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Dueling Emmy predix: 'Amazing Race' or 'American Idol' to win best reality competition show?

July 29, 2010 |  2:50 pm
Amazing Race American Idol news-4

The Emmy race for best reality competition show is actually -- hooray -- competitive this year for the first time in a long while. Although our Emmy gurus Chris "Boomer" Beachum and Rob Licuria (AwardsHeaven) believe "The Amazing Race" will zoom ahead to victory for an eighth year in a row, I say "American Idol" will finally bag the gold. The reason: See my video riff. Also check out our predix in the top drama series categories and lead comedy series races. Also, best TV movie. Separately, Rob and Boomer offer up in-depth analysis of the contests over best guest drama actor, guest drama actress, guest comedy actor and guest comedy actress. In all cases, we're basing our predictions on the oomph of the sample episodes submitted to Emmy judges by the nominees.


Tom O'Neil

Rob Licuria

Chris Beachum
1. "American Idol" "The Amazing Race" "The Amazing Race"
2. "The Amazing Race" "Project Runway" "Top Chef"

"Top Chef"

"Top Chef" "Dancing with the Stars"

"Project Runway"

"American Idol"

"Project Runway"
5. "Dancing with the Stars"

"Dancing with the Stars"

"American Idol"

Left photo: "The Amazing Race." Credit: CBS

Right photo: "American Idol." Credit: Fox

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