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Emmy nominations: The good, the bad and the ugly (Rob's version)

July 8, 2010 |  8:55 am

I asked our Emmy gurus Rob Licuria and Chris "Boomer" Beachum to pipe in with their views of Emmy nominations in the format of "the good, the bad and the ugly." Here are the thoughts Rob sends us:

Matthew fox emmy nominations news lost


● Finally, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton make it in lead actor and actress drama for "Friday Night Lights"!

● "The Good Wife" makes a great showing in the supporting and guest categories, especially for Archie Panjabi! Can we say "breakout star of the season"?

Matthew Fox! Finally!!! Elizabeth Mitchell, finally!

● "Nurse Jackie" kicks some serious butt! So happy to see that surprise that NOBODY saw coming. Go Showtime!

● "True Blood" in drama series! WOW!!!

● Writing and directing more evenly spread out, and almost all deserving nominees. Thanks, academy!!!


● The Overrated Award goes to ... "Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien." Talk about a pity nomination!

● Am I the only one that thinks Chris Colfer and Matthew Morrison don't belong in the nominee list? In fact, with 19 nods, Glee is way "over"-nominated.

● "Damages" given the boot in drama series.

● No Ed O'Neill, but almost all of the adult cast of "Modern Family" is nominated. He belongs in lead — memo to O'Neill for next year!

Mariska Hargitay (although I am thrilled not to have to witness another nod for Sally Field and Holly Hunter).


● No "Survivor" (easily the best reality show on TV last season) in reality/competition program.

Katey Sagal and "Sons of Anarchy" — an ugly snub. Ditto for Zach Gilford ("Friday Night Lights") in guest actor drama.

● OK, so "Treme" is not my cup of tea, but Khandi Alexander belongs in the running.

● "Fringe" is one of the most innovative, exceptional hours of TV, and it was disgracefully overlooked almost across the board. Again.

Anna Gunn ignored. Maybe that might be the biggest hint of all -- go back to supporting, Ms. Gunn!!!

Photo: ABC


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ok Glee is the BEST comedy in Primetime right now.Every episode has me blown away. However, I do agree that Matthew Morrison was very lucky to be nominated. I can't think of one thing Will Schuester has done to deserve a nom but best of luck to him.I really want to see Chris Colfer,Jane Lynch,Mike O' Malley, and the show itself walk away with the emmys they deserve.Congrats Gleeks!

Of the glee folks Matt Morrison should be left off.

The other three deserve it. I think Lea, Chris and Jane carry the show and no one else could play their roles. I think any actor who can sing a little bit could play Mr. Shue.

Sorry Amanda but yes, Lea belongs there.

"Damages out of drama series is a GOOD thing. Any show with that kind of A-list movie acting talent that draws a 0.0/0 in the demo for multiple episodes doesn't deserve to be recognized as a best drama."

When nominations are given for RATINGS (rather than ... oh, I don't know ... the QUALITY of the work), we'll let ya know, Paul.

Lots of sentimental nominations this year. LOST, Tony Shaloub, and Conan, to name a few.

I pretty much agree with your whole post and especially in regard to the vastly overrated Glee and the nomination of Matthew Morrison. His is the only nomination that grates the most.

I don't watch all the comedies that were up for nominations but I challenge anyone to watch Californication's "The Apartment" and "Mia Culpa" and compare it to any of the Glee episodes that Matthew Morrison submitted and then tell me that Matthew was the right choice.

Conan DESERVED the Emmy nom WAY more than 25-time loser (in every sense of the word) Bill Maher did (come to think of did The Soup's Joel McHale)...why don't you point THAT out? Or won't your liberal elite bias ALLOW you to???

Conan DESERVED his Emmy nod. Look at the other nominees in that category; do you really think something like Leno's show could hang with that kind of wit and relevancy?

Happy to see Lost get nominations. I'd like Terry O'Quinn to get the Emmy this year for the diversity of his role.

But I will agree about Fringe getting snubbed. It's a great show that deserves to get recognized.

The only nominations I was truly excited about and expecting (besides Matthew Fox and the two leading noms for FNL) were Chris Colfer and Mike O'Malley for Glee and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. There were two particularly exceptional episodes for Colfer this season. I am not on the Glee bandwagon by any means, and think most of the acting and the show itself is over-rated and over-the-top, but the "Laryngitis" episode won me over on Colfer. His sensitive performances are entirely believable and his "Rose's Turn" showstopper in that episode had me texting a friend immediately after to say he had just won his Emmy. And Mike O'Malley is so strong as his dad -- he has had more than one episode where his character blows it out of the water in both story and performance. You wouldn't believe he started as a stand-up comic in a bad sitcom. They both deserve the nominations for sure and I will say that O'Malley is a shoo-in for the trophy. Colfer may be too new to the dance but I hope to see him on that stage on Emmy night.

Conan’s nominations are pity? Then explain all his nomination when he was on “Late Night”

It's about time for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton!!! Congratulations to them! So happy to see that the writing team has been given a nom as well. Truly the best drama on TV!!

Totally disagree about Chris Colfer - he's been the best thing about Glee this season. Ditto for his TV dad, Mike O'Malley. If anyone, Matt Morrison and Lea Michele should be left off.

Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien deserves it's nomination for being original and funny.

You know what is overrated....Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Talk about a show that is NEVER funny or original.

Awesome news about Conan. BTW...if you (or the voters) saw his last month of shows, you'd know why he got this. Fresh, funny, and inventive.

Damages along with Mad Men are the best two shows - drama - on tv. True acting that motivates and moves a storyline along is the hallmark of a great tv show -- too bad other shows that relie on special effects get more attention then shows that show case great acting & writing.

Chris Connifer has been one of the underrated actors in his series. Also why is Hedi Klum nominated as a reality show host? She's on for all of 5 minuets and never gives out a single challenge.

Chris Connifer has been one of the underrated actors in his series. Also why is Hedi Klum nominated as a reality show host? She's on for all of 5 minuets and never gives out a single challenge.

I don't think Matthew Morrison belongs there at all, but Chris Colfer absolutely deserves the nomination for carrying the back nine episodes on his own. Colfer gave me chills every single week with the depth of his performances. He's also become the heart of the show and I'm glad that Emmy recognised him. Also, the bulk of Glee's nominations were technical and you can't really begrudge them any of them, so I don't think its over-nominated. It only got one writing nom - for the pilot - so I don't think that they're undeserved.

Also, can we talk about the lack of nomination for Michael Sheen in 30 Rock? This is insanity.

AH AH ! I felt the Archie Panjabi's nomination and I was right ! What a great pleasure, I hope she will win but the others women are good too, especially Rose Byrne and Christine Baranski. (I've heard pretty things about E. Moss but I've never seen her in Mad Men)

FINALLY for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton - best couple on TV and superb actors. Everyone I expose to FNL becomes an instant convert...even people who hate football.

Damages out of drama series is a GOOD thing. Any show with that kind of A-list movie acting talent that draws a 0.0/0 in the demo for multiple episodes doesn't deserve to be recognized as a best drama.



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