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Emmy nomination surprises: 'Nurse Jackie' in, Charlie Sheen out

July 8, 2010 |  7:10 am

● No Emmy pundits foresaw the "Nurse Jackie" nomination for best comedy series. Meantime, Showtime's other laffer, which was Emmy nominated last year, got snubbed: "Weeds." Does that mean bohemian Hollywood has swapped love of marijuana for pills? Side note: Another big snub in a different category is the omission of last year's winner from the category of best reality program: "Intervention." Hmmm … one day after Lindsay Lohan goes before a judge in Beverly Hills for issues related to alcohol? Coincidence?

Nurse jackie emmy nominations

Charlie Sheen's bad-boy antics finally caught up with him. After four Emmy nominations in a row, the "Two and a Half Men" star was snubbed.

Bill Maher has four new chances to increase his lead as Emmy's biggest loser. His four new nominations were for variety series ("Real Time"), variety special ("But I'm Not Wrong") and writing for both. Currently, he has 22 losses, no wins.

● Other snubs: Courteney Cox (the only star of "Friends" who didn't get nominated) was snubbed for "Cougar Town." "Married … with Children" costars Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal were snubbed for "Modern Family" and "Sons of Anarchy," respectively. What's very odd about O'Neill's newest snub is that three of his costars made it into the race for best supporting comedy actor: Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

● We knew that Jeremy Piven might not get nominated again. After winning three years in a row, he suddenly wasn't nominated last year after that fishy story about mercury poisoning after eating sushi. But "Entourage" wasn't nommed after reaping three consecutive bids (2007-2009).

● "House M.D." was snubbed in the race for best drama series after four consecutive bids (2006-2009). Nonetheless, its star Hugh Laurie made the list for best drama actor for a fifth time. He still hasn't won.

● Fans of "Friday Night Lights" finally have something to cheer about: surprise nominations for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. But why did this sudden outpouring of overdue support not result in a bid for best drama series?

Photo: Showtime


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Am I the only one who thought Rico Rodriguez was more deserving of a nod than Ed O'Neill?

I'm not surprised at all about Entourage not getting nominated. I love the show but it definitely is not as good as it once was. Also not surprised about Ed O'Neill. Not because he doesnt deserve it, but because there were 4 actors from one show going after the same award. I'm surprised 3 got nominated.

Bill Maher? WTF?

sorry to see "Damages" left out of best drama. Also would have loved to see Vanessa Williams go out with a win (at least anothe nom) for "Ugly Betty" hope Jon Hamm picks up best actor or best guest actor in a comedy (he was nominated both last year & lost both) Michael C. Hall & Segwick are over due for Emmys for "Dexter" & "The Closer". "Lost" got its noms - hope that is all it gets; though best drama would be fitting (I grungeling admit). Overall, good noms & hopefully some new winners this year (hey - no "Greys" )

I'm really happy for Glee and especially for Chris Colfer. He' only a kid but he fills Kurt will such humor, rage, hurt and compassion.

i'm extremely happy for Christina Hendrick's supporting actress nod
and am glad Aaron Paul, Jan Jones, Larry David and Curb were nommed in their categories.

Not happy Glee got so many noms. Chris Colfer for supporting actor. WTF!



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