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Poll: Can 'Twilight: Eclipse' win -- OMG! -- an Oscar?

June 30, 2010 |  3:06 pm

The first two films in "The Twilight Saga" didn't get nominated at the Oscars, but what about the third? "Twilight: Eclipse" has the best reviews of the trilogy, scoring 58 at Metacritic.

Twilight Eclipse Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson news

The Hollywood Reporter proclaims: "It took three films, but 'The Twilight Saga' finally nails just the right tone in 'Eclipse,' a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings."

Last year, the Oscars expanded the best-picture list to 10 nominees so that popular films could make the cut. Two made it from the sci-fi/fantasy genres: "District 9" and "Avatar."

The first two "Twilight" movies swept the MTV Movie Awards, but, alas, didn't fare well with other kudos. Their stars weren't nominated at the Golden Globes, whose voters usually embrace sexy new hipsters. Neither film managed to score nominations for tech awards bestowed by the guilds.

So maybe all hope is drained from the possibility that "Twilight: Eclipse" will be taken seriously by any top Hollywood award. Even film critics who love "Eclipse", like Entertainment Weekly ("the movie is compulsively watchable; it has a passionflower intensity"), admit that it's "humorless teen romantic glop." Or is it?

Photo: Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "Twilight: Eclipse." Credit: Summit

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maybe they can get some love from any serious award giving bodies, for technical i bet. but i don't buy it would get some major categories...considering the fact that lots of excellent performances and films didn't recognize at all.

have you seen the first two movies?! they were so poor quality. and the acting? to a certain extent acting can be recognized based on being young and in.. but if you can't act you can't act, and unfortunately stewart, pattinson, and lautner can't act! and the plot and writing is so poor... i just.. i don't know how this can be compared to avatar and district 9. i would be absolutely shocked if the last hps got noms.. and those are well made, critically approved movies.

are you f--king kidding?! i'm sure whoever voted this would get any nod was joking. And Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner for acting?! How is a 58% score in metacritic something we should be considering? No way. No effing way.

Twilight series is cheesey teen/tween blather....nothing Oscar worthy about it...not even Best Original Song...

The only major award that Twilight: Eclipse has a chance of winning is a Razzie Award. If it makes more money than Inception, it will get several Razzies.

Dear Tom,
Are you effing kidding me?

An Oscar? If it does, then the Academy will have sunk to the depths. Just because a film makes a million 'tween girls swoon does not make it Oscar-worthy.

are you serious?

btw Star Trek wasn't nominated for best picture.

It won't come even close to an Oscar nomination. And please check your recount of last year's sci-fi nominees. It's been only a few months after the Oscars and you've already mixed them up.

Uh...I don't think Star Trek was nominated for Best Picture last year...

As far as I know there is only one legititmate place to watch Twilight Eclipse(i've searched everywhere) just go to

Who cares about the Oscars. We only watch it for the fashion. The rest of the show is BORING! Besides, The MTV Movie Awards is way better and more entertaining. MTV and the Teen Choice Awards. But I think that it's possible for Eclipse will be nominated for Special Effects. :)

Eclipse is no different from Mission Impossible or Star Trek. The acting is spot on and the technical aspects are worthy of any award. The story is as classic as R&J or Titanic. It's time the series gets noticed by the stodgy old Hollywood fat cats. It doesn't have to win but receiving the attention rewards its audience which is global. The problem is the award goes to 'the money' and not the deserving. No wonder the Oscars are in trouble!

Star Trek didn't get nominated for Best Pic last year....

You must be kidding me. I just got back from it. I could barely follow it with the shaky camera, tight close-ups and frenzied pace. I couldn't connect with it or my gave characters and thought it was really the worst one of the series. The audience was clucking and snickering through it too, but not at the funny parts. After all the clips and stills that were released I felt there was nothing surprising in it. It's different from my read of the book - so I was aware that my neck was sore and caught myself thinking 'what the...' a lot. Really disappointing.

Don't you people fact check anything before you post it? Star Trek was not amongst the 10 best picture nominees. Of course, Avatar was.

If Eclipse is nominated for anything more prestigious than an MTV award, it's time to call it quits on the art of film making.

Hey doesnt bella have baby. Jackob my cousin thinks you'r cute.. How does bellas baby look.

Star Trek did not recieve a Best Picture nomination. It recieved four nominations in the tech/FX categories, winning one for its make-up work, but it did not get nominated for Best Picture.

What crap! Have viewers' standards been lowered so far by disgusting TV and tasteless movies that the Academy would consider this tripe for an award? Obviously the film industry is drawing to a close for the average (normal) movie-goer. Do you wonder why ToyStory 3 and the latest Shrek are so popular?

LMAO. I do not even want to imagine what would happen if this was nominated or won an Oscar.

LOL at 3 votes toward "Best Picture"... actually LOL at anything other than first choice. Silly twi-hards, tricks are for kids.



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