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Poll: Can 'Twilight: Eclipse' win -- OMG! -- an Oscar?

June 30, 2010 |  3:06 pm

The first two films in "The Twilight Saga" didn't get nominated at the Oscars, but what about the third? "Twilight: Eclipse" has the best reviews of the trilogy, scoring 58 at Metacritic.

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The Hollywood Reporter proclaims: "It took three films, but 'The Twilight Saga' finally nails just the right tone in 'Eclipse,' a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings."

Last year, the Oscars expanded the best-picture list to 10 nominees so that popular films could make the cut. Two made it from the sci-fi/fantasy genres: "District 9" and "Avatar."

The first two "Twilight" movies swept the MTV Movie Awards, but, alas, didn't fare well with other kudos. Their stars weren't nominated at the Golden Globes, whose voters usually embrace sexy new hipsters. Neither film managed to score nominations for tech awards bestowed by the guilds.

So maybe all hope is drained from the possibility that "Twilight: Eclipse" will be taken seriously by any top Hollywood award. Even film critics who love "Eclipse", like Entertainment Weekly ("the movie is compulsively watchable; it has a passionflower intensity"), admit that it's "humorless teen romantic glop." Or is it?

Photo: Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "Twilight: Eclipse." Credit: Summit

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