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Could 'Twilight: Eclipse' shine at the Razzies?

July 7, 2010 |  1:14 pm

Twilight Eclipse Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Megan Stewart The first two films in "The Twilight Saga" didn't win with the Razzies, but what about the third? Although "Twilight: Eclipse" has earned the best reviews of the three -- scoring 58 at Metacritic -- it has not escaped the notice of these kudos dedicated to celebrating the worst in film.

As the first post on the Razzies forum about "Twilight: Eclipse" notes: "How the three mopey/dopey stars of this franchise have managed to make it to their third movie without 'winning' a single Razzie yet is a mystery for the ages. But maybe this latest twitter-pated entry, sure to send 11-15 year-old girls into further twitching spasms of pre-pubescent pleasure, will finally do the trick."

In 2008, "Twilight" rated an utterly average 56 at Meta Critic. Although several critics were quite impressed with this first installment, none were dismayed and the movie escaped the wrath of the Razzies. However, "Twilight: New Moon" found fewer fans among the critics last year, meriting a mere 44 at Meta Critic. That score was weighed down with pans from the likes of Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times) who thought the sequel "takes the tepid achievement of 'Twilight' guts it, and leaves it for undead."

Such slams caused the Razzie to pay attention and "New Moon" contended in four categories. However, it was "Land of the Lost" that found itself the winner of the worst remake, rip-off or sequel award while Melissa Rosenberg's screenplay was bested by the team who adapted "Transformers" into a movie. The love triangle at the heart of the film -- Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- lost worst screen couple to "All About Steve" mismatched pair Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper while Pattinson was edged out for worst supporting actor to Billy Ray Cyrus for the "Hannah Montana" movie.

However, there is hope for all three this time around says the Razzies moderator: "With 'Remember Me' to his (dis)credit for 2010, Robert Pattinson as the world's suckiest albino vampire is all but assured a worst actor nod. But since progressively showing more muscle ton is his only 'character development,' Taylor Lautner can't be rule out either. And as the simpiest, wimpiest female protagonist on screen today, Kristen Stewart may be Megan Fox's only serious competition for worst actress of 2010."

Photo: Taylor Lautner, left, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "Twilight: Eclipse." Credit: Summit.

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As a result of last night's Teen Choice Awards, Eclipse will win several Razzie Awards.

If Eclipse wins any popular awards, it'll win several Razzie Awards.

i thought remember me was a touching movie. personally, its my absolute favorite movie. and robert pattinson was brilliant in it. he portrayed his character perfectly and had me in tears at the end of the movie. so why he is considered a bad actor is beyond me? so screw you tom. i dont think any one agrees with you, as shown by the comments below. vvv

The bottom line is the movies are made for the fans of the series. If you are not a fan of the books, most likely, you will not be a fan of the movies. I am a married mother of 4 and I love the books. The movies are great escapism for me and I am a fan of the actors who portray the characters. That doesn't mean, however, that I think the movies are going to win any Oscars. But that doesn't make them bad.
I actually really enjoyed Remember Me as well. It is funny to read reviews as my husband and I completely ignore them. There have been many well reviewed movies that I hated, and many terribly reviewed movies that I loved. That is because we all bring our own past experiences to the films we see and we each get something personal out of it. Therefore, listening to a movie critique is the same to me as listening to a music critique or an art critique. I like what I like simply because I do. Not because a critic tells me to. I like the Twilight Saga movies and the books...the movies are made for people like me. If you aren't a fan of the series, you certainly won't "get" the movies. That's ok. That only means the movie reaches it's intended audience. And the intended audience obviously loves it more than the 'art house' type of films that get great reviews...just check on the sales to confirm that. And I'm sure if Rob, Kristen or Taylor do get a Razzie, they will take it well and laugh all the way to the bank. I'd rather watch these three well respected actors than the likes of Lindsay Lohan or the Kardashians any day. Hollywood is full of idiots...thankfully, these three aren't in that category.

I agree, the movie was awful. Well actually , I loved it, because it was hilarious. But the riddiculous kind of hilarious. Bad acting, bad direction, bad editing, bad weave, bad use of green screen.
Taylor was looking sexy as ever and Dakota did a nice job. Infact all the actresses and actors did fine, I'll take back the bad acting comment. However, the rest remains...
bottom line,
it wasbad.
But better than the book, Eclipse was a joke of a book to begin with. Worst of the series, and the series is bad.
Should I mention I am a 15 year old female?

Mr. Oneil & all the twilight haters, have you checked yourselves lately ? you're off-color, 'Green' to be precise.. you can savage (frothing at the mouth) the twilight films & the actors on it, to no avail, the sagas & the big 3, will still bank millions ! Go drink the 'cool aid', i'm just saying

Of course it's that bad to be good...

So all of you Twilight fans think it is OK for these books to promote killing yourself if your significant other breaks up with you? Brilliant!

I can't wait for the 4th movie where Edwards performs a C-section with his teeth to remove Bella's baby. Oh and when Jacob falls in love with the baby and basically says he going to rape it. Yep, going to be the greatest movie ever!

what is it with you Critics-on the
Twilight series
i don't get it at all

these actors have worked real hard-and each movie has been directed by a different
director-and we're not talking
NEW DIRECTORS to the industry here

remember the audience it's geared too
and remember it's rating as well

possibly if it was an R rating series
then it would be different to critique

but it's not

be respectful to the audience it's made for
and the award shows that are standard
to that geared audience-
these movies have succeeded to their expectations

so these movies have not gone without merit-

not sure why these actors are being slammed
it can only be jealousy

the attention they're getting above and beyond all other actors

is overwhelming at best
and i'm happy for them-they're humble actors
and it doesn't go to their heads

they're riding a wave they know will end
it's a great start outside the gate
and i pray they will only perfect it
with the right scripts-ahead of them
(i'm speaking of the new fresh faces)

not the pros like peter facinelli
he's already in

so-the author of this web
don't do this to these people

I've come to the conclusion that there are many ppl that love to hate Twilight because they have been programmed by the media to do so. I'm not a teeny bopper and am a qualified professional who isnt lacking in the brain department, as those who dont understand our love for Twilight, tend to profile the average Twi-hard. I love the books, I enjoy the movies and the directors of all 3 movies have done their best to bring this beautiful story to life on the big screen and produced satisfactory work. The actors potray the characters spot-on and I couldnt have chosen any better myself.There have been FAR WORSE movies and actors/actresses than Twilight and none seem to get as much negative publicity, which is unfair.

