys" (six each) and "Amadeus" (five).

2.) "The Music Man" beat "West Side Story," "Jamaica" and "New Girl in Town." "My Fair Lady" won best musical the previous year.

3.) Julie Andrews never won a Tony. When she was nominated in 1957 for "My Fair Lady," she lost to Judy Holliday ("Bells Are Ringing"). When she was nommed for "Camelot" in 1961, she lost to Elizabeth Seal ("Irma La Douce"). When she reaped a bid in 1996 for "Victor, Victoria," she was so outraged by lack of recognition for her colleagues on the show that she refused the nomination. Victory went to Donna Murphy ("The King and I").

Photo: American Theatre Wing

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Good point, Roger -- I should add that trivia about Julie's nom to this trivia quiz. Tx

In 1996, Julie Andrews declined her nomination for Best Actress - which led to Donna Murphy's win.



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