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Can 'The Good Wife' beat 'Mad' and 'Bad' to win drama series Emmy?

July 23, 2010 | 11:38 am

The Good Wife poster The freshman hit "The Good Wife" is one of six nominees for drama series at this year's Emmy Awards. The show's star Julianna Margulies has already picked up the lead actress prize from both the Golden Globes and SAG this year. Though an early favorite, she is not a sure thing to take home the Emmy. However, her TV comeback vehicle could well win the series race.

In the first round of predictions, one of our Emmy experts, Chris "Boomer" Beachum, and I rank "The Good Wife" in the middle of the pack. However, Rob "Rob L" Licuria has the CBS smash in second place. At this stage, all three of us are predicting "Mad Men" to pull off a three-peat.

The prospects for "The Good Wife" has generated much discussion in our Emmys forum. For east/west, "As this goes for drama series, the show is totally in the race. These two episodes had everything going for it and it stands out from the pack. It's not a period piece, thriller, or sci-fi show. I would give the award to 'Breaking Bad,' but if 'Wife' gets enough votes in the top three it can upset and it would be deserved."

However, iskolar cautions, "they did good but I don't think they'll win. It's still 'Mad Men' in the end." And Benito Delicias says, "I think the show had buzz for being nominated, I don't think it has it for a win. 'Mad Men' submitted perfectly, 'Lost' ended and has the fantastic 'The End' as one whole tape, 'Dexter' had plenty of buzz too. I think it's too much for 'The Good Wife' to handle."

And adamunc admits, "I've been going back and trying to catch up; seen six episodes so far, and, save the pilot, they feel distressingly formulaic. And there seems to be a pattern of intriguing set-ups and seriously anti-climactic solutions. Saw 'Hi' most recently and the solution to the murder was so ho-hum and mundane (not to mention predictable) it was almost an after-thought."


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Photo: "The Good Wife" promotional poster. Credit: CBS.

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Well it's clear The Good Wife is the it-show for the Emmys this year and it scored more than enough nominations to say that it means serious business, but as for the big win?, I say no way. The show, in my opinion, is a little of a bore. Some episodes will catch my attention and some will make me rather watch paint dry. It definitely doesn't hold up to Mad Men or Breaking Bad or Dexter. One of these three should take it, but it would be refreshing to see Breaking Bad win. I still can't get "Full Measure" out of my head.

Tom, I actually don't think The Good Wife deserves to win.
I mean, it's a good drama, but not as good as Mad Men or Breaking Bad (one of those should take the prize home).
And despite my opinion, I don't believe that it has enough buzz to win it.

Only if she's really Good...har, har

If "Mad Men" doesn't deservedly three-peat, then the Emmys have no idea what they are doing and have lost all credibility. Yes -- over one show in one year.

I just saw "Hi" as well and when I would get into the case of the week it would cut to the continuing story and when I got into the continuting story it would cut to the case of the week. What I got was two very unsatisfactory stories and I ended up not liking the episode or either story. Early in the season I would roll my eyes when Peter would help Alicia on every case and then you had the episodes where Kalinda would solve everything making everyone else pointless. Not a good show.

Thanks for including me Tom...

I think the main thing to consider here is that this is not 1999 when the traditional procedural "The Practice" beat the new cool "The Sopranos". Now the "cool", acclaimed shows have won plenty of times, been nominated much more, Mad Men has lost zero buzz and let's face it, The Good Wife hasn't come close to The Practice.

I think that The Good Wife and its traditional drama, plus the anti climatic endings and solutions to the cases will work against them. It's almost disappointing when they figure out the case. You can't compare that to The Gypsy and the Hobo from Mad Men or The End from Lost, The Getaway from Dexter or even some True Blood episodes.



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