Twilight ROCKS and the figures speak for themselves. Twi-Hards will continue to support the franchise in full force, like it or not.

Interesting.... I personally think they did an excellent job acting their parts. They are taking what's already written in the books and turning it into a movie for the fans... Do you think any actors could have done it better or is it the stories themselves you object to? I don't think anyone could have done better then they did.

Eclipse was an overall great film, it did what it was suppose to do. The actors all did a great job bring the book to the screen and making it into something for everyone, not just "twilighters" or "twi-hards."
I find it funny that bloggers (and so called journalists who write about pop culture and movies) sit behind their computers wishing misfortune on talented and successful people for no reason other then to boost their own ego in the hopes of forgetting that they have never achieved or will ever achieve any form of success on the level that these individuals have reached at such young ages. Furthermore, Remember Me was a good quality movie and included excellent performances from all of the cast including Robert Pattinson. Also, if we are on the topic, kristen Stewart is and will continue to be a talented actress who brings something different, something honest and truthful to films, she has done so on her own terms and has not followed traditional ideals of being an "actress." I honestly believe that you and other bloggers should go sit in the basements of your mothers' houses, where you have lived for over thirty-five years and eat a box of pizza; instead of criticizing people who have made a name for themselves.

Eclipse has gotten good reviews, so I have no idea what you were babbling about.

Thank you for allowing me to waste precious minutes of my life reading that negative piece of poor journalism; try writing about something with more substance and notability next time, instead of creating non-existant stories.

what dumbasses. really?? people, alot of people, obvisouly love the flicks. and the books. its either jealousy or lack of a life that causes people who claim they DONT like these movies to take the time to write about them. i mean dam. if i didnt like something, i sure as hell wouldnt be sitting around writing articles about it.

If anyone deserves a razzie, it's Kristen Stewart. How that girl keeps getting work, despite her lack of talent, is beyond me. Seriously, did anyone actually watch Twilight? Or were you staring at Rob the entire time (just admit it!)? Kristen's mouth was gaping open the entire time and she performed the exact same way she does in EVERY OTHER FILM SHE'S IN!
Don't get me wrong, I love the Twilight books, but the movies are lame. Summit had a chance to make great movies, but they chose to cop-out and create peep shows for tween and teenagers.

Remember Me was a very good film. I come to the Times thinking I will read something intelligent. I wish there was a razzies equivalent for writers. I would vote for you Tom. Next time, try to do something productive with the great opportunity you have been given to reach thousands of people and stop pimping an award show that is by and for 20-30 year old fan boys who live in their parents basement and jerk off to magazines. Probably with pictures of the three twilight leads.

The movie is great, but just not long enough. I hope that when the dvd comes out it has about 30minutes of action added to it. Everyone looked great in this movie; I really enjoyed it very much!! I have seen it twice.
Gooo Team EDWARD!!!!

Robert was excellent in Remember Me. The three actors are good in the Twilight films - they fulfil their characters well. i am a fan of the movies and the books. Critics should be more fair to them. No razzies for any of them i say! i especially strongly object to the author's comments about Remember Me - Robert was very, very good in it!

It ok, no one gives a S--t about the razzies anyway.... But I suppose you have to give stupid people something to do. Eclipse was a brillent movie. And it does not matter what you people say it will still make more money than you will make in your life..

Not only will it shine with Razzie, but it's a front runner to win. Maybe even sweep.

Never liked movie critics and can't believe people are actually swayed by their opinions, which pretty much always lacks positive feedback. Glad I avoid their negative attitude, otherwise I would have missed some pretty good movies.

I happen to think that Remember Me was a solid, well done little film that deserves real awards, not a razzie, and Twilight is a fun, escapist movie mostly for females. And it makes a lot of money. Boohoo. Get over it already. I'm not gonna say that the three leads (or any of the cast) are shown to their best advantage here, but I don't think any of them could conceivably be thought of as the worst actors, unless you already have your mind made up that anything Twilight sucks and you just run with it. Which I guess they will, all the while keeping their fingers crossed that Twilight actors win a Razzie so more people will actually watch and/or care about them in the first place. I see the $ signs in people's sneering way too much these days.

Why anyone in their right mind pay money to see bad acting, bad script, bad STYLE, bad directing and bad plot? Only in America can we literately sell crap to people and they buy.

I also object to your comments about Remember Me. It was a well scripted, well enacted film that gave the viewer a lot to ponder afterwards and Pattinson was terrific in it. I think he will also be lauded for Water For Elephants. Rob will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I agree with Twilight Fan and I am a grandmother who loves the books and likes the movies. I think the 3 leads do a credible acting job and bring lots of enjoyment and entertainment to a lot of people of all ages. I also think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been excellent actors in most of their other movies. With so many movies today riddled with juvenile bathroom humor which only appeals to teenage boys and immature men, why pick on the Twilight Saga films!

i love twilight saga




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