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Emmy poll: Can 'Glee,' 'Modern Family' or 'Nurse Jackie' beat '30 Rock'?

July 9, 2010 |  8:52 am

"30 Rock" keeps rolling along at the Emmys, It won best comedy series for the last three years. In fact, it's never lost and maybe it will keep winning like "Frasier," which triumphed five consecutive times. After all, "30 Rock" may be irresistible. It's about the zaniness of the TV biz — the workaday world of those wacky Emmy voters.

Glee mondern family nurse jackie emmy

However, many pundits believe "Modern Family" will prevail because it's new and has mega-buzz. Emmy voters do love sitcoms about dysfunctional families, dating back to such past winners as "I Love Lucy" and "Make Room for Daddy" and, in more recent years, "Everybody Loves Raymond." Also, this modern family lives in a swank house and its daddy uses an iPad. That gives the show snob appeal, which is often crucial to winning. Nothing had more snob appeal than "Frasier," of course — a show about two uppity brothers fussing over opera and burgundy wines.

But "Glee" is the TV show that's captured America's heart and, even though Emmy voters are often accused of being callous Hollywooders, they do -- surprise -- have a heart. Also, they're older and a bit old-fashioned. "Glee" skews young, yes, but it's championing the return of an entertainment genre that reigned supreme in the young, song-bursting days of TV academy geezers.

And what about "Nurse Jackie"? It pulled off a surprise nomination here and perhaps could surprise again. Programs and performances about substance abuse often do exceptionally well at showbiz awards conducted in rehab-happy Hollywood. Examples: "Intervention" pulled off an upset in the Emmy race for best reality program last year. Jeff Bridges just won an Oscar for portraying a pot-bellied drunk in the unwatchably bad "Crazy Heart."

Forget about "The Office" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Both lost consistently at recent Emmy derbies.


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Photo credits: (left to right) "Glee" (Fox), "Modern Family" (ABC), "Nurse Jackie" (Showtime)

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I agree with Nick.... No offense.... I love the concept of Glee...

We can see the different races, sexes, and personalities in glee clubbers high school students but the only thing they do is they wanna be good at something (music) and achieve something they are good at in spite of differences... That concept makes me feel overwhelming.... In brief, Glee is all about talents than prettiness and a fact that we can unite to achieve something we are good at though we have differences... Glee is packed with musical performances and lightly touched comedy... Plus it shows a fact that the real talent is way more important than prettiness.......

I also LOVE Modern Family cos' I can't stop laughing while watching it... MF is qualified for a comedy series....

I'm not sure about which one will win but if we talk about comedy or sense of humor only, MF for sure, no offense.... But if we talk about concept and heart-whelming scenes with comedy, that's Glee for sure....

I love to see either one of both shows winning....

As much as I absolutely LOVE Modern Family, I really do think that Glee is going to win. It is a fantastic show that shows that the arts are very important in schools... not to mention, it is groundbreaking as it accepts the underdogs, no matter what race or sexual preference. Modern Family does this as well, but most people already have the support of their family.. sometimes it is a bit harder at school. And Glee shines a light on this matter with a positive, uplifting message: just be yourself. Though you all voted for MF, I am casting my vote for Glee.. (need I remind you that half of Hollywood is gay, and will most likely vote for this show anyway? ;) ) oh and by the way, CRAZY HEART was AMAZING.

vg21 What are you talking aobut? Lea Michele was asked to perform at the Tony's before the news came out about the revival of Funny Girl. Plus the rival is slated to start before she is even done with glee. Don't try to make something out of nothing. It was not her agenda if they didn't want her to sing it she would have sang something else. She had been singing " The Funny Girl" song on glee tour (which was a crowd favorite) and they wanted them to do Broadway tunes. It was a coincidence if anything, but if it wasn't it made sense for her to sing that song, rivival in the works or not. Not to like someone for that is immature. You sound like one of those folks just itching to find fault with glee or its stars. Glee is a comedy with music and Rachel Berry is a funny character and if Lea is like her good for her. God forbid we have strong driven women out in the world.

I do think however Modern Family was more even than glee in writing.

Although I enjoy Glee a great deal, Modern Family is way better and if any of them is going to win, I hope it will be MF. It's smart and funny and never uneven, which I can't say about Glee. I have to admit that Lea Michele"s pushing the Funny Girl song at the Tony's (which she sang sooooo much better as Rachel) and the whole agenda of campaigning for the Barbra role on Broadway this way put me off. She is immensely talented but I'm now wondering if she is any different from Rachel Berry in person, or she is simply playing herself. Also, Glee is a musical show, which is hardly funny when it's not Jane Lynch on screen, so I could not rank it higher than Modern Family or 30 Rock either.
And in defense of The Office, it's still a great show and Steve Carrell should finally be recognised, he is doing a terrific job.


Please, please, please, do not let Glee win. I admit, I watch - it's a guilty pleasure. And I definitely think Jane Lynch should walk away with Emmy gold for her scene-gnashing take on Sue Sylvester. But, really, at bottom it's nothing more than a heavily produced after-school special. It's worthy of good ratings, but not critical praise.

Yeah, Tom. You have no taste as to what is quality work. CRAZY HEART is "unwatchably bad"? Are you kidding me?!? Unless you are under 12, I don't understand that comment. Curious as to what you thought of JONAH HEX. More your cup of tea, I assume?

How did you get this job anyway?

I'm curious as to why you always mention that "Crazy Heart" was terrible? I thought it was one of the best films of the year and Bridges was outstanding.



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