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Emmy nominations smackdown: Betty White vs. Tina Fey

July 8, 2010 |  7:30 am

Just how mighty is all this Betty White mania? She got an Emmy nomination, as expected, for hosting "Saturday Night Live," but she faces a fierce diva battle against "SNL" costar Tina Fey, who won the category last year for her Sarah Palin spoof.

Oh, yeah, Betty White is also nominated against Elaine Stritch ("30 Rock," for the episode "The Moms" — she won this category in 2007 for portraying Alec Baldwin's monster mother), Jane Lynch ("Two and a Half Men," "818-JKLPUZO"), Kristen Chenoweth ("Glee," "The Rhodes Not Taken"), Christine Baranski ("The Big Bang Theory," "The Maternal Congruence") and former TV academy governor and past champ Kathryn Joosten ("Desperate Housewives," "The Chase").

There was so much Emmy love for the Betty White episode of "Saturday Night Live" that it also got nominations for directing, writing, art direction, hair styling, lighting and makeup.


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This is Betty's year to shine - give it to her!!! OMG! What is the problem her new show Hot in Cleveland is the best show on tv this summer - funny - she is funny. Like Tina but Betty takes the cake sorry and you all know it.

There were some surprises. HBO True Blood vampire series he did in the arena as a competitor for best drama series. And ... drumroll ... Show Conan O'Brien NBC Tonight aborted received a nomination for best music, variety or comedy program - a clear swipe at his network and his successor, Jay Leno, who did not make the cut. Emmy Nominations



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